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A HAUNTED TWIST OF FATE by Stacey Coverstone

A HAUNTED TWIST OF FATE by Stacey Coverstone
A Haunted Twist of Fate
by Stacey Coverstone

Published by Thorndike Press Genres: Historical, Paranormal
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Reviewed by Miranda

While grieving the loss of her parents and two failed relationships, city girl Shay Brennan is drawn to the Black Hills of South Dakota and finds herself the owner of a historic 1885 saloon. But she's not alone in the Buckhorn. Two ghosts are sending her messages. One needs her help; the other is intent on doing harm. Local realtor Colt Morgan is a non-believer in the paranormal. But he unexpectedly finds himself helping Shay solve the mystery of the spirits.

Shay Brennan has led a blessed life until she recently lost her beloved parents. With her life at a crossroads, Shay decides to leave her safe and secure life in Chicago to test the wilds of South Dakota. There is just something about Hill City, South Dakota and the historic Buckhorn Saloon that draws Shay’s interest. The citizens of Hill City are a friendly sort, but it’s the ghostly residents of the Saloon she calls home that are causing her a problem. Waking up in the dead of night being strangled by an apparition is not your average welcome to town.

Colton Morgan, Hill City’s local real estate agent, can’t stop thinking about the lovely woman he sold the Buckhorn Saloon to. Colt finds himself attracted to Shay but worried for her as well. When she shares her ghost stories the skeptic in him perks up but he’s willing to help Shay uncover the secrets of the Buckhorn Saloon. Colt is a widower and not looking for love but he can’t help his burgeoning feelings for Shay. As they discover the secrets that lie within the saloon, feelings bloom and they discover more than they could ever dream. Will their unlikely romance be fleeting or could it lead to a happily ever after? 

A Haunted Twist of Fate is a gorgeous romance with an irresistible mystery. There are so many things that I like about this book! The romance is sweet and beautiful. The ghost element is intriguing and sometimes spooky. I couldn’t wait to uncover the story with Shay. I don’t want to give anything away but one of my favorite parts were those featuring the bluebird. Those parts just made me go all weepy. Shay and Colt are sensational together. Goodness, Colt is one of those homegrown cowboys you can’t help but fall in love with. I wouldn’t mind finding my own Colt to wrangle. Shay is a city girl destined for a country life. I thoroughly enjoyed sharing in Shay’s journey in A Haunted Twist of Fate.

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