Publisher: Tor Books

Deal With The Devil by Kit Rocha

Deal With The Devil by Kit RochaDeal With the Devil by Kit Rocha
Series: Mercenary Librarians #1
Genres: Science Fiction
Reviewed by:Jo
Published by Tor Books

The world is no longer as we know if after all known conveniences and governments were destroyed after the world was bombarded by the Flares.  Now things are run by corporations and its a serious divide of the haves and the have nots.  Another thing that these corporations have done is mess with humans, with technology, and new science.  As such not everyone is what or who you think they are.  It’s in this world that Nina and her roommates (and best friends) are living in. 

Nina is an information broker who uses anything and everything she can lay her hands on to help the helpless in an America that barely struggles along.  Nina and her roommates are know as mercenary librarians and they are as deadly as that sounds, if needed to be.  When Nina is approached with job that could possibly get them access to part of the Rogue Library of Congress she agrees to the job as that knowledge would be priceless to obtain. 

Garrett Knox, known as Knox, is the Captain of the Sun Devils, he is trying to pull his team out of the job of taking care of anyone TechCorps wants to be disciplined in some way.  The major problem with this is that once your are part of these teams, the only way to leave is death.  Another is that the teams have been biologically changed and the medication they need to keep them alive is strictly produced and protected by TechCorps.  The team is basically on a countdown towards their own death unless they can get access to this medication. 

Knox has one way to get the access he needs to this life saving medication and it involves turning Nina over to someone he doesn’t know.  Getting Nina to agree to the job was one thing, but as he gets to know her better, Knox knows he can’t do it. Nina and Knox are becoming involved but both have secrets they’re keeping from the other.  Just when they both are ready to tell the other the first of their secrets, the group is ambushed by the person who wants Nina.  It’s going to take trust in several areas if everyone is going to come out alive at the end.

When the world has been shaken upside down and only partially put back together, Nina and Knox find each other but only their smarts, fast actions and trust will allow them to find a future together.  I was fascinated by this new world that Kit Rocha provided.  At first I did not see how Nina and Knox could ever overcome all that was between them to get together.  But the twists, turns and a few OMG surprises showed me that not only could they become a couple but that they could continue to help the helpless and prevent the corporations from destroying what was left of civilization.  I seriously can’t wait for the next mercenary librarians book. There were so many loose threads that were left dangling.  Deal with the Devil has many surprises and just learning about this new world had me engaged from the first page and then Nina and Knox pulled me along as their story rolled out. 

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