Series: A Bishop / SCU Novel

FEAR THE DARK by Kay Hooper

FEAR THE DARK by Kay HooperFear the Dark by Kay Hooper
Series: A Bishop / SCU Novel
Genres: Mystery & Detective, Suspense
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Berkley Publishing Group


Serenity, Tennessee is a sleepy small town and that is exactly why Jonah Riggs loves being the Chief of Police there.  Jonah knows everyone in his town and most of their back stories.  However, Jonah also believes in being prepared and up to date, so he has gone to the FBI for advanced training a few times.  Which is why, when people started to disappear from his town, Jonah knew exactly who to call to help.  The entire town of Serenity is ready to blow especially after this last missing person and Jonah knows that time is not on his side or that of the missing.


The Special Crimes Unit run by the Bishops has been a quiet secret in years past, however lately the FBI has been much more open about this special group and what they can do.  When they get a call from the Chief of Police from a small town in Tennessee, it sounds exactly like something that they can help with, so a team is sent out with Lucas and Samantha Jordan, a married couple who work well together and new team members, Dante Swann and Robbie Hodge.  Between them they have the psychic talents to track down not only the unsub but also the missing people themselves.


Jonah has opened the door to this FBI team and he is hoping that they will help him find the missing and the person behind it before they start finding bodies.  Lucas and Sam are experienced team members and they pick up on what Jonah has kept quiet about and the entire team knows instantly that the unsub is someone with psychic gifts too, but dangerously and deadly so.  It’s a battle from the minute the team hits town to find out who is behind the disappearances and to stop it.  The few clues the team has are puzzling until they figure out what the common link is. To solve this mystery, save the missing and bring down the unsub it will take all the team’s talents and the Chief’s local knowledge.  When the dust finally settles, will everyone be able to walk away and resume their lives?


People are missing and there are no suspects, no evidence and no way of knowing how long they have to stay alive. Fear the Dark will bring a team from the Special Crimes Unit to Serenity Tennessee to find out all the answers as the clock is running.  I love mysteries and I was caught from the first chapter by the plot and spent the rest of the time I was reading trying to figure out the who, what and where and especially the how in these disappearances.  I really enjoyed watching as Jonah not only kept his town together but also kept his officers on task while working with the team on these disappearances.  I admit that I was nowhere close to figuring out all the answers before they were revealed and was even more intrigued as each answer was unrolled.  There is a very bittersweet ending but there is also some happy endings.  One thing I need to point out is that there is not a romance in this book, however if you love a great mystery and suspense and also love it when psychic elements are involved then you will not want to miss Fear the Dark.  While this is part of series, it was a perfect stand alone read too.  Ms. Hooper has once again given us a book that will make you shiver as you flip the pages to learn just what is waiting in the dark.

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