Series: A Cole McGinnis Mystery



DIRTY LAUNDRY by Rhys FordDirty Laundry by Rhys Ford
Series: A Cole McGinnis Mystery
Genres: Gay, Mystery & Detective, Suspense
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Dreamspinner Press

Reviewed by Lisa


P.I. Cole McGinnis has learned the hard way that life can hit you hard when you least expect it.  What seems a lifetime ago he was a ‘boy in blue’, but that ended when his longtime partner on the squad murdered his lover, tried to kill Cole, and then committed suicide.  Retirement was inevitable because of his injuries and his homosexuality was out in the open and unwanted.  Downplaying scandal was apparently their main goal.

Cole considers finding Kim Jae-Min or Jae a gift from the gods after all the heartache and betrayal he suffered.  Predictably there are issues.  Cole’s lover is stuck in a closet of Korean duty to his family.  If his mother or siblings found out they could disown him which would destroy Jae.  Things have been good for Cole and Jae lately, which is probably why Jae’s sister decided to run away from home and land on her brother’s doorstep. 

Problem number two is that Cole and his older brother Mike thought their mother died a long, long time ago.  That idea was shot down when a younger brother reached out to them wanting to meet them.  Apparently mom died only a few years ago after raising their little brother with her second husband.  Cole is feeling bitter, confused, and hurt.  He isn’t sure he wants to add another name to the family tree.

With all the chaos in his life Cole figures it’s an easy case when a fortune teller called Madame Sun hires him.  She thinks someone is after her clients, two have died in a very short time.  What should be a simple investigation is anything but once Cole starts looking into the deaths.  When the body count continues to rise he knows something is definitely wrong.  Between family troubles for Jae, his own sibling issues, and a case that’s getting more dangerous by the hour Cole has his hands full.  Loving Jae, ducking brothers, and dodging bullets, it’s a busy life for one P.I.

This is a guilty pleasure!   Dirty Laundry is a treat.  Author Rhys Ford’s storytelling style is incredibly smooth.  An engaging descriptive narrative, realistic dialogue, and a plotline that sucks the reader in and doesn’t let go. As to the characters in Dirty Laundry – Cole is a fully fleshed out likeable, lovable mess most of the time, Jae is trouble because Cole’s heart won’t survive without him.  Luckily Jae loves him back.  Everyone else is just as important to the story.  Dirty Laundry is an intense dramatic mystery you won’t want to put down even if, ahem, well your bladder is bursting…I Joyfully recommend Dirty Laundry for the truly masterful read that it is.

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