Series: A Kind of Story


A KIND OF HONESTY by Lane HayesA Kind of Honesty by Lane Hayes
Series: A Kind of Story
Published by Dreamspinner Press Genres: Contemporary, MM
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The rock band Spiral hit it big after years of struggle.  They managed to stay at the top song after song, somewhat surprised that they had done so well.  Drummer Tim Chalmers was enjoying every minute of it.  Well, except for model girlfriend he’d stupidly hooked up with, but he’d finally cut her loose.  At long last Tim was free.  Everyone had warned him and they were right.  Of course, now he’s paying the price with her spewing her lies to the paparazzi.


Away from home Tim indulges in a very satisfying one night stand.  Back in the city Tim comes face to face with the stranger from that excellent night.  Tim’s not ready to share his bedroom choices with the world, yet he’d like to see Carter again.   Financial consultant Carter Hamilton-Temple has already suffered a failed relationship with a man stuck in the closet and he’s not about to start over making the same mistake.


At first Tim and Carter pretend that what they’re doing is casual, not really dating.  But over time feelings deepen.  They begin to mean something.  There is also the problem of Tim’s family.  He’s deeply involved in helping, perhaps too involved in his drug addicted sister’s issues.  When push comes to shove will Tim stand beside Carter or destroy him by choosing his sister first and slinking back into the closet.  It’s all up to one hot drummer.


A Kind of Honesty lays out the highs and lows of choices and the consequences.  At their worst and best Tim and Carter struggle to find middle ground with a lasting love the goal.  Heartbreaking decisions and family trauma.  Whether the reader agrees with Tim or not, it’s a tough call where family is concerned.  A Kind of Honesty is an angst-ridden romance that doesn’t pull any punches.

A KIND OF TRUTH by Lane Hayes

A KIND OF TRUTH by Lane HayesA Kind of Truth by Lane Hayes
Series: A Kind of Story
Published by Dreamspinner Press Genres: Contemporary, MM
Source: Publisher

Lead singer Rand O’Malley has brought his band Spiral as far as they can go in Baltimore, so he’s talked his band mates into trying their luck in the Big Apple. They’re down a lead guitarist however and need to fill the spot quickly. Of course if Rand wasn’t so picky it would be easier. Through a recommendation he agrees to give Terry a chance, but he tells Tim and Cory there’s no way the guy will work if they want Spiral to make it big.

The idea of improving his own guitar skills has Rand signing up for individual classes with NYU student Will Sanders. From the first moment he hears Will playing his guitar Rand knows that this is the guy who should be in their band. Will would cement the sound Rand wants for Spiral. Unfortunately, Will won’t budge in his refusal.

After a night playing in a small club and indulging in way too much alcohol Rand can’t believe his eyes when he spots Will with a much older man, dressed in drag and looking kind of hot. Perhaps following Will home isn’t the smartest plan, yet it works and one thing leads to another between them. Seeing that Rand is more than just a brash musician Will agrees to join their band, at least until the fall.

Their band sounds fantastic; people love them, including the critics. There are too many emotions stirring too strongly however for everything to run smoothly. Terry is furious. Rand and Will are falling in love and denying it to themselves. And if that wasn’t bad enough there is another trying to pull their strings and ruin it all. Everything Rand has worked for may spiral down the drain before summer ends.

Want verses need, A Kind of Truth is of course, relative to who’s asking. Two very different personalities, one strong on the surface and the other a core of steel underneath. Rand and Will butt heads and hearts in A Kind of Truth. Their romance is woven into the struggle to succeed, to achieve big dreams. Great characters find their way in a thoroughly entertaining storyline. A Kind of Truth rings clear and true.

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