Series: A Loving Nip


SEDUCING HIS RELUCTANT VAMPIRE by Charlie RichardsSeducing His Reluctant Vampire by Charlie Richards
Series: A Loving Nip #9
Genres: MM, Paranormal
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by eXtasy Books


For a thousand years the demon Abyzou has faithfully served his master – the Horseman Pestilence.  Spreading disease and infection Abyzou has done his master’s bidding.  It is time to be rewarded for his diligence by granting him an amina, someone to form a soul bond with which will anchor Abyzou to the earth.


The demon is mildly confused to be drawn to the homes of a group of shifter and their vampire friends.  He’d already spread infection to one of their people with cursed bullets.  It should’ve been time to leave, yet something was making Abyzou hang around.


As he observed from the treetops a powerful council member arrived and demanded vampire Toni Bastille be taken into custody.  Recognizing his amina the demon burst onto the scene, announces his intentions towards Toni, and refuses to hand the vampire over.


It won’t be easy for Abyzou to get Toni to accept their soul bond.  Not easy at all.  Especially since all vampires believe that demon blood is toxic to them.  Fate has made it very difficult for Abyzou to claim Toni.  Like impossible.


Headaches and obstacles make Seducing His Reluctant Vampire an almighty task indeed.  It’s an uphill battle for a thousand-year-old demon to soul bond with his amina.  Between biasness, bigotry, and a council member with his own agenda it takes a miracle for Abyzou and Toni to mate.  Time to break out the Advil for this twisting romance.  Exhausting and entertaining at the same time Seducing His Reluctant Vampire is a great addition to this series.  Good times.


PULLING THE VAMPIRE’S BRAID by Charlie RichardsPulling the Vampire's Braid by Charlie Richards
Series: A Loving Nip #8
Genres: MM, Paranormal
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by eXtasy Books

Vampire Enforcer Tate Locklear volunteers his time and strength to a newly formed pack manly comprised of damaged and scarred shifter victims rescued from one bad situation or another.  Though Tate was content with his coven he’s hoping that a change and some challenges will shake him out of his funk.


Clouded leopard shifter Psion spends most of his days in cat form hiding in the trees that surround his new home.  He’s very self conscious of the scars around his neck and all over his body.  Rescued after spending decades in a cage, controlled by witches who used his blood for their own benefit, Psion can no longer tolerate the smell of blood.


From the moment Tate locks eyes with the pretty little feline shifter at mealtime he knows his century’s long search for his beloved is over.  How to convince skittish Psion to accept their mating may take what feels like another century since the cat can’t deal with a blood exchange.  In the meantime another situation crops up with shifters intent on destroying everything the new pack stands for.  It’s time for the Enforcer to show what he’s made of to the pack and to his mate.


Loving patience is the name of this game in Puling the Vampire’s Braid.  A strong, stoic Enforcer pulls out all the stops for his beloved in Book 8 of the A Loving Nip series.  An endearing little cat shows his spirit wasn’t completely squashed in this sweet and sexy tale.  Their love story is heartfelt and a subplot of danger adds spice.  Pulling the Vampire’s Braid is the latest appealing entry.


CURLING UP WITH HIS CRITTER by Charlie RichardsCurling Up With His Critter by Charlie Richards
Series: A Loving Nip #7
Genres: MM, Paranormal
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by eXtasy Books

Dingo shifter Lucius and his two half brothers finally have a reason to look forward to each day.  Their brutal, cruel Alpha and his cronies were removed from power by order of the Council.  An honorable, kind new leader and his mate are now in charge and willing to add any mistreated or displaced shifters to the pack.  Life is so much better for the dingo brothers.  Lucius is even studying for his GED and hoping to use his love and knowledge of plants to help get a degree in botany.  Single and free, without sexual servitude.  Life is good.


Recently Master Jaymes’ coven rescued more than a dozen Angus shifters from deplorable conditions at the hands of their own Alpha and his men.  Vampire Gypsum Vereen is responsible for taking some of the Angus shifters to their new home.


After the long car ride Gypsum accepts Alpha Dorian’s hospitality and shares a meal with the pack.  He has an unexpected bonus dessert when he catches the scent of his beloved, his very own mate.  What Gypsum doesn’t anticipate is for his beloved to flee the room.  As Alpha Dorian explains the horrors Lucius was subjected to the vampire realizes he’s got his work cut out for him – and then some.


Book seven in the A Loving Nip series gently explores entering into a relationship with a victim of abuse.  Curling Up With his Critter deftly handles their difficult situation with grace and kindness.  Lucius and Gypsum’s loving romance renews the spirit in a multitude of ways in Curling Up With his CritterThe sensitive plotline and engaging characters make the romance work within this story.  Warms the soul.

NOT A LINE OF BULL by Charlie Richards

NOT A LINE OF BULL by Charlie RichardsNot A Line of Bull Series: A Loving Nip #6
Genres: MM, Paranormal
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by eXtasy Books

Vampire Cassium Jones is making preparations to disappear from sight for the foreseeable future.  He’s picked a small cabin far north from the main ranch house where the coven and his Master reside to wait out the time.  In all honesty Cassium is looking forward to the peace and quiet.  Every vampire has to make himself scarce from time to time.  It’s necessary since they don’t age and humans are bound to get curious or envious.


A disturbance within the small herd near his home leads Cassium to a badly injured Angus bull shifter, who also happens to be the vampire’s beloved.


Forced from his shifter herd and family because he got on the wrong side of his Alpha, Garth Omicron had refused to stomach the cruelty any longer and paid the price.  It’s tearing him apart he had to leave two young children behind.


The more Cassium learns of Garth’s life the more enraged he becomes.  Apparently the Alpha kept his people in ignorance of so much.  There’s also no question the coven will rescue his beloved one’s children.  Suddenly Cassium’s simple life doesn’t look quite the way he’d planned it.


A sweet romance to gently tug the heartstrings, curl up and read Not a Line of Bull, a most unlikely love story.  A vampire making plans to hide away from the world is suddenly confronted with an eternal mate and two youngsters.  Cassium doesn’t bat an eyelid at gaining a lover, but the kids take a minute or two to accept.  Typical and understandable.  The sixth book in the A Loving Nip series has a bit of excitement and a more than satisfactory romance to enjoy.  Take the time to embrace Not a Line of Bull.

SHARING A DEMON’S BOND by Charlie Richards

SHARING A DEMON’S BOND by Charlie RichardsSharing a Demon's Bond by Charlie Richards
Series: A Loving Nip #5
Genres: MM, Paranormal
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by eXtasy Books

Adopted by the vampire coven at the tender age of six the human Peter Connelly is completely comfortable with the different paranormal groups.  He has made a good life for himself with responsibilities, friends, and the added benefit of a truly varied sex life.


On a side trip to a diner one afternoon Peter is surprised to meet his very first demon.  An innocent trip to the men’s room culminates in an incredibly sensual act followed by passing out cold.


Peter wakes up in a strange cabin miles from civilization and calls home for help.  The demon Balthazar returns to tell Peter that he is his amina, the demon version of mate.  As Balthazar begins to explain their mating rules the cavalry arrives on the scene.  Peter is forced to decide whether he should trust the demon or his friends without knowing all the facts.  His decision of course will affect a lifetime of centuries for him and Balthazar.


Taking reader’s into new territory Sharing a Demon’s Bond has everyone guessing about the character’s motives.  Peter’s faith and destiny are put to the test in this suspense filled tale.  An edge of chills and loads of passion make Sharing a Demon’s Bond a satisfying read.  It’s up to Peter to freeze or leap.  The demon brings a new flavor to the fifth book in A Loving Nip series.  An excellent, original next book.


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MORE THAN PATIENT by Charlie Richards

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A NIP OF GOOD CHEER by Charlie Richards

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