Series: A Paranormal's Love

Comforting His Restless Stallion by Charlie Richards

Comforting His Restless Stallion by Charlie Richards
Comforting His Restless Stallion
by Charlie Richards

Series: A Paranormal's Love #22
Published by eXtasy Books Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

Hanging in chains, brutally whipped and beaten Baron Vanern awaits death.  One day bleeds into another for the dying horse shifter. Someone touches him, speaks to him and Baron believes his torturers have returned.  

The shifter has actually been saved and brought to Chieftain Maelgwn’s gargoyle clutch in Colorado Springs.  Baron and his best friend tried to overthrow a cruel alpha. Now his friend is dead and Baron’s barely alive.  He refused to give the location of his friend’s family and almost paid the ultimate price.

It seems fate has rewarded the injured shifter in the form of his mate, an orange- shaded gargoyle training to become a healer for the clutch.  Conchlin managed to leave his birth clutch where intolerance of his small size meant he’d never have a decent chance to find his mate. Finding Baron proves all the hard work and subterfuge had been worth it. 

Sweet, easy going Conchlin has met his match in the alpha horse shifter who’s uneasy with certain aspects of their mating.  As the courtship begins further complications arise in the form of the little gargoyle’s birth Chieftain and his own father and brother.  Fighting for survival pales in comparison to fighting for one’s own mate. Baron has no intention of losing his mate, no matter their personal difficulties.  Mates are forever.
Comforting His Restless Stallion isn’t easy, nor are the many roadblocks to romance for the deserving little gargoyle Conchlin. It’s an uphill battle for Baron and Conchlin in this character driven tale where a particular mating practice proves awkward for the proud Alpha.  Conchlin’s past also catches up with him and puts their true mating in further jeopardy. There are a multitude of tense moments in Comforting His Restless Stallion yet nothing compares to the joyous feelings Baron and Conchlin share together.  

THE OTTER’S TALE by Charlie Richards

THE OTTER’S TALE by Charlie Richards

The Otter's Tale
by Charlie Richards

Series: Paranormal's Love #20
Published by eXtasy Books Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

The decision to leave home within the Amazon became easy for giant otter shifter Jerome Laguna once his family was targeted.  Life under a bigoted Alpha was difficult for him, but involving his family crossed a line so Jerome chose to leave before the situation escalated further.


College student Aziel Boltson recently had his eyes opened to a whole new world recently when one of his football buddies mated with a gargoyle.  Between school, football, and being an honorary member of the gargoyle clutch Aziel’s life is as full as he’d want it to be.


Working out on the mansion grounds and gathering plants for his classes near the pond Aziel sees a conflict about to start between an alligator shifter friend and an unknown creature – a huge otter.  As Aziel tries to intervene he’s injured and the otter realizes he’s hurt his mate.


Fighting an infection is just the beginning for Aziel and his new mate.  News from the Amazon doesn’t look good.  The college student and the giant otter will be forced to wade through a ton of trouble before their mating can be official.


The Otter’s Tale is the latest sassy and sexy story in the A Paranormal’s Love series.  Charming characters and a hint of dramatic suspense are intertwined for the readers’ entertainment.  Romance and trouble from afar bring the engaging story to life. The easy, breezy The Otter’s Tale is start to finish satisfaction.




The Gargoyles Running Back
by Charlie Richards

Series: A Paranormal's Love #17
Published by eXtasy Books Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

At a hundred and thirty the gargoyle Sumak is ready to leave kitchen chores behind and become a guard at the mansion his clutch calls home.  Granted the opportunity by Chieftain Maelgwn the young gargoyle is walking the perimeter of the estate when he spies a human jogging on a trail. Sumak is almost overcome with desire when the jogger’s scent hits him.  The gargoyle has found his mate, yet Sumak knows it’s absolutely the wrong time to explain their relationship.  The most he can do is help the human with his car trouble in a roundabout way.


Unable to introduce himself while in gargoyle form Sumak at least is able to memorize the human’s license plate.  He realizes the fates are indeed watching over him because Sumak’s mate is Andre Capston, whose estranged brother Mace is mated to another gargoyle at the mansion.


Before the gargoyle can figure out a way to meet his mate Andre has talked his two best friends and college roommates into spying on the estate and look for his strangely dressed late night helper.  What the three humans see is something they never expect.  Explanations are definitely in order – once they calm down.


This humorous storyline is a great addition to the A Paranormal’s Love series.  Readers will be tickled with The Gargoyle’s Running Back from start to finish.  Engaging characters easily draw the reader into their bumpy and entertaining romance.  Embrace Sumak and Andre as they work their way towards a happy mating.  Love doesn’t tend to be easy, but definitely worth the effort in the long run as Sumak and his mate discover in The Gargoyle’s Running Back.

COERCING QUINN by Charlie Richards

COERCING QUINN by Charlie Richards

Coercing Quinn
by Charlie Richards

Series: A Paranormal's Love #16
Published by eXtasy Books Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher


College age boa constrictor shifter Taolma Rabenau is quietly living with a gargoyle clutch at their mansion outside a small Colorado town.  After years and years of searching for his biological father, his efforts were rewarded when members of the clutch saved his dad from a traveling side show where the shifter was being held, caged, and abused.  Reuniting after so long, Taolma and his father are happily becoming reacquainted.


An altercation with a pair of Hunter’s brings the young shifter face to face with his mate in a small motel room.  Before the night ends his mate is brought back to the mansion for treatment after being injured by a gargoyle during a fight.  Dozens of stitches later Taolma learns that his mate, Quinn Pichousie has good reason to hate paranormals.  He joined the Hunters after his wife and little boy were killed by a rabid vampire.  Quinn swore vengeance and no matter the pull he feels towards Taolma he won’t stop until justice is served.


Though young, Taolma has patience and compassion in spades.  He manages to reach the broken Hunter, promising to help him find the guilty.  Taolma will do whatever it takes to keep his promise to heal his mate.


A childhood of searching for a loved one and the weight of a sorrowful mate bring a boa constrictor shifter to the tipping point in Coercing Quinn.  With strength and kindness Taolma proves worthy of his Hunter.  An inner core of steel, Taolma is the best and the perfect balance for a damaged human Hunter.  This is a solid, emotional romance.  Enjoy Coercing Quinn for the ‘feel good’ time it brings.

CLAIMING THE HUNTER by Charlie Richards

CLAIMING THE HUNTER by Charlie Richards

Claiming the Hunter
by Charlie Richards

Series: A Paranormal's Love #15
Published by eXtasy Books Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

In the aftermath of his sister’s death at the hands of a shifter Jeremiah Tully channels his grief into destroying other feral shifters. During an encounter with a female protecting her young Jeremiah comes close to dying from his wounds. Lying in a hospital bed Jeremiah is beginning to re-evaluate his future when Roger and his wife persuade him to join the Hunters, a secret organized group intent on eradicating all shifters.

On a simple mission to gather food for their warehouse Jeremiah and another Hunter, Quinn, are interrupted by beings they’ve been told are demons. Quinn is already badly injured and down as Jeremiah tries to flee and ends up plowing his dirt bike into a tree.

Waking up in a clinic days later Jeremiah learns that the demons are actually gargoyles and the one who captured him is Grateman, a tracker and Jeremiah’s mate. That is a word the human knows the meaning of.

Pitting a vengeful Hunter against an honorable gargoyle won’t come without repercussions in Claiming the Hunter. The fifteenth installment in this addictive series features a main character asked to do an about face. A highly charged emotional decision has driven the human to actions without all the facts. Jeremiah is pulled towards an enlightened understanding by a patient paranormal. Forgiveness and redemption is asked in Claiming the Hunter. Another worthy addition to the series.


After months in a coma Walter Blackhorse awakens to a totally new reality where gargoyles and shifters live and love alongside humans.  Before his coma the Shoshone Indian worked in a traveling oddity circus where he did his best to help the mistreated creatures, but it was never enough.  On the day they were raidedContinue Reading

TEMPTING THE BEAR by Charlie Richards

Big and burly Wren Cleaver runs the successful diner Goldy’s Burgers and Bites.  He is also known for his tender heart and giving people in need a helping hand.  Recently his goddaughter Penelope Grath became enamored with a man twice her age that lives within the mysterious Falias Estates on the outskirts of town.  UsuallyContinue Reading


An unpleasant introduction to the paranormal world leaves human goat farmer Zander Wheeler on edge literally every hour of the day. It doesn’t help that a wolf shifter patrols his property to make sure Zander doesn’t spook and say something he shouldn’t.   It all started because he was feeling guilty about dating a marriedContinue Reading


A series of fortuitous circumstances brought human nurse Leroy Wilde into the world of gargoyles and shifters.  Since the gargoyle in charge of the mansion’s clinic hasn’t mated yet it is Leroy’s responsibility to handle any medical situations that come up during the daylight hours.  Most nights he’s working at the nearby human hospital, soContinue Reading


Surviving captivity at the hands of humans for over twenty five years Iberian lynx Roland is rescued along with several others   At one time Roland was caged with Vane, a gargoyle.  The lynx was sold to another owner and soon after Vane was freed vowing to one day locate and release Roland.  Vane never expectedContinue Reading


Timing is everything and it’s time for Logan McBryne to leave Durango for awhile.  At least long enough for Geoffrey to realize that they aren’t mates.  The construction company co-owner knows about the local gargoyle clutch because of his relationship with the gargoyle, but he knows that he’s not meant for Geoffrey.   Logan’s goodContinue Reading

CALMING A DEMON HEART by Charlie Richards

His earliest memories are of pain, of being caged, chained and whipped at the hands of humans.  Until he was rescued some years later Vane didn’t even know the first thing about being a gargoyle. Understandably surly, he has managed to mellow somewhat over time by living with the clutch in Durango among his kind.Continue Reading


For weeks Martin ‘Marty’ Beakman has been literally staking out a local coffee shop in hopes of making eye contact with a stranger.  Whenever he has the time he’s there, though so far Marty’s been unable to gather enough courage to utter a word when the stranger does appear.  Truthfully Marty doesn’t know anything aboutContinue Reading


The bus trip to Durango is worth all the endless hours for rhino shifter Cornelius Roister so that he can see his very best friend and fellow rhino shifter Gustav ‘Gus’ Hermance, as well as his gargoyle mate Tible.  They are happily waiting for their egg to hatch at the gargoyle clutch and Cornelius wantsContinue Reading

CHANGING OWEN’S MIND by Charlie Richards

Invited to a BBQ at a fellow cop’s home Detective Owen Hanson is somewhat unsettled to see who else is there because the man makes him feel things he’d rather not.   Owen’s been married, fathered a son, and divorced and all that time he’s suppressed his true sexual desires, for another man. After four centuriesContinue Reading

A BITE OF FULFILLMENT by Charlie Richards

The world of shifters and vampires vividly became a reality for Seth Goodwin when he almost died at the hands of a rogue vampire.  Traumatized, Seth refuses to listen to his human friend’s explanation that most paranormals are decent.  From the moment coven leader Adalric Bachmeier is introduced to Seth he knows the human isContinue Reading

TRILL TO ME SWEETLY by Charlie Richards

A broken nose was the last straw as far as Bobby Truman is concerned.  His boyfriend Seth is sweet and caring when they’re alone, but when Seth’s friends are around things get too rough and Bobby always seems to get injured.  Breaking up with him is the only answer. Helping a young gargoyle and hisContinue Reading

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