Series: Alien Slave Masters

THE UNDERCOVER PET by Samantha Cayto

THE UNDERCOVER PET by Samantha CaytoThe Undercover Pet by Samantha Cayto
Series: Alien Slave Masters #6
Published by Pride Publishing Genres: Menage, MM, Paranormal
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Young human Ben Miller has volunteered for a dangerous, possibly deadly mission to help the alien Travians put an end to a rebellion which will affect both races. His understanding of their computer systems makes him the perfect choice, but if he’s caught Ben won’t survive.


At one time Kath was a high born son in a prosperous Travian family.  One mistake, one lack of judgment ruined the life he knew.  Banished from his home Kath became a lowly sex slave in order to live.


As for Dane, he has fought his way to become second-in-command to the leader of the rebellion.  In truth he is the cosseted, bored son of a Travian high born.  He secretly volunteered for the mission to end the rebellion before the death count rises higher.


On a distant, humid planet the rebellion gains strength and bides their time before mounting another attack against the Travian leadership.  Ben, Kath, and Dane are all placed in position.  Each is set to do their job.  Working together they can make a difference.  If they knew the truth of their allegiance…


Complex situations arise for three strong characters in the latest Alien Slave Masters story.  The Undercover Pet is the climatic, edgy book readers have been waiting for.  Difficult, sometimes hard to swallow drama comes to a head, but the abuse is a realistic plot point for The Undercover Pet.  Intensity and darkness keep readers riveted to an explosive climax.  The Undercover Pet hits the bull’s eye for this gritty series.


THE INCONVENIENT PET by Samantha CaytoThe Inconvenient Pet by Samantha Cayto
Series: Alien Slave Masters #5
Published by Pride Publishing Genres: MM, Science Fiction
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The garrison on New World Colony Seven is Travian cadet Wen’s latest posting.  Surviving a near fatal beating when a group of Travian extremists attempted to usurp their leadership on a space station Wen has healed and been transferred to a planet for the time being.  Smaller in size than most of his kind Wen became a life scientist after cadet training.


Curious about the planet Wen borrows a skiff and sets out to explore the native flora and fauna.  He never imagined coming across a semi-secret farming settlement that the garrison has chosen thus far to ignore.  Unfortunately for Wen he’s in the wrong place at the wrong time because the settlement fears that he is a spy.


Commander Jonathan Dax and his three man crew are sent by his superiors to infiltrate the seemingly innocuous settlement.  It is highly unusual for humans and Travians to live or work together, yet the leaders of the little farming community allowed them to stay claiming they want to peacefully settle the land.


Dax isn’t sure what to make of Wen, but he’s certain he can’t let the young Travian return to his post.  The problem is what to do with him and the answer that he’s given isn’t one he wants to even entertain.  For the safety of all Wen must become Dax’s ‘boy’, whether the commander likes it or not.  Fighting the inevitable won’t help.  From the moment Wen arrives events occur that signal change.  For good or bad all their lives are changing, Dax and Wen’s most of all.


Secrets and hidden agenda’s unravel the peace for The Inconvenient Pet, the fifth book in the popular Alien Slave Masters series.  The lives of the main characters Wen and Dax are put to the test in this otherworldly drama.  Emotionally charged the plotline builds and builds as Dax and his boy stumble and try to chart a course both can live with.  Surprisingly their relationship evolves into something real.  The Inconvenient Pet proves that love or concern comes in the most unlikely places.

THE UNTAMED PET by Samantha Cayto

THE UNTAMED PET by Samantha CaytoThe Untamed Pet by Samantha Cayto
Series: Alien Slave Masters #3
Published by Pride Publishing Genres: Futuristic, MM
Source: Publisher


On New World Colony Stuart McKay was always a step behind the other boys his age.  He was the last one picked for any project. In an effort to be one of them Stuart ended up aboard a Travian star ship, a slave along with the other boys.  At first Stuart was chosen by 1st Officer Garen who took great pleasure in beating and viciously raping the young teen.  Stuart was brutalized daily.   An act of heroism by the human teens changed their lives for the better and Stuart became known as Mac as he was given to a kinder Travian, the navigator Narith who took the time to gently ease the traumatized teen into becoming a Travian pet.


Word is received aboard ship that Narith’s mate, the Lady Orianna, has miscarried.  The navigator is immediately given permission to return home and decides to take Mac along with him.  Narith is dismayed to learn that his mate has also taken a second mate, Rone as is her right.  Arriving at Orianna’s estate it takes barely a moment to realize she’s already pregnant with Rone’s child.


Narith does everything he can to re-establish his place in his mate’s life, but he’s finding his easy relationship with Mac a distraction and nothing is going as planned.  Mac is hurt, Narith is wishing he was back onboard his ship with Mac, while Orianna is clearly over her first feelings for Narith.  When disaster strikes all the navigator can think about is saving his little human pet.


Such a unique, sometimes chilling look at otherworldly life.  In The Untamed Pet emotions are running high as reality takes flight for Mac and Narith.  An exciting escape from reality, The Untamed Pet is fascinating, fanciful and compelling.  The third Alien Slave Masters book is also sometimes uncomfortably brutal with the alien’s attitude towards sex with the pets.  The Untamed Pet has great dignity and hidden love.  Darkness too, though nothing too hard to handle.

THE REBELLIOUS PET by Samantha Cayto

THE REBELLIOUS PET by Samantha CaytoThe Rebellious Pet by Samantha Cayto
Series: Alien Slave Masters #2
Published by Pride Publishing Genres: Fantasy, MM
Source: Publisher

After a mutiny was foiled aboard Captain Kell’s star ship, thanks in large part to the human sex slaves or ‘pets’, they were allowed to refuse their Masters’ sexual advances.  It gave human Joel Porter a much needed breather from Senior Officer Firth, which resulted in a truce of sorts between them.  When the officer becomes ill they are both transferred to the outer most Travian space station for Firth’s medical care.  .


The space station is run by Commander Arath, an ambitious lower caste Travian whose hard work has lead the young man to his current position.  Joel inadvertently becomes Arath’s pet and his problem because the Travian is at best aloof and isolated by choice, but he is also unflinchingly honorable.


Having grown up with an extremely abusive father Joel is unable to accept any attempt at kindness by his new master.   Arath refuses to give up and over time the two begin to find their way.  It also helps that Arath has assigned a curious, kind junior officer to befriend Joel.


They are finally making real headway when a diplomatic mission aboard the station causes unwanted friction.  When Joel gets up to mischief something happens which could change the whole course of both their lives…or their deaths.


Author Samantha Cayto’s inventive, original series continues with a complex second installment titled The Rebellious Pet.  Joel has a chip of major proportions on his shoulder, with good reason, but Arath is a exactly what he needs in his life.  This multi-layered plotline is absolutely primal and riveting.  One caution, readers have to deal with the fact that humans have no say in sexual matters where their conquerors are concerned.  A spirited sometimes difficult romance, The Rebellious Pet is ultimately satisfying.  The ending is worth every uncomfortable page.

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