Series: Alpha & Omega

DEAD HEAT by Patricia Briggs

DEAD HEAT by Patricia Briggs

DEAD HEAT by Patricia Briggs
Dead Heat
by Patricia Briggs

Series: Alpha & Omega #4
Published by Berkley Publishing Group Genres: Paranormal
Source: Publisher


For once, Charles and Anna are going away on a trip for pleasure, which has nothing to do with the pack.  It’s going to be Anna’s birthday soon, and Charles has finally come up with the perfect present for her—one that they will pick out while also visiting one of Charles’ oldest friends’, Joseph, who is still human and getting older every day.  Because Charles has selfishly kept away from Joseph, even knowing his health has not been good for several years, Charles now feels the need to not only go see his friend, but to introduce Anna to him.


Anna is very excited to meet Joseph and to pick out her very special birthday present—a horse from one of the best breeders/trainers in the country.  The idea is for her and Charles to stay at the ranch and to just relax while visiting and to try several of the horses out to see which one Anna would pick out for herself. But their plans change when serious and bad magic affects Joseph’s daughter-in-law. Suddenly, Charles and Anna are involved in a mystery that is trying to turn deadly. Very quickly they know that the Fae are involved, but just who is behind it and why is the question. As the clues produce answers showing just how old this magic is, it’s a race to see if Charles and Anna can find the actual killer before anymore of his victims die or are forever damaged.  In the final battle, lives will be lost protecting the innocent, but will the Fae’s latest strategy win, or will the good guys once again show the Fae that might isn’t always right?


What began as a happy pleasure trip quickly turned into a battle of pack against the Fae for Charles and Anna.  Dead Heat takes Charles and Anna to Scottsdale, Arizona and yet another adventure which will pit them against the old Fae. Right off the bat, I could see just how Charles and Anna had grown in their relationship by their conversation that starts the book.  Nope, won’t tell you what it is about, but I can’t wait to see where it will eventually lead to. I loved just how playful they were as the trip started, and yet I wasn’t at all surprised at how fast they both kicked into action when violence was brought upon Joseph’s family.  I really loved watching as Charles and Anna systematically discovered what and how was behind the attacks. Even better was seeing the relaxed interactions between Charles and Anna.  So much has changed since they first came together, wondering if they could overcome the drastic hurtles of old baggage that they each had.


Dead Heat proved to me once again just why Charles and Anna are one of my all-time favorite fictional couples. I would love to tell you more of just what happens, but that would ruin some great reading.  So, instead, I will say that you won’t want to put down this book even to sleep. If you happen to read both of Ms. Briggs’ series, I foresee an interesting time for Mercy in that next book. You will know why if you do read both series. Dead Heat is not only a must-read and one that you will want to leave on your keeper shelf, but it is also a book I just have to Joyfully Recommend as just that—a must-read keeper.  My only regret is that now I have another wait for my next glimpse of Charles and Anna.

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