Series: Archangel Chronicles

A SHOT IN THE DARK by L. J. LaBarthe

A SHOT IN THE DARK by L. J. LaBarthe
A Shot in the Dark
by L. J. LaBarthe

Series: Archangel Chronicles #7
Published by Dreamspinner Press Genres: Fantasy, MM
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The horrors of the Seventy Years War are in the past.  They have retrieved the Holy Grail.  With a lull at last from death and destruction the Archangels and their people renew relationships and love again.


When word of an avalanche reaches Archangel Michael he asks his Venatores and Archangel Gabriel’s two best trackers to check things out.  The disaster occurred near the small town of Yaak in northern Montana, yet when the team lands they find the town completely deserted.  Their only clues as to what’s happening seem to lie in log books they find in the fire watchtower at the forest edge.  Everything is stamped with the Transom Corp. logo and talks about the Betterment Project in the logs.


Before turning back they decide to investigate a warehouse seemingly built into the mountainside.   As soon as the group enters the warehouse another avalanche is triggered and they are trapped inside.  Something is blocking their ability to contact Michael or Gabriel.  In the dark hallways they come across horrors that will haunt them all in their dreams.  Living experiments attack and badly injure them one by one.  If they can’t find a way out or a way to call for help they won’t last the night.


All hell literally breaks loose in A Shot in the Dark after a simple assignment goes horribly wrong.  The mesmerizing, creepy storyline will keep readers on their toes waiting for the next horror to corner the Venatores.  A glossary of sorts is supplied which helps immensely with the very large cast of characters involved in this storyline.  Even with such a big cast the characters’ emotions shine brightly which definitely enriches A Shot in the Dark.  A love story.  A horror fantasy.  All of that and more, much more.

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