Series: Bachelor Lords of London

ONE FOR THE ROGUE by Charis Michaels

ONE FOR THE ROGUE by Charis Michaels

ONE FOR THE ROGUE by Charis MichaelsOne for the Rogue by Charis Michaels
Series: Bachelor Lords of London #3
Genres: Historical
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Avon


Beauregard “Beau” Courtland was free to do whatever he wanted and was completely fine with that until it was discovered that Beau should have been the Viscount not his brother Bryson. Bryson immediately renounces his title to give it to Beau as he wouldn’t have felt right keeping it even though no one would know, but Beau wants nothing to do with becoming the new Viscount Rainsleigh and all the responsibilities that come with it.


Lady Emmaline is out to teach Beau some manners and to be respectable as a viscount but it’s not solely for his benefit. Emmaline took Bryson’s suggestion to heart to help his brother in order to secure her safe passage to New York, along with her brother to sell her late father’s stories. She became a widow at 23 when her elderly husband, a Duke, suddenly drops dead and she needs a way to be self-sufficient. But Beau wants nothing to do with the lessons and Emmaline finds herself more attracted to him the more time they spend together.


One for the Rogue picks up where The Virgin and the Viscount ended in regards to where the bothers find out who the true Viscount should be and why but don’t worry if you haven’t read the previous book in the series because Charis Michaels gives a prologue that really does set her readers up for the story.


As soon as I started reading One for the Rogue I knew I was already half in love with the story. I just adored Beau and couldn’t wait to really dig deeper as to why he didn’t want to be the Viscount. Both Beau and Emma were well developed and Ms. Michaels gave them room to grow. Beau learns to step up and be the Viscount because Emma needs him yet he’s still uncertain that he can do the job. Emma was a tough heroine and I loved her spirit and determination trying to advise Beau, taking care of her brother and wanting more out of life than just want she had.


Right away Beau and Emma are attracted to one another, but since Emma is supposed to still be in mourning for her late husband she knows nothing will come of it but I loved how Beau was chasing her and making her feel things she never felt even with her late husband.


I don’t know much about historical romances so I’m not sure if everything in One for the Rogue was authentic but it all made for an entertaining story in the end. Regardless, One for the Rogue was my favorite story in The Bachelors of London series and I highly recommend it to readers who just adore a hard working heroine and a hero that is a work in progress.

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