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MAJOR LOVE by Kate Stewart

MAJOR LOVE by Kate StewartMajor Love by Kate Stewart
Series: Balls in Play #2
Published by Self Published Genres: Contemporary
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After reading Anything but Minor by Kate Stewart I couldn’t wait to read Major Love which happens to be book two in the Balls in Play series. While Anything but Minor was on the laugh out loud funny side, Major Love was more of an emotional story but don’t get me wrong it did have its funny parts, it was just a little deeper than I thought it would be.


If you read the previous book in this series you remember Andy not only as Rafe’s friend but that he had just retired from the minor league and runs a successful bar. The woman he was in love with left and Andy is heartbroken and not handling it so well. When he attends the engagement party for Rafe and Alice he puts on a brave face and drinks a lot just to make it through the night but what he didn’t expect was to be attracted to the maid of honor, April. Andy isn’t in the right mind to start something new but he knows he will be seeing April again and he just hopes to keep his heart in check this time.


April is a 911 dispatcher for Charleston, and about 9 months ago one of her best friends and brother in law, Kurt, was killed in the line of duty on what was supposed to be a simple traffic stop. After that April didn’t feel whole so she broke things off with her longtime boyfriend Tyler to move in with her sister and help take care of her nieces and nephews. At the engagement party she meets Andy who is gorgeous and she enjoys flirting with him but after a few drinks Andy starts to open up and April begins to fall for him a little. The only problem is when they see one another again Andy doesn’t remember that night at all. Can April help heal his broken heart or will baseball be the only thing he can love?


At the beginning of Major Love I have to admit I had a hard time getting into this couple and because of that it took more time to get into the story. Major Love is a little on the slower side than Anything but Love but when it picked up I truly started to fall for Andy. Not only was he good looking and talented but he was after the ever after kind of love which I found sweet. April was a decent heroine but I didn’t take to her like I did with Alice, I found her outspoken, selfless and a little unsure where things were actually headed with Andy.


From the very beginning April and Andy had great attraction to one another but their relationship is done in spurts. I felt they spent more time apart then together and they went days or even weeks without interacting which had me frustrated since I wanted them to get together. Their love scenes were hot and I felt Ms. Stewart took her time getting them to that level.


As I said earlier, there was some humor but both characters were still going through their own emotional woes and because of that their relationship just felt as if it was at a standstill for the majority of Major Love. Saying that though, I am glad I did end up reading Major Love and I really hope Ms. Stewart will be adding more books in the Balls in Play series.



ANYTHING BUT MINOR by Kate StewartAnything but Minor by Kate Stewart
Series: Balls in Play #1
Published by Self Published Genres: Contemporary, Sports
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Alice has lived a very sheltered life in Ohio but is moving to Charleston not only to escape her controlling mother but to experience the life she always wanted. She takes a job as a flight instructor with Boeing teaching pilots about a new aircraft. While not at work she is getting to know her town and experiencing the culture Charleston has to offer. One day while wondering around Alice comes across a flyer for a minor league baseball game and decides to check it out and meets a woman named Dutch who offers her a seat for the home games. She is instantly attracted to the star pitcher who everyone is saying this will be his year to make it to the majors. Upon meeting the sexy Rafe Alice knows he is a player but the more time they spend with one another the harder it gets to keep her attraction to him under control.


Rafe has been waiting for his chance to be in the majors and show the world what he can do. He knows that everyone is saying his big break is coming soon and he believes it but nobody called the one woman who is about to knock him for a loop and test his focus on the game he loves so much. Rafe might be a player but there is something new and refreshing about Alice that has him wanting to know everything about her. When Alice rebuffs his advances more than a few times he doesn’t know what to think but when Rafe finally gets her he knows he isn’t about to let her go.


Anything but Minor is the first book in the Balls in Play series by Kate Stewart and I have to admit I was torn with wanting to read it and passed it over a few times but in the end I am glad I gave Anything but Minor a shot. Right away I adored Alice and her nerd tendencies to google anything and everything and I can’t forget her love for 80’s movies (which we have in common). She was kind hearted and while it wasn’t easy for her to make friends I couldn’t help but love how hard she tried.


Rafe on the other hand was what everyone thought of him, a player but right away I could see Alice was a game changer for him even though at first he was just looking to get laid. Rafe actually took the time to get to know her and spend time with her even if some disaster happened. I liked that he didn’t go running for the hills and always ran to her.


Since I happen to love the sports romance genre, I was curious how much ball time would be incorporated and it turned out to be just enough for me. The focus was more on their growing relationship and how Rafe and Alice would handle the possibility if Rafe were to make it to the majors. The best part of Anything but Minor is that you don’t have to like sports to enjoy this fun, sexy and light hearted read so please don’t let Anything but Minor scare you away because it’s a sports romance.


Anything but Minor did start off a little on slow side with both the romance and the story but it was so worth it and I couldn’t imagine this going any other way. I enjoyed getting a more of an in-depth look at both Alice and Rafe which made me enjoy reading Anything but Minor a whole lot. The dual povs were a plus and only added more appeal to reading this story. Since this was my first book by Ms. Stewart I was a little hesitant but I truly loved it. Anything but Minor had so many laugh out loud moments that had me giggling and a few omg moments. Anything but Minor turned out to be a really great romantic comedy that I will be putting on my re-read list. I knew at 39% that this had to be one of my recommended reads for this year, it was just that good and I am really looking forward to reading more of the Balls in Play series.

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