Series: Beyond the Veil

LUNA’S LOVERS by Honor James

LUNA’S LOVERS by Honor JamesLuna's Lovers by Honor James
Series: Beyond the Veil #4
Published by Siren-BookStrand Genres: Futuristic, Menage, Paranormal
Source: Author


Luna Black is a woman with no past and at this point, doesn’t have really great aspects for the future either.   She is one of the best at discovering encryptions at the Alien and Earth Defensive Alliance, or the AEDA as most refer to it.  Many years ago, Luna was in an accident which supposedly wiped out all of her memories.  The only thing she has to show for her past is a strange tattoo, which appeared on her back.  Not even Luna’s talent with encryptions has helped her figure out what it means.  Luna was recently brought into a tangled case, which involved several of the AEDA agents and their mates, and now Luna is in serious danger.  The question is, who is after her and why?


Kristjan, an Ahnjel, and Volker, a Vhampire, have been friends and partners at the AEDA for a while now.  For the last several years, they have been doing individual assignments for the company and haven’t been around the office.  One of the strongest ties that Kristjan and Volker have is that they are destined to share a mate, but to date, neither has met this woman.  Surprisingly, they are both home together and have some free time when an assignment comes up to protect a fellow employee.  Kristjan and Volker decide to volunteer for the assignment, which is something that will change their lives forever.


Luna is scared, but willing to allow two agents she has never met be her bodyguards based on the reliance of an agent Luna trusts.  She is amazed at the instant attraction she feels for both Kristjan and Volker.  All of them are overwhelmed as the truths come out, first that Luna Black just might be her real name as that is the name that marks the mate for her guards, and second that instead of human, Luna might just be something altogether different.  Determined to discover the truth and make sure their mate is beyond safe, Kristjan and Volker work with other agents and Luna’s slowly returning memory to find out just what her past is and why she was cast out in the human realm.  What is discovered shows that the danger to Luna was much closer than anyone would have guessed and that the danger that has been plaguing the AEDA and its agents is much deeper than expected.  Piece by piece, the puzzle is put together and betrayals are revealed.  The outcome not only gives Luna, Kristjan, and Volker a chance at the love they are just discovering, but it will also greatly change their lives because some of Luna’s secrets were big ones.


When a woman with no past and who is scared of the future meets the two men who are destined to be hers, the outcome is an overwhelming passion and a discovery no one ever expected. Luna’s Lovers takes Luna, Kristjan, and Volker on a madcap journey which involves major betrayals, danger and, of course, a deep love, which overcomes all of that.  I loved the stunned realization that all three came to as they first met, and their true relationship became known.  After that, what caught me was just how strongly Kristjan and Volker worked to not only protect Luna, but worked to discover just what had been done to her, who she really was, and how to make sure she was never in danger again.  I loved just how their journey was rolled out and especially how bright their future was as the book ended, especially when shown against just how bleak Luna viewed her future as the book started.  Luna’s Lovers takes you on quite the ride from beginning to end, yet the solid backbone of passion and strength makes this love story an enjoyable night’s reading.

BRIAR’S SAVIORS by Honor James

BRIAR’S SAVIORS by Honor JamesBriar's Saviors by Honor James
Series: Beyond the Veil #3
Published by Siren-BookStrand Genres: Futuristic, Paranormal
Source: Author


Briar Sapphire is a human working with beings from all of the other worlds in her job, and it was once something she loved and looked forward to.  That was before she was brutally attacked, which left deep scars both inside and outside. As the only doctor for the Alien and Earth Defensive Alliance, or the AEDA as most refer to it, she has to deal with just about everyone, but mostly men—the one group that right now she is afraid of.  Unfortunately, that includes the two men who are destined to be her mates.


Byrne, a Luhpyne, and Danel, an Ahnjel have known for years that Briar was to be their mate, even before they met her for the first time.  Even though their instincts are to claim Briar immediately, they know that she must be given the time to overcome the aftereffects of her attack and revert to the strong and fun woman they first came to know.  This is hard on both of them, but a bit harder on Byrne since the attack was done by a Luhpyne in the first place.  However, after years of just being solid support for Briar, it appears that a breakthough is happening.


Briar is sick and tired of being afraid of every man who walks by her, especially knowing that those she works with would kill anything that even attempted to harm her again.  That goes double with the two handsome and sexy men that are her mates.  After Briar finds the courage to take the first step, Byrne, Danel, and Briar come together and truly become what they were always meant to be with all the intense passion and sparks that have been so long denied.  Just when it looked like things would finally be normal, word comes that Briar’s attacker is out and back after her, and he just might not be the only one after her this time.  It’s almost more than Briar can take, but this time she has not only the support and might of her mates, but that of the entire AEDA.  When the final battle comes, love is the winner, and the true surprise is just how it ends.


Briar, Byrne, and Danel go from the ultimate highs to the deepest lows and back again during their passion and suspense filled roller coaster ride in Briar’s Saviors.  I was very aware that Briar would have a long road to come along before she would be able to love her mates, and I loved just how she was able to get through everything and still find the strength and love in order to claim the two men who were hers.  Byrne and Danel showed me just how much they cared for Briar by their actions during that hard time and the even harder times as all three of them came together and got over those last nasty bumps in their way.  This is one threesome that has already proven to each other and those that know them how intense and deep their love is, and I can only hope that it’s mostly smooth sailing for them from here on out.  I really enjoyed finding out that through everything Briar, never lost her ability to show her fun loving humor to those she loved and considered friends. Briar’s Saviors proves that strong kick-ass women and the even stronger men who love them will never let anything stand in the way of their passion and fate. This is a great story for a threesome that could have gone down in flames before they ever had the chance.


LACEY’S LUHPYNES by Honor JamesLacey's Luhpynes by Honor James
Series: Beyond the Veil #1
Published by Siren-BookStrand Genres: Futuristic, Menage
Source: Author


Earth and the humans who inhabit it got a serious wake-up call many years ago when the veil that separated the realms came down and humans discovered just how far down the food chain they really were. It probably would not have been so bad except when humans learned just who and what their neighbors were, the first course of action humans did was violence—the one thing that would not be tolerated. Now humans live under rules set up by the other races to keep the other races safe from the humans’ violence. One of the consequences of those rules is a new policing agency, the Alien and Earth Defensive Alliance, or the AEDA as most refer to it.  One of those human agents is Lacey Rose, a human who has been teamed up with two Luhpynes, and that is both her heaven and hell.


Ansell and Zhubin might not be blood relations, but they act like brothers and were raised together. However, their personalities are very different as Ansell was not adopted by Zhubin’s family until he was a young child and those few years made a difference. One thing they do agree on is the fact that they were marked long ago as being the mates of the same fated female—Lacey. These last few years have been rough for them to control their feelings, because it appeared that Lacey had a boyfriend and they would not interfere with that. But when the truth about a brutal attack on Lacey comes out in to the open and the truth is known, nothing is going to stop Ansell and Zhubin from claiming the woman they love and keeping her safe.


Lacey can’t believe that part of her hell was just misunderstandings on al ltheir parts. Now that the truth is known, their mutual attraction is ramping up fast and their mating is not far behind. However, the danger facing them all, from an unknown hybrid, is also taking a more deadly and determined turn—that of Lacey’s death now that she is newly mated. With their future looking so happy, their only issue right now is taking care of the onetime assailant-turned-stalker. A trap is set and with a little help from other agents and a lot of luck, that problem will soon be over. Or will the trap be sprung against Ansell, Zhubin, and Lacey, thus ending their hope of that future forever?


The world is much different and a whole lot larger now, but the journey to love is just the same as three people will soon discover.  Lacey’s Luhpynes will take Lacey, Zhubin, and Ansell from the struggles of fighting their feelings to mated happiness.  I fell in love with this unique Earth and the neighboring worlds pretty quickly, and I even fell faster for Lacey, Zhubin, and Ansell. Seeing that no matter what your race, there were still the same day-to-day issues made this story and the new world so believable. Watching as Lacey, Zhubin, and Ansell found the answers and fell so deeply in love was a really pleasant way to spend my time. I really can’t wait to see more of these special agents and their co-workers fall in love and work to make all the worlds a much better place to be. Lacey’s Luhpynes is a pretty fast-paced story with lots of suspense and romance spaced throughout it, with just that right touches of humor.

LILLY’S TORMENT by Honor James

LILLY’S TORMENT by Honor JamesLilly's Torment by Honor James
Series: Beyond the Veil #2
Published by Siren-BookStrand Genres: Futuristic, Menage
Source: Author


Lilly Webb is a good cop with a mad skill of making weapons. Recently, Lilly escaped after being held somewhere for a time, and she has just been cleared to go back to work. However, it seems that her weapons-making skill has been noticed in high places, and she has been offered a job with the AEDA (Alien and Earth Defensive Alliance). Earth might be much different than in the past now, but some things remain the same—there are always going to be bad guys, and there will always need to be the good guys to stop them. Lilly is really happy with the promotion, but there is one shadow…her episodes of missing time that come and go lately. Not that she will let that stop her anytime soon.


Artaxias is a Vhampire and Gavriel is a Spiryte (the most magical of the races) have known each other for many, many years. As a matter of fact, Artaxias was originally hired to be Gavriel’s bodyguard when he was a young boy. When he matured, they found out that their relationship might one day be much, much closer as they were both marked to mate with the same woman. When they met their new partner, Lilly, they discovered that she was that very woman. They aren’t about to let anything stand in their way of getting to know Lilly and to show her that they are just the men for her as their marks show.


Lilly has always been up for a new adventure and after meeting Artaxias and Gayriel and learning just who she is to them, it appears that a new job and a move are not the best new adventures for Lilly.  They are immediately called out on a case, but as the investigation begins, all three of them will learn that somehow Lilly has had “suggestions” placed in her mind. That quickly changes just how this investigation is handled and what they are actually investigating, which is not the murders themselves, but who did them and why they targeted Lilly even before she came to AEDA. Falling in love and mating was actually the easiest part for Lilly, Artaxias, and Gavriel even with all of the danger surrounding Lilly as they try to keep any possible triggers away from her. Artaxias and Gavriel will protect Lilly any way they have to, while giving her the support to deal with what happened to her.  After all, the Fates have spoken and fated them with a long life together full of love.


A new job brings one feisty cop a totally new life when she meets her two new partners and discover just what mating with the races really means in Lilly’s Torment. When I finished this story, all I could think of was what an odd group of people to mate, and yet it was so perfect for them. I laughed many times as Gavriel got up to his antics and really enjoyed his relationship with Artaxias. I found that Lilly was exactly the right person to bridge them together and fulfill all their lives with love and humor. I loved how the suspense was drawn out, and I am more than ready to open up the next book to discover just how high up this betrayal really goes. I will also enjoy seeing just how Lilly, Artaxias, and Gavriel have progressed in their mating.  Lilly’s Torment is full of passion and humor with touches of suspense and danger that keep you turning the pages to see what is going to happen next.

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