Series: Billionaire Bad Boys

GOING DOWN EASY by Carly Phillips

GOING DOWN EASY by Carly Phillips
Going Down
by Carly Phillips

Series: Billionaire Bad Boys #1
Published by Self Published Genres: Contemporary
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When Lexie Parker is offered the job at Blink as Kaden Barnes assistant she jumps at the chance to take it. After all, she is starting her life over again because she is always stepping in to take care of her twin sister Kendall. She never expected to be attracted to Kaden but she understands his little quirks which only peaks her curiosity of him. Kaden has gone through assistants like water so he really doesn’t expect Lexie to stick around but when she continues to show up day after day he notices there is something special about her.


I really enjoyed Going Down Easy and the characters very much. Kaden was smart, sexy and his little quirks brought him to life. Lexie was a strong heroine with helping out her family and putting her life on hold. She was gutsy and I took to her right away. When Lexie started to finally put herself first I couldn’t have been happier for her because after everything she has gone through to help her sister she finally deserved to be first for once.


Kaden and Lexie had great tension and chemistry throughout Going Down Easy which kept me invested to the very end. At first I was wondering when they would finally get together but I thought Carly. Phillips set a believable pace especially because it was a boss and assistant story. While Kaden was a little tough to deal with at times I liked how Lexie never gave up. They really made a great team.


Ms. Phillips details were so vivid in Going Down Easy I felt as if I were watching a movie. The story flowed nicely and had the right amount of steamy scenes that didn’t override the romance that was building between Kaden and Lexie.


Billionaire books have been done a hundred times but Ms. Phillips makes the Billionaire Bad Boys series take a different spin with them making an app which I found delightful. Going Down Easy was a remarkable read that brought up every day problems including mental illness. I am really looking forward to meeting his partners and getting to know them much better.


The Billionaire Next Door
by Jessica Lemmon

Series: Billionaire Bad Boys #2
Published by Forever Genres: Contemporary
Source: Publisher



I have read a few of Jessica Lemmon’s series and every time I start a new one I think that the previous one is my favorite but I have to say Ms. Lemmon has a talent in writing bad boys and billionaires. What happens when she combines the two? Pure art. The Billionaire Next Door was sexy, sweet and I couldn’t help but devour each page. I wasn’t sure how Ms. Lemmon was going to top the first book in this series, The Billionaire Bachelor, but she surpassed it with flying colors.


Tag Crane may be a billionaire and party a little too much, but he takes his work seriously. He is in charge of his family’s bars, whether it be expanding them to make them better or starting from scratch. When working on a new project he is interrupted by his neighbor’s dog constant barking which isn’t normal. Tag decides to head down to see what is going on so he can get back to work and comes face to face with a beautiful woman who happens to be dog sitting for one of her customers. What Tag is about to realize is not only is Rachel interesting but she knows her way around the bar business and he needs her help.


Rachel Foster is only dog- sitting for a few weeks while her customer is out of town. Newly single and not looking for another relationship at the moment she is instantly attracted to Tag but has no idea who he actually is. She offers to help Tag with designing the bars since she has worked in a few and has a degree in marketing that she currently isn’t using. The more time she spends with Tag the more she opens up to the possibility that maybe they could have something but will Tag get cold feet before their relationship really starts?


The dialogue in The Billionaire Next Door was fun, fresh and really stood out. There was humor laced in almost every line that I couldn’t help but chuckle along. Tag came off as a playboy at first but I loved how he started dating Rachel and didn’t even plan it. All he knew was that he liked her and wanted to spend as much time with her as possible even if that meant helping her cash out at the end of the night when she was working in the bar. I liked Rachel and understood her doubts on dating Tag, I mean she just got out of a relationship were her ex not only cheated but had to leave her old job because of him. When Tag started to freak out about the relationship I understood Rachel’s pain but in the end I was so glad he finally got his head out of his ass and went all out to show her how much she really did mean to him.

I couldn’t determine who my favorite character was in The Billionaire Next Door which was a huge plus because I really liked and enjoyed them both on different levels. Rachel was smart, driven and fiercely independent. Even though she was dating a billionaire who could give her the world and move mountains for her she prided herself on doing everything on her own unless she asked for it which in her case was very rare. Tag was sweet in wanting to help her and I gave him props for talking to her before doing anything that would upset her. I loved how it really drove him crazy that Rachel wanted to help contribute to things while dating.

Also in The Billionaire Next Door we get more of a look at Eli who just returned home which I was glad for because I was really starting to wonder when he would make an appearance. Already I am looking forward to his book but to find out why you’ll have to pick up The Billionaire Next Door and trust me you won’t be disappointed!

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