Series: Billionaires


The Billionaires: The Bosses
by Calista Fox

Series: The Billionaires #2
Genres: Contemporary, Erotic, Menage
Source: Publisher

What do you do when you have not just one hot boss, but two? And they both want you?

What will it take to make her theirs?

Bayli Styles leaves California wine country behind for the bright lights of New York City, in search of fame and fortune. However, fame and fortune are a little further out of reach than she had hoped, so to supplement her meager modeling income, she seeks a hostess position at Manhattan’s hottest new venue, owned by billionaires Rory St. James and Christian Davila. Bayli gets much more than she bargained for when both devastatingly handsome and magnetic men make her blood sizzle…and offer her the guiltiest of all pleasures—themselves.

Bayli is the perfect solution to the two problems currently plaguing entrepreneurs Rory and Christian, professionally and sexually. She’d make the ultimate “face” for their current joint venture, but both men are thinking beyond business and waste no time seducing Bayli into their brand of double pleasure. In the end, the threesome will put it all on the line—their bodies, their hearts, their souls—either destined for failure, or for the redefinition of true love.

This is a standalone ménage romance with an HEA by Calista Fox. (Book 2 in the Lover’s Triangle Series)

The Billionaires: The Bosses takes the reader on a sensual journey.  Bayli is an ingenue looking to make it big in New York.  The chance meeting with Rory St. James and Christian Davila changes her life.  She is soon introduced to their high society world, their delights in the bedroom and oh how she likes them.

The Billionaires: The Bosses is a sexy tale.  Rory and Christian are an interesting match.  They are heterosexual but enjoy ménage relationships.  In their public life, they work well together as a chef and businessman.  The plot is interesting.  The idea of Bayli hosting their cooking show with Rory works well as does the suspense portion of the story.  However, it was easy to figure out who the villain was.  The adventure getting to the end was entertaining.  The Billionaire: The Bosses is a fun romp.

STAR CROSSED by Emma Holly

STAR CROSSED by Emma Holly
Star Crossed
by Emma Holly

Series: Billionaires #4
Published by Self Published Genres: Contemporary, Suspense
Source: Author


A.J. Hoyt is a cynical investigator now, but once she was a young cop who made the professional fatal mistake of being a whistleblower on a fellow cop.  Back when A.J. was trying to figure out what to do with her life, she met Luke by saving him and then sleeping with him.  While he was nice, A.J. knew that right then she couldn’t handle a relationship, and she made sure Luke accepted it.  Now she is about to take-on Luke as an assignment to keep him safe.  The first thing she learns is that the attraction hasn’t gone away and the second is Luke is better than ever.


Luke Channing started as a model-turned-actor. Now he is an actor and producer of a hit movie series.  It might seem like Luke has had a charmed life, but he has a secret that only a few people know about.  Luke has never forgotten when A.J. helped him after being attacked in a bar during his modeling days.  Luke also believes that she might have helped him at a very important turning point in his life years before.  Now he knows that she is one of the best at being a bodyguard, he just isn’t sure how it will be having her around all the time, especially when he finds that the attraction is still as strong as ever.


A.J. isn’t about to leave any rocks unturned to find out just who is behind the threats and attack on Luke. While putting together the clues, she learns what Luke has always wondered—that A.J. has helped save Luke more than just the two times as an adult.  Together they track down the answers leading to who is behind the current attacks, A.J. and Luke finally give into their attraction, which quickly turns to passion and then to love.  As the clues come together, it appears that someone has turned fantasy into reality and believes that no one should be allowed to love Luke but his co-star in the movies, which is something that will never happen.  Accepting their love has placed a big red X on A.J., something Luke is having trouble dealing with, and A.J. is hoping to use it to her own advantage.  A trap is set, and the person behind the threats is stopped, but has the threat really been stopped?  Luke and A.J. are putting it all on the line to bring an end to the risk to both their love and to Luke.


A hard-assed investigator and a hot movie star once again meet up when he is placed in danger in Star Crossed.  Luke and A.J. seemed to be star-crossed lovers for a second time in their lives and, yet, this time, I found that they were able to overcome the differences and hard pasts to have their love bloom.  I was amazed when what seemed like a throwback turned into an important turning point in both Luke and A.J.’s lives.  I loved watching as they both worked together to find and stop the person threatening Luke. I have to admit that I only half guessed the answers before they were revealed. By the end, I had to believe that fate had more than a little to do with them having that second chance at love.  Star Crossed is an action packed adventure that proves sometimes you are just meant to love a certain person—no matter what life brings.

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