Series: Biting Love

BEAUTY BITES by Mary Hughes

BEAUTY BITES by Mary Hughes
Beauty Bites
by Mary Hughes

Series: Biting Love #6
Published by Samhain Publishing Genres: Paranormal
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Synnove Byornsson is a woman on a mission.  She’s a doctor who wants people to focus on her brain, not her looks, but she’s afraid she might have to use both in order to get Ric Holiday’s attention.  Synnove’s cousin, Twyla, insists that Ric is the only ad man up for the job of saving their town of Meiers Corners.  There’s just two problems: (1) Ric won’t help and (2) Synnove has some serious competition from a woman who wants to destroy everything Meiers Corners represents.


Vampire Ric Holiday wants nothing to do with any town near Chicago, the home of the vampire who turned him as a child.  But Synnove is a hard woman to turn down, particularly since she’s immune to his vampire capabilities.  It’s not long before the brainy beauty has him tied up in knots.  To be with Synnove, Ric will have to face his past, embrace the future, and join forces with Synnove to outwit a powerful vampire capable of destroying them both.


Beauty Bites has both style and substance.  Mary Hughes’s trademark zany humor combines wonderfully with a story about beauty that’s more than skin deep.


Synnove is a drop-dead gorgeous doctor whose looks are the bane of her existence.  People don’t take her seriously, even though she’s incredibly intelligent and has a deep desire to heal people.  I liked watching Synnove come into her own over the course of the book.  Ric, a vampire who deals in show and style, is one of the few people who sees the real Synnove.  I really enjoyed peeling back Ric’s layers as we saw through flashbacks how he became the man he is today.  He and Synnove make a good couple; their solid chemistry makes it easy to root for them to find happiness.


Beauty Bites is the sixth book in the Biting Love series, but it can be read as a standalone.  That being said, we do get to catch up with Bo and Elena (of Bite My Fire), which was a lot of fun.  Synnove’s cousin Twyla and her vampire lover Nikos (of The Bite of Silence) are also strong supporting characters, and I loved that Ms. Hughes showed us the progression in their relationship.  While familiar faces are sure to delight fans, new Biting Love character Aiden (Ric’s best friend) stole a lot of the scenes he was in and I can’t wait to read his story.


What separates Beauty Bites from a lot of the other Biting Love books is that it takes place outside Meiers Corners.  I admit, I missed the zany little town.  The quirkiness of Beauty Bites didn’t fit quite as well in Minneapolis, perhaps this is because the slapstick humor came mostly from the main characters rather than their surrounding environment.  Still, Beauty Bites is a solid installment to the Biting Love series and I finished it eager to read the next book, Downbeat.

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