Series: Blacktop Cowboys


Hillbilly Rockstar
by Lorelei James

Series: Blacktop Cowboys #6
Published by Signet Eclipse Genres: Contemporary, Erotic, Western
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Talia Ricci

Good ole boy and country western star Devin McClain enjoys what he does for a living, who wouldn’t? Fame, fortune, and women are enjoyable to this nonchalant cowboy and he knows that some fans are more into him than others.  He has to take a step back and look, however, when he begins getting threats that seem out of the ordinary.  Agreeing to a bodyguard, Devin wants his protection on the down low…like that is going to happen!

Liberty Masterson is ex-military and has had somewhat of a hard time adjusting to life as a civilian.  Becoming a bodyguard for a highly respected security firm, Liberty agrees to become the bodyguard of a country and western star not knowing that in order to protect him quietly, she will have to pose as his girlfriend.  Piece of cake, right?

I just love Lorelei James.  She makes me giggle every time I read her and while I am not sure that is her intention, I love to laugh with her books all the same – Devin expected his bodyguard to be soft and sexy – he got balls to the wall Liberty Masterson.  Except, he instinctively knew the one place she was born to be soft – in his bed.  Alone with each other, their passion flared pretty dang bright and Liberty and I both couldn’t get enough of Devin McClain.

I highly recommend reading Ms. James Blacktop Cowboys series in order – the reader doesn’t have to but why waste an opportunity to immerse yourself in the wonderful world of Hillbilly Rockstar and the rest of Ms. James’ wild, wild west?



Wrangled and Tangled
by Lorelei James

Series: Blacktop Cowboys #3
Published by Penguin Genres: Contemporary
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Tanya

New in the Blacktop Cowboy series. Janie Fitzhugh and Abe Lawson have long been divorced and living apart. Now she's back in town, a changed woman-making cattleman Abe want to wrangle an invitation to her bed...To get his dream ranch, Renner Jackson has partnered with spoiled daddy's girl Tierney Pratt. She thinks she can handle this cowboy, but Renner won't make it easy. Little do they know they will be entangled in ways neither dreamed possible.


Janie Fitzhugh has returned to her past. She is now back in Muddy Gap, Wyoming, the town she had left after she and Abe Lawson divorced. She is older, wiser and has the college degree that she wanted. The problem is that the attraction still seems to be there with Abe, ok so it is there, just as strong as ever. What she doesn’t expect is that Abe seems to have changed. The more time she spends with him she sees some of the things he was steadfast on in the past he is now compromising. Is this new Abe one she can’t live without? When danger suddenly seems to be following her Abe will have to prove he is around for the long haul and is supportive of the new Janie.

Renner Jackson the owner of the Split Rock Ranch, and Janie’s boss, seems to be over his head trying to get the ranch finished. In fact, he has basically ended up in a “deal with the devil” to finish the financing and get the ranch up and running. The thing that seems to frustrate him the most is that Tierney Pratt seems to have come with the deal. The gorgeous but uptight woman seems to get on his last nerve at the same time as she turns him on. Is there really more to Tierney than everyone gives her credit for? Only time will tell.

Wrangled and Tangled will pull you in before the end of the first chapter. I loved this third installment in the Blacktop Cowboys series. Interestingly enough I picked this book up as it had Janie and Abe’s story but I fell quickly in love with Tierney as well. Having two stories in one added immensely to Wrangled and Tangled’s appeal for me.

The differences in the paths that Janie and Abe have taken since their divorce has allowed them to be real with each other this time around, making for a stronger partnership. I also loved Tierney from the start and the way she reacts to Jenner and his responses either made me laugh or want to cry for her. But, you are able to see how Renner would finally see through her façade and into the real woman inside.

Wrangled and Tangled gets the highest recommendation I can give. I Joyfully Recommend Wrangled and Tangled. If you haven’t read it yet, then you need it for your beach chair this summer.

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