Series: Call of Crows

THE UNDOING by Shelly Laurenston

THE UNDOING by Shelly Laurenston

THE UNDOING by Shelly LaurenstonThe Undoing by Shelly Laurenston
Series: Call of Crows #2
Genres: Paranormal
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Kensington Publishing Corp.


Jace Berisha would rather be in a cupboard or under a house reading a book than dealing with anyone alive.  Okay, pets are not in this statement—those she loves.  Well, she does love her sister Crows, but a little of them can go one hell of a long way.  Like all Crows, Jace was killed and given a little something extra and in Jace’s case, she was given strength in rage.  Can you spell berserker?  Unlike many of the Crows, when Jace woke up in her second life, she wasn’t faced with a totally new experience, because some of Jace’s personal family are a bit more than you would expect.


Ski Eriksen is one of the peace-loving Protectors.  Yes, this could be an oxymoron when you consider he, like all the other of the people who serve the Norse Gods, find there is always violence involved to get the job done.  Yet, Ski loves the mornings when he can just sleep in and take it easy.  Ski never expected to find a peaceful Crow, especially Jace whom he has seen beat strong men into a pulp.  But when circumstances have him offering a job in his house cataloging the Protector’s library, he is amazed at how perfectly she fits in—well, once she actually accepts the job.


Jace believed she had left her first life behind her when she was killed and had achieved her vengeance.  However, it seems that this might not be the case, as people from her past keep just showing up and making her mad—not rage mad, but mad.  On the Norse god side, as the Crows, Protectors and the other groups do their daily jobs, so it becomes pretty clear that an enemy was not destroyed and sent back to hell as previously believed.  Jace finds herself as part of a fighting front trying to get rid of nasty people from two angles just as she also finds herself overwhelmed with feelings for Ski.  Can a Crow find love with a Protector?  A lasting love?  First, Jace and Ski will have to make it through a fierce battle when the winner will take all on Earth.


A rage-filled Crow and a peace-loving Protector come face to face with a love like no other in The Undoing.  First off I have to say I fell in love with both Jace and Ski, even before I saw how they would fall in love.  I found it so fun to watch as they fell for each other when the odds would have said they were leaps and bounds apart.  I really loved where their strengths seemed to fill a weakness in the other or helped them get over a hard place they were going through.  I also have to say that I fell in love with Jace’s grandmother.  Talk about a kick.  Ski understand just what Jace needed in order to be happy, just as I found Jace seemed to know when to be slightly outrageous to bring Ski what he needed.  This unusual love story had me so engrossed that the pages seemed to turn on their own.

The Undoing has all the things that I love about Ms. Laurenston’s books: moments of outrageous fun, kinky passion, loving snark, and passion that brings two people you would not expect together.  Jace and Ski’s story does exactly all of the above, plus some.  I absolutely loved Jace and Ski’s book and had to make it a Joyfully Recommended read.  I can’t wait to see which Crow is going to find her unusual love next.


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