Series: Cherchez Wolf Pack

SWORN TO THE WOLF by Lauren Dane

SWORN TO THE WOLF by Lauren DaneSworn to the Wolf by Lauren Dane
Series: Cherchez Wolf Pack #2
Published by Carina Press Genres: Paranormal
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Rain Foster is a part-time painter and a part-time waitress so she can pay her bills and buy art supplies while hoping to get that one chance to prove how good her art is.  Rain is also on the run from a violent family past and has tried to keep clear of anything that might point to where she is now.  Rain’s life turns upside down one morning when a tall, dark, and beyond sexy man walks into the cafe where she works.  Rain really has no interest in working on a relationship right now, but Laurent is a true force when he wants something, and Rain is unable to say no.


Laurent Cole is a natural born werewolf and the second in the Cherchez pack.  Laurent has been searching and hoping to find his mate for years now, and he never expected to find a spunky human waitress who made his wolf stand up and howl.  Once he knows just who Rain could be for him, Laurent wastes no time in getting a date and, hopefully, the mate he has yearned for.


Rain experiences so many highs and lows right as Laurent comes into her life.  She finally gets a shot at not one, but two shows at a gallery and has great chemistry with a hot guy.  Then when she tries to learn about his family, she learns the truth behind the Cherchez pack and just what she would have to expect if she agrees to be Laurent’s.  Time seems to stand on hold as Rain and Laurent work on just what their future will be.  Just when it seems that happiness is at their fingertips, Rain’s past catches up with her, and she is hurt in a way that affects her, Laurent, and the entire pack.  As time passes, will Rain and Laurent be able to put the deep hurts behind them and grab that bright future that was theirs for such a short time?


A werewolf and a woman on the run find out that love comes with highs and lows that can raise you up or destroy you in Sworn to the Wolf.  I instantly loved both Laurent and Rain and the passion that seemed to roll over them from the first moment they met.  Watching as Rain learned the ins and outs of being a werewolf and pack life with Laurent’s help had me smiling and shaking my head in a few places.  My heart also hurt for them as life turned dark, yet I was cheering all the way through hoping that in the end Laurent and Rain would be victorious and their love would reign.  I have come to love all the members of the Cherchez pack and can’t wait to see which wolf will be next to find his mate and the love that awaits them when they do.  Sworn to the Wolf takes passion on a roll with lots of laughs, sighs, and cries until love wins the day with two special lovers.


WOLF’S ASCENSION by Lauren DaneWolf's Ascension by Lauren Dane
Series: Cherchez Wolf Pack #1
Published by Carina Press Genres: Paranormal
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Kari Warner, a computer programmer, was leaving a nightclub when something attacked her and almost killed her.  At first, Kari isn’t sure what happened, but she knows that something has changed. Kari is just starting to get stronger from the attack when she is taken from the hospital and moved to a private home, okay estate, and learns that her life has forever changed.


Andreas Phinney is a werewolf and the alpha of the Cherchez pack who recently found his mate—a human.  Andreas knows that getting her to accept him and what he is will need to be done just right, or he could lose Kari before he ever has her.  Andreas planned out everything, including protection for Kari by his pack, when a loss of control puts Kari in danger and makes Andreas move well before he or Kari was ready.


Kari wakes up at Andreas’ house, surrounded by his pack and learns that not only was she turned without her knowledge, but that she is the mate to the Alpha—if she can accept it all.  Andreas is more determined than ever to have Kari as his mate and the female Alpha of his pack.  He and his close pack members are now working hard to show Kari all the advantages of being a wolf and a member of their pack.  Kari finds herself falling for Andreas and even accepting the ways of the pack when she is suddenly in danger again.  It seems that someone isn’t happy that Kari and Andreas have fallen in love or that she will rule by his side and bear his kids—the future leaders of the pack.  Life goes on and so do the attacks on Kari.  Time might be running out, because the attacks are getting worse.  Can Andreas, Kari, and the inner circle of the pack discover who is behind the danger before it’s too late?


Wolves look their entire lives for their mates.  When one Alpha finds his, nothing is going to stop him from having his sexy mate.  Andreas and Kari learn the hard way that the road to love can be rocky and filled with massive potholes in Wolf’s Ascension.  I could feel the anger that Andreas felt when Kari was first attacked and then his desperation to show her his love and get her to accept it and all it involves.  I could also understand Kari’s confusion and anger at what was done to her, and yet loved that she could find a way to forgive and still fall, not only for Andreas, but his entire pack.  Watching as Andreas and Kari fall into a deep love and how they begin their lives together within a tight pack had me turning the pages quickly to see what would happen next.  I will admit that I figured out who was behind the attacks, but not the entire reason why.  Now that Andreas and Kari have forged the way to the future for themselves and their pack, I can’t wait to see the next pack member to find a mate.  Wolf’s Ascension begins with a whirlwind and ends with a strong love story filled with passion, pack love, and a touch of suspense to keep things interesting.

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