Series: Chronicles of Tournai

THE SORCERER’S GUARDIAN by Antonia Aquilante

THE SORCERER’S GUARDIAN by Antonia AquilanteThe Sorcerer's Guardian by Antonia Aquilante
Series: Chronicles of Tournai
Published by Dreamspinner Press Genres: Fantasy, MM
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The peaceful principality of Tournai is threatened by a faraway kingdom governed by a power hungry ruler bent on owning the world.  Prince Phillip and his consort Prince Amory have charged their most skilled sorcerer Savarin with charting suspicious weaknesses in the centuries old magical barrier surrounding their land.  They must do all they can to fortify Tournai from the threat.


As a child of dockland laborers Savarin was never expected to manifest such powerful magical talent, especially at so early an age.  Well aware that most people shy away from his presence Savarin leads a solitary life.  He spends his time studying anything and everything to do with magic to better strengthen his gifts.


Following Prince Phillip’s command the sorcerer is sent to map the outer reaches of their lands.  Savarin is dismayed when the prince insists that Loriot, Captain of the royal guard, accompany and protect the sorcerer.  Worse, as time goes by he feels an inexplicable desire for the captain.  Nothing must interfere with his work.  The princes are counting on him. To be distracted by a handsome man is madness, simple madness.


A rich blend of fantasy, drama, and romance comes alive in the latest Chronicles of Tournai story The Sorcerer’s Guardian.  Excellent characterization drives the tale of an arrogant sorcerer and a noble captain who have absolutely nothing in common except their love of Tournai and the ruling family.  The unlikely romance slowly unfolds as the pair journey across the country.  The Sorcerer’s Guardian believably eases into their developing relationship and sets the stage for a powerful climax.  Another unique and entertaining tale from Tournai.

THE SCHOLAR’S HEART by Antonia Aquilante

THE SCHOLAR’S HEART by Antonia AquilanteThe Scholar's Heart by Antonia Aquilante
Series: Chronicles of Tournai #3
Published by Dreamspinner Press Genres: Fantasy, MM
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Lord Etan, the younger brother of Duke Cathal and cousin to the monarch of Tournai, spends his days assisting Prince Phillip and his consort, Prince Amory.  When he’s not working for them he uses his time researching in the Palace library.  Many subjects fascinate Etan, in particular the family bloodline’s special and secret Talent.  Etan has plenty of spare time since the man he gave his heart to will never be within reach.


Prince Amory has known Tristan since childhood and he became a regular fixture in the palace after Amory’s marriage to the Prince.  Introduced to Lord Etan they quickly became fast friends, but everything changed when Tristan’s father took ill.  Suddenly the young man was expected to run the family’s extensive businesses.  What was harder to bear was his father’s insistence on arranging a marriage for his son.


Reluctantly agreeing to the wedding Tristan lost his father soon after and then months later his young wife died in childbirth.  Through it all Tristan missed his friendship with Etan, never realizing why the young lord had backed out of his life.  Faced with a newborn daughter and a busy career Tristan is nonetheless incensed when his mother insists he remarry and father more heirs.


Trying to juggle everything Tristan made time to visit his old friend and began to see Etan in a new light.  He found that Etan gave him the strength to cope.  Dealing with his mother was becoming more and more difficult, but that was nothing compared to the discovery that his infant daughter has been kidnapped.  Together Tristan and Etan will find baby Bria and uncover a secret plot intent on destroying them all.


Author Antonia Aquilante takes readers back to the lands of Tournai, to the loves and the lives of some singularly special, Talented people.  Rich in detail and well developed characterizations, The Scholar’s Heart is an emotionally fraught romance true to the previous books.  Etan and Tristan allow others to carry them forward until finally, they take the reins and the responsibility.  Weaving several plotlines within the story everything ties together by the exciting climax.  Fans will love their return to Tournai. This series should be read in order to fully appreciate the characters dynamics.  Dive into The Scholar’s Heart where mysteries, engaging characters, and an excellent storyline can be embraced.


THE ARTIST’S MASQUERADE by Antonia Aquilante

THE ARTIST’S MASQUERADE by Antonia AquilanteThe Artist's Masquerade by Antonia Aquilante
Series: Chronicles of Tournai #2
Published by Dreamspinner Press Genres: Fantasy, MM
Source: Publisher

Tournai is a peaceful thriving country ruled by Prince Phillip and his consort Prince Amory.  The recent birth of their son Prince Julien has solidified the family succession.  Known for their exquisite glassmaking, as well as other talents, the Prince is well aware that the Emperor of Ardunn who has gobbled up other small countries has his eye on Tournai.  There is no question spies from Ardunn are somewhere close.


Cousin to Prince Phillip and son of Duke Umber, Lord Cathal finds himself in a precarious position.  He loves his royal cousin and has always been a dutiful son, but his father’s recent announcement has left Cathal speechless.  Duke Umber has contracted a marriage between Cathal and Lady Velia, cousin to the Emperor of Ardunn, without Prince Phillip’s knowledge.


When Lady Velia’s ship arrives with her aunt, uncle, and her poor relation Lady Flavia, the entourage is invited to stay at the Prince’s residence in the capital city of Jumelle.  Cathal is ready to bite the bullet so to speak and marry Lady Velia, yet there is something about Flavia that intrigues the lord.  He can’t quite put his finger on it, but she’s far more interesting than his betrothed.  Between his confusion over his bride to be, Flavia, and uncovering the spy ring Cathal has his hands full.  He’s about to get quite a bit more than he bargained for…


Author Antonia Aquilante pens a lush blend of romance, drama, and sensual tension with The Artist’s Masquerade.  Readers plunge into a rich fantasy with captivating characters and a dynamic plotline.  A good deal of suspense adds another layer to the fascinating story.  Enjoy unraveling the mystery of these characters in The Artist’s Masquerade.  Just the right amount of humor finishes it off perfectly.

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