Series: Club Sin

MINE by Stacey Kennedy

MINE by Stacey KennedyMine by Stacey Kennedy
Series: Club Sin #7
Published by Loveswept Genres: BDSM, Contemporary
Source: Publisher


Dmitri Pratt is the owner of Club Sin, and he is one of the six Masters.  Dmitri is finally living his life as he’s always wanted. He is at the top of his profession, his BDSM club is all that he wanted it to become and, best of all, he has found his ultimate Sub in Presley.  And then one night, it was all threatened, which is something that Dmitri will not accept without fighting for it—no matter what.


Presley Flynn has fallen in love with her life since accepting Dmitri as her love and her Dom.  Now she only works a couple of days a week and donates her time to a cause she believes in on the other days, and her nights are all filled with Dmitri and Club Sin on the weekends.  Presley knows that something horrible has happened when the club is unexpectedly shut down but, like a good Sub, she waits to question Dmitri until after they were home.  She never expected how her life would be turned upside down by a simple question.


Dmitri and the other Masters immediately start to find out who is behind the threat to Club Sin and its members and how to end the threat.  Dmitri is so focused on solving the issue that he does the one thing he swore never to do—he ignores Presley and then almost hurts her.  Presley might be the submissive in this couple, but she is not push-over, and she is not about to allow Dmitri to treat her like a second thought. She takes steps to make sure he knows it.  Dmitri has eliminated the threat and the reason behind it and now takes the steps necessary to bring Club Sin back safer than ever for everyone.  Now, all he wants is to fall into Presley’s arms and love, only to find out he has another situation and this time, love is on the line.  Can Dmitri find a way to show Presley that she is his everything and to give her all she deserves, or has he destroyed that trust which is so necessary in both love and BDSM forever?


Dmitri and Presley had a love and life that neither thought could be threatened and yet, that is exactly what happened in Mine.  Ever since I learned that the last story in the Club Sin series was about Dmitri and Presley, I have waited to see just how their love would have grown.  I was happy to see that they were great, and then I was struck as I watch them begin to unravel.  I knew that Dmitri could be single-minded, but I was amazed to see just how far he could go.  I cheered for Presley as she put herself first even as I hoped that she and Dmitri could find a way to work it out.  And man, did Dmitri find a way to not only solve the Club Sin issues, but to also prove to Presley, once and for all, that she was and would always be first for him forever.  This book might have ended the Club Sin series, but it ended with a bang and exactly as it had to in my opinion—with the couple it began with.  Mine is full of tension, both passion-filled and nerve-filled, the love of great friends, and best of all, the passion-filled love between two soulmates.  Just sit back, get comfortable, and enjoy a great story.

COMMANDED by Stacey Kennedy

COMMANDED by Stacey KennedyCommanded by Stacey Kennedy
Series: Club Sin
Published by Loveswept Genres: Contemporary, Erotic
Source: Publisher


Sawyer Quinn is one of Las Vegas’ finest, otherwise known as a dedicated cop.  But Sawyer also has a side of him that only a few people know of, which is that he has been in the BDSM lifestyle for many years and right now is one of the six Masters in Club Sin.  Sawyer really can’t imagine his life without Club Sin in it and his many close friends from there.  But he is very attracted to a sexy, sweet and from all appearances, innocent woman who has no idea about that lifestyle, and Sawyer knows that not pursuing the attraction is a non-starter.


Chloe Nash is a sexy private investigator who works for one of the Club Sin masters. She just doesn’t know it.  During one of her last investigations, which was to help get the woman her boss loves out of danger, Chloe met up with one of Porter’s friends, and he was hot enough to turn her head even in the hot house atmosphere of Vegas.  When Sawyer finally asks her out, Chloe puts her heart at risk, and accepts.


As Sawyer and Chloe get to know each other and become closer, Sawyer instinctively knows that Chloe just is not built for the BDSM lifestyle.  When Chloe learns of Sawyer’s lifestyle, she is amazed and even more so to find out her boss and his girlfriend are also part of it.  Sawyer is at a crossroads: he can either destroy the very sweetness that attracted him to Chloe by inserting her into the club scene ,or he can give up Club Sin as an everyday part of his life.  Chloe is afraid that if Sawyer gives up something he loves for her, that it will eventually destroy the love they have, and she tries to see if she could be a part of Sawyer’s life in this also.  For Sawyer, the decision has been made; for Chloe, she needs to find a way to accept Sawyer’s decision.  Can both of these decisions be incorporated so that the love between Sawyer and Chloe will have a chance to grow, or will they tear apart that same budding love?


When a strong dominate meets a sexy innocent, love is the outcome, but will it be enough to bring their worlds together?  Sawyer and Chloe will discover the answer to this in Commanded.  I knew it would take a special woman to handle and love all the parts of Sawyer.  I was proven correct as I read Sawyer and Chloe’s story.  I loved watching as Sawyer struggled with his decision on his devotion to Chloe and his need for domination and especially how he solved it in a way that was a plus for all.  Chloe I found to be a strong and the perfect other half to Sawyer, and yet I really loved that she could admit and accept her boundaries on what she could deal with and what she could not.  While their ending was not expected, I found it was perfect for them.  Three cheers to Ms. Kennedy for giving us an ending that was right for this couple even if it was most unusual for a Club Sin book.  Commanded is a wonderful erotic journey as two worlds find a way to combine in happiness, friendship and most of all, passion.

TAMED by Stacey Kennedy

TAMED by Stacey KennedyTamed by Stacey Kennedy
Series: Club Sin #5
Published by Random House Genres: BDSM, Contemporary
Source: Publisher


Kenzie Hart is the dungeon brat and proud of it, because if she can keep that title, then no one has been able to discover all of the hard and painful things that she keeps hidden. The pain that she craves as a Submissive and the blocks she has placed on any of the Doms getting too close gives Kenzie the things she needs to survive. So when Kenzie is approached by the Dungeon owner and one of the Master Doms and asked to help another Dom prove if he is ready to be placed as a Master, of course she says yes. After all, what better way to for anyone to prove they are ready for the Master title than to try and tame the brat?


Porter Marshall is a private eye during the day and a Dom by the night, at least during the weekends when his Dungeon, Club Sin, is open for business. Porter knows all of the Masters in his current club, as they all were Doms together in another club before the first few broke away to join this one. When Porter is approached with the opportunity to become a Master in this Dungeon, he agrees to a challenge to prove himself to the members—a month where he will only play with one sub, the Dungeon brat, Kenzie.  Porter has wanted to approach Kenzie.


Right from the beginning Kenzie realizes that Porter sees much more than any of the other Doms have, and she works even harder to keep her secrets hidden. Porter can see exactly what Kenzie is doing and works even harder to show her that she can get even more happiness from pleasure than pain. When Porter learns of the danger Kenzie faces in her bookstore, he moves everything in his ability to keep her safe and take away the danger. What Kenzie believed was going to be a fun and easy month of playing with Porter has turned into a month of discovery and a budding love between them. Now that the month is almost over, both Kenzie and Porter need to figure out if they have what it takes to keep their relationship exclusive and give their love a chance to flesh out. Kenzie knows that the first step is all hers, no matter what Porter might believe.  After all, who better to gain her total submission than the Dom who tamed the brat and showed her that love and submission was the biggest pleasure of all.


A bookseller with deep secrets surrenders to a private eye who brings out the best in her in Tamed.  I have wondered about Kenzie since I first read about her and what was behind her actions at the Dungeon because she appeared to be much different when she wasn’t at the club. I already knew that Porter had lost at love at least once before ad that had hurt him. I was a bit surprised when he was willing to open himself up for Kenzie without knowing if she could ever give it back to him. I can see now that there could be no one else for Kenzie except Porter after seeing both of their pasts and strengths. I loved how Porter showed Kenzie exactly what she really craved and how he gave her a second beginning at the Dungeon, as his loving submissive and not the club brat. Tamed is very intense with emotions that will pull you one way and then the other before opening up to show you that it only took love, openness, and belief in yourself and the one you love to have everything. This is a wonderful next step in the personal lives of the Doms and Submissives of Club Sin that will have you coming back.

FREED by Stacey Kennedy

FREED by Stacey KennedyFreed by Stacey Kennedy
Series: Club Sin #3.5
Published by Random House on November 4th 2014
Genres: Contemporary, Erotica
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Jo

Mary Schmidt knows only too well how thrilling a Master’s touch can be. Her husband, Charles, had been her ultimate fantasy, a seducer in the erotic dance of dominance and submission. She misses the sensual lifestyle they shared, but mourns him so deeply she cannot bear to embrace her submissive needs with another Dom—until a man who exudes temptation reawakens desires she can no longer deny.   Elliott Foster is dazzled by Mary. He instantly knows that she’s the woman he’s been waiting for—a woman who turns games into need. As her Master, he dares to unlock the deepest pleasures of her flesh, releasing her from pain and healing her mind. When Mary’s lithe body comes to life under his, he knows their connection goes beyond sex. Now that he has found the perfect woman, the perfect partner, the perfect submissive, he desires only to give her everything she craves.

Mary Schmidt is a woman of many hats; she is a caring doctor, a mother with adult children, a lonely submissive, and a woman who lost the man she loves and her Dom.  Mary lived the lifestyle that gave her and Charles so much love for many years, but since Charles died of cancer, Mary just can’t bring herself to try and find another Dom.  Mary has spent several years now living her life, but she is missing that huge part of her life which was entitled ‘bdsm’.


Elliott Foster is a business man who knows what he wants and how to get it.  Elliott is also a Dom who never really found the submissive that he knew would be the one.  Among his many business investments is working with Dimitri, the president of a casino in Vegas and a much younger Dom.  Then one night, while eating dinner with Dimitri and his submissive, Elliott meets Mary and feels a tingle that makes him know she could be someone special.


Mary is surprised at how she felt anything when she met Elliott and how much his type of control and giving orders reminded her of Charles.  Even more surprising is the invitation that Elliott dared Mary to accept—a night at his invitation-only bdsm night for the mature crowd.  Accepting that dare will put Mary in a place she never thought to be again, which is a submissive under a Dom’s control.  Elliott learns quickly that Mary is a very special submissive and woman and learns just as fast that she is still mourning her deceased husband.  Elliott tries to help Mary and instead of coming closer together, they seem to fall farther apart. But fate isn’t about to be denied and, once again, Mary and Elliott have a chance to find that special relationship that Dom’s and their submissives have. But only if Mary can find a way to let go of the past and accept a new love in her future.  With Elliot’s loving guidance, Mary discovers that love, be it older or newer, is all accepting if you give it a chance.


A second chance at love is usually more than most people can hope for, but for one special doctor, it is right in front of her if she can just accept it.  Mary and Elliott have many hurdles to overcome in Freed.  I was so happy to see that Mary was going to get a happy ending.  I wasn’t sure what type of man would have the patience and strength to help Mary get on with living, but Elliott was just that man.  I loved watching him gently help Mary embrace a future in a new relationship, while not losing the many memories of her first love.  Mary and Elliott’s story was so amazing in that it showed just because you were no longer in your twenties or thirties, you could still have that tingle when love is discovered. There are so few books where both the characters are mature professionals that make me fall into them and become believable, and yet Ms. Kennedy did just that in Mary and Elliott’s story.  If that wasn’t enough, she also put them into the unique lifestyle of bdsm and again made it believable that this was a lifestyle that both had lived in for many years.  Freed is one of the ultimate mature love stories with two characters that will make you love them while following their path towards a future filled with play and passion.

DESIRED by Stacey Kennedy

DESIRED by Stacey Kennedy

DESIRED by Stacey KennedyDesired by Stacey Kennedy
Series: Club Sin #3
Published by Random House on 2014-07-22
Genres: BDSM, Contemporary, Erotic
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Jo

Readers of Fifty Shades of Grey are sure to love Desired, USA Today bestselling author Stacey Kennedy’s latest seductive, electrifying novel of Club Sin, where fantasy becomes reality.   Kyler Morgan, Master at the legendary Club Sin in Las Vegas, knows how to give women what they want—too well. He hasn’t had a real challenge in a long time. Then Ella Snow enters his life. Beautiful, inhibited, and innocent in the ways of submission and domination, Ella is the new blood he’s been lusting after. Soon, the thrill of training her to embrace his world brings forth desires Kyler cannot control.   After ending an abusive relationship, Ella makes a promise to herself to start living life to the fullest. It’s one of the reasons she seeks out Club Sin. Here, Kyler’s every touch is a lesson in liberation, stirring passions that have no bounds. But as she falls under Kyler’s command, Ella discovers that some secrets are so dark they must come to light. Submission alone may not be enough to save her, leaving her Master with only one question: How can he help Ella heal while unlocking the deep pleasures she craves?   Desired is an erotic romance intended for mature audiences.


Ella Snow is coming out of a bad marriage and is starting her life over completely.  Part of that was accepting a challenge to live her life like she would die in six months.  Her first act on that challenge was to move to Las Vegas and get a job.  While at her new boss’s wedding, Ella suddenly comes face to face on just how lonely she really is. But that isn’t enough to end her challenge to herself and when one of the sexy groomsmen approaches her, Ella doesn’t say no to anything.


Kyler Morgan is one of the Masters at Club Sin and a cop in Las Vegas.  When he is asked to be one of the groomsmen at fellow Master, Aidan’s wedding, he accepts.  During the reception Kyler notices a beautiful woman that he has never seen before.  Before he can act, Kyler is warned about Ella by Aidan himself because she is Aidan’s legal assistant and very vanilla, but Kyler isn’t scared off by any of that.


One night of erotic passion was enough to show Kyler that Ella was submissive in nature.  Once he learned of her self challenge, he had the perfect way to find out if she could be a Submissive for his Dom.  Ella never expected her challenge to lead her into a BDSM club or to find herself dating one of the club’s Masters.  It takes very little time for both Kyler and Ella to discover that Ella is a perfect Sub, but also quickly becomes apparent to Kyler that Ella is keeping a big secret that is affecting her ability to trust him.  Ella’s immediate past has come to Vegas and Ella is trying to handle it herself while getting in deeper and deeper with Kyler.  When Kyler unexpectedly learns Ella’s secret, he needs her to tell him herself and to find a way to make Ella’s hurt go away permanently.  Ella’s worse fears happen when Kyler and the other couples from Club Sin find out exactly what she has been trying to handle on her own.  Ella learns the true meaning of love and friendship after a night that could have torn apart the life she had come to love.  Now it’s time for Ella and Kyler to discover if they can jump that last hurdle to take them into that loving relationship that all Doms and Subs search for.


When a sexy Cop who happens to be a Dom finds his perfect Sub in a legal assistant who has never experienced the BDSM lifestyle, can they find the path to a forever relationship?  Ella and Kyler both have lots of hurdles to overcome so they can be together forever in Desired.  All of the Ms. Kennedy’s Club Sin books have been intense so far, as well as erotic, but I have to say that Ella and Kyler’s story was the most intense yet.  I hurt when I read just what Ella lost when she faced the truth of her marriage and why she started over and I loved her self challenge.  Kyler was exactly what I thought of when I think of a cop who was a Master Dom.  I loved how Kyler lead Ella into his lifestyle and showed her just what they could be together.  I could see why Ella thought she had to deal with her problems herself and to not trust even the legal system she worked in herself.  I really loved how tight Ella and Kyler came together even from the beginning and also how Aidan did his best to protect her without knowing exactly what was wrong.  Kyler and Ella’s story had me so intrigued that I ended up reading it into the night and being very, very tired the next day.


There were so many things that I like and loved about Ella and Kyler’s story, that I just have to Joyfully Recommend Desired as a story you won’t want to put down.  Stacey Kenndy has written a tale full of discovery, true friendship, and a passion that is worth the journey it took to grab hold of it.  You don’t have to read the other Club Sin books in order, but I just bet that once you read one, you will go back for the others.

CLAIMED by Stacey Kennedy

Presley Flynn moved to Las Vegas with her fiancé for a new beginning, but it soon became apparent that the relationship would not work.  Now Presley lives with a friend and is trying something that will erase her feeling of discontentment.  At the suggestion of her roommate, Presley is headed for an interview at theContinue Reading

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