Series: Coyote's Call

BLUE MOON RISING by Bailey Bradford

BLUE MOON RISING by Bailey BradfordBlue Moon Rising by Bailey Bradford
Series: Coyote's Call #3
Genres: MM, Paranormal
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Pride Publishing



Texas Ranger Abraham Evans hovered between life and death.  That much he knew.  He also knew that he’d been shot.  Whether he was imaging it or the drugs were causing delusions Abraham believed he’d died.  He was ready to let go, he wanted to, yet something held him however slimly tethered to the Earth.


When Abraham finally awoke he knew that more than a few days had passed.  The doctors admitted his career as a Texas Ranger was over due to the extensive damage he’d suffered.  He’d probably never have full use of his hand again.  The life Abraham had mapped out was gone.


It seemed like forever and a day before doctors were willing to release Abraham.  His cold as ice parents mistakenly believed he’d come home with them, but Abraham knew it was more about his trust fund than interest in his well being.  He had decided to give the little town of Del Rey a shot because of the people who lived there.  Abraham knew that Miller Hudson and his lover Gideon Wells genuinely wanted him there and had offered him a place to stay.  It was also where Roman Jonas called home.  Something about the damaged young man calls to the injured ex-Ranger and nothing on Earth will keep him from finally being near Roman.  And unraveling whatever they are hiding in their small town.  It is giving Abraham a reason to live.


Mysteries and secrets, this is one man’s journey during a Blue Moon Rising.  Author Bailey Bradford deftly touches on near death experiences, traumatic abuse, and life altering situations without ever losing focus of the prize, a loving romance.  Whether spiritual or paranormal in nature, Blue Moon Rising thoroughly engages the reader’s attention.  The characters’ intense love story is a wild roller coaster ride.  All in all Abraham and Roman’s story is an emotionally empowering.

IN FROM THE COLD by Bailey Bradford

IN FROM THE COLD by Bailey BradfordIn From the Cold by Bailey Bradford
Series: Coyote's Call #2
Genres: MM, Paranormal
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Pride Publishing


Twenty years ago teenage coyote shifter Gael Vasquez fled his home after witnessing his mother’s vile death.  Not certain who to trust the sixteen-year-old boy left everything he knew for a distant city and life as a human.


Closing in on forty Gael’s been beaten down while trying to survive.  Each attempt at a better life eventually ended in failure.  Gael’s lived on and off the streets for years, lately he’s hitting rock bottom.  He and his human friend Duff barely exist from day to day.


An unexpected run in with a senior pack member from his old den brings the past rushing back for Gael.  It’s hard to believe what he’s hearing, that the packs are beginning to reclaim their heritage and some are even able to shift again.  The new alpha Hudson Miller and his mate Gideon Wells are worth trusting if Gael will give them a chance.


No one ever knew why Gael and his mother disappeared soon after his father’s accidental death.  The sheriff, wolf shifter Iker Martinez wants to help Gael find the men responsible for his mother’s murder.  He also wants to help Gael reclaim his heritage as Iker’s mate.  If Gael is willing to take a chance and finally come home.


A dark and edgy tale begins In From the Cold where a homeless coyote at his lowest finds redemption in the arms of a wolf.  Looking at life through Gael’s eyes, his memories and thoughts is difficult and it rings painfully true.  His terrible past can be put to rest with Iker’s healing love.  On the flip side, Gael and Iker’s sexual activities are scorching hot.  Redemption comes In From the Cold.  A tragic past evolves into hot passion and the brotherhood of the coyote pack.  In From the Cold works well on so many levels.  Sorrow, emotion, and sexual satisfaction.  Well done.

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