Series: Dark

DARK SLAYER by Christine Feehan

DARK SLAYER by Christine Feehan
Dark Slayer
by Christine Feehan

Series: Dark #20
Published by Jove Genres: Paranormal
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Ivory was thought to be long dead, but in reality she is the myth that locals have been talking about for a number of years. She travels by wolf pack and can even communicate with them. She helps save the life of the mage Razvan who she finds hurt and dying on a mountainside, but when she gets closer they both realize they are meant to be life mates. While she is not sure this is what she wants she won’t leave him to suffer, especially when she sees into his mind and realizes he too is a victim of the same horrible mage.

As time moves on it becomes apparent that both Ivory and Razvan must rid the world of the evil mage Xavier. They will also do whatever is needed to protect their new love no matter what others of their race might think.

While I found Dark Slayer one of the more intriguing Carpathian stories by Ms. Feehan I also found it to be one of the darkest. There seemed to be more pain, injuries, and psychological trauma than in some of the more recent Carpathian stories. I am still a big fan of the overall series but in Dark Slayer it seemed that Ms. Freehan was also trying to fill up space by having a lot of the Carpathian to English translations of love phrases etc. I felt it in a way detracted from the power of the story, making it drag.

That these two characters should find each other and go after one of the biggest evils of all was one of the things that keep most readers coming back to Ms. Feehan.

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