Series: Daughters of Draca

NAREEN OF THE DRACA by Louisa Kelley

NAREEN OF THE DRACA by Louisa Kelley
Nareen of the Draca
by Louisa Kelley

Series: Daughters of Draca #3
Published by Loose Id Genres: Paranormal
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Jo

Nareen needs a break.  She has served as the queen of the ancient clan of Draca for so many years and also as the guardian of the great Garnet.  She recently found a way to allow the Draca to want sex and have children again.  That doesn’t mean she hasn’t made mistakes but she has worked very hard to correct them afterwards.  Now this shapeshifter needs a break and isn’t sure that she will be allowed one.  But when she receives a sexy dreamscape, Nareen realizes that she has just seen her mate and is he one ever sexy dragon.  But all she knows is that he is in the human world somewhere.

Tarlach is a black dragon who is also the guardian of the great Ruby.  Long ago Tarlach earned the wrath of the gods and he was left in the human world with only his dragon half and the Ruby to protect.  Many, many years have passed so when the strange red headed woman appeared and he realized she was also a dragon, Tarlach wondered if maybe the gods had finally forgiven him.

Nareen and Tarlach come together hot and fast and their combined magic brought back Tarlach’s ability to shift into this human self again, but it wasn’t without casualty.  The great Ruby was damaged during it.  Now Nareen knows that she must return to Draca and her responsibilities and yet, she also wants to stay with her newly found mate.  In a hope that Tarlach will forgive her, Nareen returns home only to find out that the great Garnet was also harmed in the magic that gave Tarlach is human half back.  Things are seriously going from bad to worse and Nareen realizes that her and Draca’s only hope is for Tarlach to come to her at Draca.  But will Tarlach understand why she left and why she has sent for him and that she loves him even if she left his valley?  Most importantly will he agree to come and help save Draca and their dragons before it’s too late?

Two strong willed guardian dragons learn that the gods have more in line for them than just protecting the jewels that provide their magic – a mating filled with passion awaits them in Nareen of the Draca.  Nareen has been arrogant for many years after she was given the guardianship of the Garnet and that allowed her to make mistakes that harmed her Draca. Tarlach also thought he knew better than the gods and ended up having people killed and himself punished and banished for years.  I enjoyed seeing that both Nareen and Tarlach were given the chance to redeem themselves both to themselves and the gods.  I know that some lessons are harshly learned and yet forgiving yourself is much harder than for someone else to forgive you.  I watched as both Nareen and Tarlach not only learned this but found the love between them that made them mates the instant they first set eyes on each other.  I know that nothing will tear them apart after all the hard years and that both have learned just what their leadership means and how to use it.  Nareen of the Draca is an erotic lesson of what love and power really means and how to use it to help.  One hot lesson learned by two hard headed dragons.

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