Series: Demon Elite

CRASH by April Kelley

CRASH by April Kelley
by April Kelley

Series: Demon Elite #1
Published by eXtasy Books Genres: Contemporary, MM
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It wasn’t until Elijah Spade lost his mother that he truly understood how much she’d protected him from his two crazy uncles and the rest of that side of the family.  Their businesses as religious fanatics paled in comparison to their illegal activities, including human slavery and prostitution.


Cousin Jasper, who was clearly a psychopath, forced Elijah to help trap a young man in a gay bar.  By the time Elijah decided he’d rather die than aid them it was too late and of course Jasper figured out his change of heart.  Elijah wasn’t killed, but he did end up caged in a basement at their compound alongside the other guy.


Rescued by members of the Lakehouse Security team Elijah soon decides to strike out on his own.  Unfortunately he falls into Jasper’s sick hands once more.  Badly injured he’s saved again and this time the Demon Elite team will protect him and hold onto him.  It’s up to assassin Crash Morgan to keep Elijah in one piece.  Too bad no one told Elijah to keep his heart safe from the taciturn assassin.


The Lakehouse Security series branches off with the more deadly Demon Elite team.  Book one in the gritty series opens with Crash.  Evil on so many levels surrounds a gentle soul in this exciting new storyline.  Always on the periphery of danger in the past Elijah receives a Crash course at the hands of his family and the less than tender assassin.  Opposites in every way the two main characters can’t help but Crash.  Luckily they don’t burn.  Well, they do…in the very best way.

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