Series: Dirty Sexy

DIRTY SEXY SINNER by Carly Phillips & Erika Wilde

DIRTY SEXY SINNER by Carly Phillips & Erika Wilde
Dirty Sexy Sinner
by Carly Phillips, Erika Wilde

Series: Dirty Sexy #4
Published by Self Published Genres: Contemporary
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Jackson Stone never felt like he belonged in the Stone family and after his adoptive mother passed away those feelings only got worse. His adoptive father took his brother everywhere, leaving Jackson behind and feeling abandoned. Now that Jackson is older and successful, he hires a P.I. to find his real family but what he finds out is something he never expected. Not only does he have three brothers but one of them is his twin. Jackson has no idea what kind of reception he is going to get from them but he knows he has to at least try to get to know them. His first stop is to meet his twin, Clay, when he walks into Kincaid’s Bar he comes face to face with Tara. When Tara offers to help make the brothers transition a little easier Jackson is grateful. The more time he spends with her the more he realizes she has demons of her own and he wants to get to know her better as well.


Tara Kent has just finished her degree and been working at Kincaid’s for years ever since Clay Kincaid gave her the chance of a decent life. The Kincaid brothers and their wives have become family to her. When a good looking gentleman walks in looking exactly like Clay, her boss, she knows things are about to become complicated. After hearing Jackson’s story she helps him and Clay forge a relationship, but Tara knows the journey won’t be easy. Tara helps them to find a common ground but when secrets that were supposed to stay hidden come out into the open, and a past mistake comes to light, she wonders if it will put her new relationship with Jackson in jeopardy. Can this Sinner help Tara learn to sin?


Dirty Sexy Cuffed, book three in the Dirty Sexy series ended with a bombshell. Dirty Sexy Sinner picks up right where Dirty Sexy Cuffed left off, which I found was the prefect was to start the next book. Dirty Sexy Sinner was hot and a great addition to the series. I enjoyed both the writing and getting to know Tara a little better as she’s been in all of the previous books. Although the story was interesting, I did feel that some important information was skipped over in regards to Jackson’s back story. Jackson and Tara spend time together but it also didn’t feel like enough time was spent developing their relationship before they actually became a couple.


Dirty Sexy Sinner is the fourth and final book in the series and while I have enjoyed each and every book, I can’t wait to see what this writing duo have in store for their fans, to which I am most certainly one. A new series that contains more book boyfriends to make me swoon? Yes, please. I am already looking forward to the next journey they take us on. Can these new heroes top the Kincaid men? I most certainly hope so. Ms. Phillips and Ms. Wilde ended the Dirty Sexy series on a high note with Jackson Stone.

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