Series: Dragon Chalice

HEART OF A HUNTER by Lara Adrian

HEART OF A HUNTER by Lara Adrian
Heart of a Hunter
by Lara Adrian

Series: Dragon Chalice #1
Published by Self Published Genres: Historical, Paranormal
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If the pieces of The Dragon Chalice are united the world will be finished. The duty to protect the Chalice has fallen to a trusted few. Will they prevail or will evil reign?

Ariana of Clairmont is on a mission to save her beloved brother. She knows she is entering dangerous territory but she must save the only family she has left. Ariana hits the first bump in the road when a nefarious man attempts to kidnap her. Thankfully, a man comes to her rescue. Too bad the brute has such an attitude.

Braedon le Chasseur is known as the hunter. He has the gift of finding things. When he comes across a woman in danger he rescues her but he is unable to let her go forward in her journey when he knows she will end up dead. Braedon is haunted by his past and refuses to get close to the beautiful woman he has decided to protect.

Will Ariana and Braedon be able to deny the feelings between them forever? Can they save her brother from people holding him? And more importantly can they keep The Dragon Chalice out of evil hands?

Lara Adrian’s Heart of the Hunter features a thrilling plot with exciting action and fiery passion. Ariana and Braedon are addictive. You can’t miss the heat between these two. Ariana’s fierce determination drives this novel. I love it when she stands up to Braedon. Of course, he is right about the danger to her but she will not be deterred from saving her brother. Braedon’s character is so complex and interesting. He has been through so much the emotion in him is palpable. Ariana is a natural healer and she is the perfect person to heal Braedon’s heart. Heart of the Hunter is full of great scenes between these two. This historical is fast-paced and teeming with inspiring romance.

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