Series: Dukes Behaving Badly


WHY DO DUKES FALL IN LOVE by Megan FramptonWhy Do Dukes Fall in Love by Megan Frampton
Series: Dukes Behaving Badly #4
Genres: Historical
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Avon


Ah, my first Megan Frampton book and while I have been meaning to read one for a while now I’m so glad that Why Do Dukes Fall in Love was my introduction to the Dukes Behaving Badly series. After reading this one I can guarantee I will be heading back at some point to start from the very beginning.


Newly windowed Edwina needs to find work because her late husband has left her and her young daughter with nothing. Michael the Duke is looking for a secretary and he really doesn’t care who fills the position as long as they are competent. When Edwina shows up for her interview he notices right away that she is attractive but he quickly dismisses that because he isn’t looking for a wife.


The characters were likable and just jumped out at me from the beginning. Michael was such a grouchy Duke at times but I really enjoyed the journey that Frampton took him on. I enjoyed the little changes, from the man who wouldn’t say please and thank you, to him saying it all the time without having to be reminded. Both Michael and Edwina are very different in personality but they do have being outspoken in common. They are also both very bright and that really showed when they were conversing.


Of course Michael came off as a big sourly grouch but underneath that he was a good guy. I really liked how he took to Edwina’s daughter and took the time to get to know the both of them. Little by little the relationship between Edwina and Michael starts to shift and things start to get heated between them. I enjoyed that sometimes they just couldn’t keep their hands off one another yet it didn’t affect their working relationship at all.


This story was funny and really sweet, and although the story lacked some deep emotional parts I didn’t find it taking away from the entire read. There were a few unexpected events but I found them welcoming and honestly couldn’t see the story without those parts. If you’re looking for a fun and light read I would suggest picking up Why Do Dukes Fall in Love.


THE DUKE’S GUIDE TO CORRECT BEHAVIOR by Megan FramptonThe Duke's Guide to Correct Behavior by Megan Frampton
Series: Dukes Behaving Badly #1
Genres: Historical
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Avon


Marcus inherited the title of Duke of Rutherford—a title that he was ill prepared for and didn’t relish having.  He finds that being a Duke has its benefits and he wants to make something of himself rather than twiddling away his life in meaningless pursuits.  A perfect opportunity to become more responsible makes itself known in the form of a child he had with a former lover showing up on his doorstep.  Seeking to make a better life for his child, Marcus hires a governess to teach the child and himself how to behave, as befits his station in life.  Marcus however, despite his longing to be better, finds that he would really like to engage in debauchery with his newly acquired governess, Lily.

Lily Russell and her friends have started a service to provide the well-to-do with employees who are trying to make a better life for themselves.  When a call comes in seeking a governess for a Duke, Lily is forced to go on the interview as no one else is available.  Lily finds that she is attracted to the new Duke of Rutherford, but she can’t jeopardize her position, or her friends’ livelihood, and she is also drawn to the young orphaned child now in the Duke’s custody.  Fighting their mutual attraction, Marcus and Lily embark upon making a situation for the young girl better, as well as teaching Marcus how to behave as a proper Duke.

The Duke’s Guide to Correct Behavior was a sweet romance showing how the characters strove to overcome obstacles set upon them.  Watching Marcus and Lily work to ignore the pull that they felt for one another and do what was ‘right’ in society’s eyes at the time their story was set was a way to pass a bit of time.  There were a few goose bumps scenes enmeshed within the pages of The Duke’s Guide to Correct Behavior, but I felt that it took Marcus was too long to truly grasp his title and what it meant!  I also felt that Lily caved too quickly when threatened by another character, and I would have liked a bit more finesse on her part in The Duke’s Guide to Correct Behavior.  However, her actions held true to her character.

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