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THE DRAGON KING: Not So Ordinary by Marie Harte

THE DRAGON KING: Not So Ordinary by Marie HarteThe Dragon King: Not So Ordinary by Marie Harte
Series: Ethereal Foes #4
Published by Samhain Publishing Genres: Paranormal
Source: Publisher


Jentaron is the new Dragon King, and he is the rightful king although the other Ethereals are trying to give this dragon heartburn.  Jentaron might only be technically 2 years old, but he is a full adult dragon with the same passions.  However, right now Jentaron has more important things to deal with—like a threat to the entire planet.  The balance is about to tip and not in a good way…now to come up with a plan.


Zelec is a high demon, and he has been the right-hand man to the leader of the demons.  Zelec also has many more gifts than most demons he has met, with the exception of his boss and the man’s children.  Zelec is amazed when he is drawn in by a human, and yet he knows that he needs to find out all about this amazing woman.  He soon realizes that one night of passion will not be enough, but then his job pulls him away.


Ella Nelson is a human with a few special extras.  Ella has worked hard to keep the extras undercover, yet sometimes, a little devil makes her do something with them.  When Ella does give in to the impulse, she always ends up with a bit of cosmic payback for using her gifts.  One day when Ella gave in and used her gifts, she later meets Zelec and later Jentaron.  Now, she is really confused at her attraction to two such different men, and how easy she was for them.  That is very unlike Ella.


Chaos is abounding in the not so ordinary, and Jentaron knows that it will take all of the Ethereals working together to bring the balance back again in both the above and below.  He also knows that he will be one of the most important parts of the war.  However, first he will need to find the ones he dreamed about and to make them his mates.  That seems so easy, but in reality it is not when Jentaron realizes that his mates are a powerful demon who isn’t crazy about dragons and a powerful woman who has no idea who she really is.  Things are getting crazy as Jentaron makes his move to make his mates his and to gather the other Ethereals and make them believe what is really going on.  When the final battle comes, will Jentaron, Zelec, and Ella have enough love to keep them alive after the battle of all battles, and will the other Ethereals show up in time to help them?


War is on the horizon and only the dragon king knows it. Time is short as Jentaron, Zelec, and Ella not only find each other, but find the way to win the battle and to bring the balance back.  The Dragon King: Not So Ordinary will show all three of them that, individually, they were more than they believed and as a loving threesome, they are enough to help win the battle for all in both the Ordinary and the not so Ordinary.  I wasn’t surprised that the key to the upcoming battle was Jentaron as he was always special, but I was surprised at just who his mates turned out to be, and how he broke the rules to get and keep them.  But hey, just who was going to challenge the dragon king?  I was also surprised to learn just who Zelec’s and Ella’s parents really were and why they were as powerful as they were.  I can say with certainty that when this threesome has any children, both the Ordinary and the Not So Ordinary better watch out.  The final battle was all I could imagine, and I really loved how it was proven the Jentaron, Zelec, and Ella really were true mates and not just together to win the war.  The Dragon King: Not So Ordinary has all the necessary elements to make a great paranormal—suspense, magic, different types of entities and, best of all, passion that rules them all.

THE DRAGONS’ DEMON: A Dragons Dream by Marie Harte

THE DRAGONS’ DEMON: A Dragons Dream by Marie HarteA Dragons' Demon: A Dragon's Heart by Marie Harte
Series: Ethereal Foes #1
Published by Samhain Publishing Genres: Paranormal
Source: Publisher


Eve Sinclair is a demon with a very important job as a measure of balance, and she has a couple of jokers as brothers.  When Eve learns that her brothers have taken a dragon egg from its nest and hidden it as a bad practical joke on her, Eve busts-out to find that egg and return it before anyone discovers the egg is missing.  That was the plan anyway, but a few things occurred before she was able to do that.  First, it was no ordinary dragon egg and, second, she was found with the egg before she could get it back where it belonged.


Ranton, commander of the dragon legion, is mad that the egg was taken under his watch, and he is out to find the egg before anything can happen to it.  Ranton is really surprised to find the egg in the hands of a sexy female demon and even more surprised to find out that the egg has spoken to this female.  Something is strange about this woman, and Ranton wants to find out what it is before he allows her to disappear.  Plus, he really wants to know how this special dragon egg was taken and by whom.


Eve knew she was in danger when Ranton appeared, but soon discovered it was much worse than she expected as she learns that this dragon egg is a royal one and very, very special.  Now, Eve is just hoping she can get away from Ranton without a fight.  Ranton and Eve might be feeling some attraction for each other, but the really strange thing is what the egg is telling both of them.  Passion explodes between them but, even so, Eve is determined to get back to her job.  Ranton and the egg are torqued when they discover Eve is gone.  Eve thinks she has gotten away mostly scot-free, or has she?  The real questions are, why does the new royal want Eve, and what about how Ranton feels about Eve and, even more importantly, can Eve return their feelings?


Take one sexy demon and two determined dragons and you have a most unusual love story in The Dragon’s Demon: A Dragon’s Dream.  I thought Eve had enough to handle with Ranton, but when you add in Jentaron, I knew it was going to be one unusual adventure and, yet, I learned it wasn’t what might have been expected.  I enjoyed watching as Eve worked hard to do her job and also protect the young dragon both before and after he was born.  Ranton got full marks for his determination to have Eve as his mate.  I really loved the scene where Eve’s brothers received their punishment and Ranton went to claim Eve as his mate. What I will say is don’t start this book thinking you know the outcome, because I can tell you, you will be wrong.   The Dragon’s Demon: A Dragon’s Dream is a great mixture of suspense, passion, sibling rivalry, and a great beginning to what I think will be a good series.

HAVOC AND HELL: A Dragon’s Prize by Marie Harte

HAVOC AND HELL: A Dragon’s Prize by Marie HarteHavoc and Hell: A Dragon's Prize by Marie Harte
Series: Ethereal Foes #3
Published by Samhain Publishing Genres: Fantasy, MMF
Source: Publisher


As the son of a demon king James Sinclair has certain obligations, a job to steer humans on a downward course.  When he’s not working James invariably gets into trouble with his twin brother.  Their latest jest was to steal a prized egg from the Dragon Queen.  The snatch worked flawlessly until they were caught.  To pay for his part in the fun James will spend the next ten days at the mercy of the dragon prince Teban, his best friend.


Coming to the aid of a seemingly helpless teenager in the lower realm on the way to Teban proves to be very wrong indeed when she turns out to be one of the dreaded Havoc.  Barely conscious from the girl’s tender care James is saved by her aunt of all things, who takes a liking to the badly bleeding and bitten demon.  As Teban shows up after tracking the missing demon aunt Kihra decides the dragon prince will make an excellent mate as well.  James and Teban believe that they are humoring the sexy Havoc female.  Eventually they will realize Kihra is serious, completely serious.


Hot as…well, hell, Havoc & Hell: A Dragon’s Prize brings together three unlikely beings with passionate results.  Easy going James, intense Teban, and ruthless Kihra will challenge each other and destroy anyone who tries to tear them apart.  Their confusion as to who’s in charge brings a layer of humor to the unique romance.  Scorching heat between the characters keeps the love story strong, but mention of levels of hell, demon types, and such is unfortunately sometimes hard to follow.

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