Series: Fight for Me

FIGHT FOR ME: Invitation to Eden
by Sharon Page

FIGHT FOR ME: Invitation to Eden by Sharon Page
Fight for Me: Invitation to Eden
by Sharon Page

Series: Fight for Me #1
Published by Self Published Genres: Contemporary
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Tessa King is caught in a love triangle between two men – Ryder King, her estranged husband and his best friend, Xavier Malone.  While Tessa is deciding if she wants to develop a deeper relationship with Xavier or reconcile with her soon-to-be ex-husband, she receives an invitation to the Eden Resort for a luxury vacation.  Upon arrival to Eden, Tessa discovers that Ryder and Xavier are going to literally fight for her love both in the bedroom and in a charity fighting match.  But before Tessa could decide which man had claimed her heart, danger from Ryder’s past strikes and threatens the life of someone very dear to all of them.


I have mixed feelings about Fight For Me.  I love the triangle love affair.  I really like Ryder and Xavier.  Each male has his own unique quality of sexiness.  The sexual encounters between Tessa and Ryder or Tessa and Xavier were wickedly naughty and a joy to read.  The suspense that surrounds the secret from Ryder and Xavier’s past had me biting my nails and when the secret was finally revealed, I was simply heartbroken and shaken.  What I have a difficult time with are the wishy-washy feelings displayed among the characters, especially Tessa.  I never really got a handle on their true feelings until the very end.  Do not get me wrong, the book is not too bad, I just felt that something was missing.  It is hard to put into words because I am not sure what the “something” is.


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