Series: First Omega

SECOND ALPHA by Rebecca james

SECOND ALPHA by Rebecca james
Second Alpha
by Rebecca James

Series: First Omega
Published by JMS Books LLC Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

The Human/Werewolf Congress came into being as an attempt to avoid war between the species.  Second Alpha David agreed to attend the meetings in the city to ease tensions after Alpha River mated with the human representative Josiah on a recent visit to the River Wolf Pack.  David is hoping to calm fears, as well as spend time with his human lover Jax.


There is no doubt that David and Jax are in love, but it hurts the Alpha greatly when his human refuses to entertain the idea of accepting his bite and joining the pack permanently.


While attending another session in the city Alpha David and another wolf are taken hostage by a human member of congress bent on destroying all the packs.  The last time David and Jax were together they fought and said horrible things.  If David is unable to get free Jax will never know how much he was truly loved.  And war will be inevitable.


Second Alpha is a skillful blend of species bigotry balanced against the scorching hot love of two very different individuals.  Tensions run high between the two groups.  The characters are literally sitting on a powder keg with few options of peace.  David and Jax have sexual chemistry in abundance, tolerance not quite so much.   Though Second Alpha continues where the first book left off readers won’t have any trouble following this storyline.  A satisfying, sensual feast to enjoy.


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