Series: Flushing Owl

TAMING AN OWL by Stephani Hecht

TAMING AN OWL by Stephani Hecht
Taming an Owl
by Stephani Hecht

Series: Flushing Owl #2
Published by eXtasy Books Genres: MM, Paranormal
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Settled in yet another small home Austin’s Owl Parliament continues to survive and stand strong against all the homophobic Owl Parliaments who kicked out each member of their little group.


Their newest outcast, Gene who they rescued from prison is still surprised that they went to the trouble of saving him.  He’d been in the owl prison for about five years and before that he’d bounced from one Parliament to another because of his smart mouth and attitude.  The final straw was finding out that he’s gay.


In an attempt to bring needed income to the group Gene accepts a job as a go-go dancer at a gay bar.  Without any real skills it’s the only job he can find. Plus it will get Gene out of the house and away from the object of his nightly naughty dreams, Leon, another member of Austin’s Owl Parliament.


Gene’s first day as a go-go dancer is a debacle.  Leon does have feelings for their newest member and watching strangers pawing him doesn’t go down well.  With emotions running high it doesn’t help to learn that a group of praying mantis shifters are after Gene because of his family name.  Dodging homophobe owls and now a bunch of crazy bugs, what’s next to stop Gene and Leon from bonding?


Take a wild ride with snarky birds in Taming an Owl.  A fast paced story with engaging characters whose whirlwind adventure never ends.  In book two of the Flushing Owl series Gene’s unknown secrets are revealed as Leon comes to the rescue.  Spoiler alert: Gene and Leon work things out, but nothing else is resolved.  Spicy and passionate Taming an Owl cements the mates’ relationship but leaves everything else hanging until the next story.

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