Series: Forbes Mates

ACCEPTANCE by Grace R. Duncan

ACCEPTANCE by Grace R. DuncanAcceptance by Grace R. Duncan
Series: Forbes Mates #3
Published by Dreamspinner Press Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher


The concept of destined mates is something that jaguar shifters don’t believe in.  Known to be loners for the most part jaguar shifters rarely interact with their own kind, let alone other types of shifters.


Jaguar Quincy Archer has been living on the outskirts of Pittsburgh trying to figure out what to do.  He’s come across a wolf shifter who calls to him in a way that shouldn’t be possible.  At the same time he’s trying to lie low and keep off his father’s radar.  His sire is relentless in his determination to bring Quincy to heel and return home to mate and sire cubs.


It seems however that some things can’t be ignored or dismissed.  Wolf shifter Miles Grant, an ER doctor working at a local hospital also feels the pull that Quincy is trying to pretend isn’t real.  Though considered rare Miles does believe in destined mates and yearns for his other half.


As Quincy and Miles attempt to come to grips with their personal destiny together there are others within the shifter community intent on destroying them both.  A deadly plot, a dangerous conspiracy.  Someone is orchestrating a coup and using the lovers as bait.  Caught in the crosshairs Quincy and Miles are forced to fight for their future or perish alone.


Bigotry of an altogether different kind comes to light in Acceptance.  The third book in the Forbes Mates series brings a jaguar and a wolf together in the most powerful way possible.  Opposites in every way Quincy and Miles wade through their issues and come out stronger.  The large cast includes mates from previous books, yet manages to keep the jaguar and wolf center stage throughout.  Their romance feels real, the whodunit is fun to explore and unravel.  Acceptance layers a solid love story with a dangerous drama.  The results are absolutely worth embracing.


PATIENCE by Grace R. Duncan

PATIENCE by Grace R. DuncanPatience by Grace R. Duncan
Series: Forbes Mates #2
Published by Dreamspinner Press Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

College student Jamie Ryan is relieved to have his semester finals finished.  It seems like forever since he was home where he can stretch his legs and run – on all fours.  A few drinks with friends before he leaves begins harmless enough until Jamie’s wolf insists on making an appearance.


Since the streets of Pittsburgh don’t usually see a wolf Jamie does his best not to panic.  As fate would have it animal control is nearby, but so is the stranger of his dreams.  Jamie’s wolf senses his mate in the man leaving Dunkin Donuts.


P.I. Chad Sutton is minding his own business when a very large dog attaches himself to the ex-detective’s side.  There’s something seriously strange about the dog he nicknames ‘Murray’ and Chad loves a mystery.


Stuck in wolf form until the full moon ebbs and the stubborn shifter gives up control, Jamie or ‘Murray’ happily goes home with Chad and begins to bond with his mate.  A successful mating with a human is possible, but Jamie has heard that the bite of a wolf can kill which is the very last thing he wants to do.  First, however, is explaining things to Chad.  When he can talk.


A charming and inventive tale.  Patience is a genuine page turner.  The characters’ hilarious introduction evolves into an action packed, dramatic storyline.  Jamie and Chad keep the reader thoroughly engaged in their unusual romance.  Witty dialogue and an entertaining plotline make Patience a worthwhile tale.  From their offbeat start to their sexy finish, book two in the Forbes Mates series absolutely satisfies.

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