Series: Genjin/Holmes Mysteries



His Beautiful Samurai
by Sedonia Guillone

Series: Genjin/Holmes Mysteries #1
Published by Ai Press Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Shannon

Joyfully Recommended in 2007


Police Inspector Toshi Genjin needs help.  He is one of the detectives assigned to tracking down a serial killer, but they are no closer to discovering the Ronin Killer’s actual identity than they were when the killings started.


Psychic John Holmes hasn’t worked in four months.  With a single touch, he is able to discover the thoughts and feelings of anyone, either through touching them, or touching something that they have been in contact with.  He is tired of being overloaded with images, but when he first sees the coverage of the Ronin killings on TV and is called in to help, he cannot refuse.


Toshi and John are both incredibly attracted to each other from their first meeting.  With John staying at Toshi’s place, it doesn’t take long for things to heat up between them.  But nothing can ever come from a relationship between them.  Toshi is engaged to a woman he doesn’t love because of pressure from his family and he cannot allow his love for John to intrude.  John is pushing himself to his limits to discover the identity of the next victim, but when John and Toshi make the surprising discovery that the Ronin Killer is targeting people that are in doomed relationships, they realize one of them may be next.  Is there any possibility of a future together?


His Beautiful Samurai is a mouthwatering story of unbelievable beauty.  I fell in love with Toshi; his uncertainty, his needs and his loyalty are all attributes that make him an incredible man.  John is exactly what Toshi needs, and the two men fit each other perfectly.  Add in a mystery and a connection to several historical samurai’s and His Beautiful Samurai has several layers that I found fascinating.  I happily lost myself while reading His Beautiful Samurai and simply cannot wait to see what Sedonia Guillone will write next!  I need more of these two men!!

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