Series: Gridiron

SACKED by Jen Frederick

SACKED by Jen Frederick
by Jen Frederick

Series: Gridiron #1
Published by Self Published Genres: Contemporary, Sports
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Knox Masters is a senior defensive end and top NFL draft pick for Western State. While working out in the early hours one morning at the field he meets Ellie and is instantly taken with her, but Ellie isn’t giving him a chance. After Ellie flees, Knox knows he will see her again so when Jack, one of his new teammates, asks to bring his sister to the team dinner Knox agrees only to come face to face with the one woman he hasn’t been able to put out of his mind. Now Knox has to convince Ellie to give him a chance and he knows it won’t be easy but the good things in life never are, but Ellie is the one and he will wait forever if he has too.


Ellie Campbell is new to Western State and transferred there to help her brother Jack but also to further her education. Ellie has no time for romance but especially not with football players, she’s been there and done that and in the end not only was she heartbroken but Jack also suffered. There is something about Knox that has Ellie wanting more and the more time they spend getting to know one another the more her big secret could not only tear them apart but also ruin Knox’s chances of getting into the NFL. Ellie can’t let that happen but one thing about Knox is that he plays to win but will that be enough?


Knox was talented, hot, and a virgin. Yes, a virgin! It’s not that he never had the chance to lose it but he was waiting for “the one”. SWOON! From the very beginning I fell in love with his charming personality and his drive that he never gives up. Ellie was intelligent and snarky but has a vulnerable side that she rarely showed. Knox and Ellie were a delightful couple and I couldn’t get enough of them. Jen Frederick built their romance on the slow side and gave them time to see if they were truly meant to be. The love scenes are steamy, yet sweet and I couldn’t help but feel their connection become even deeper.


Sacked had the right amount of football to make it interesting yet the main focus was the romance which left me pleased and giddy. Ms. Frederick built a world of likable characters that won me over. The dialogue is funny and not overly sweet. Once I started Sacked I didn’t want it to end but I loved the way the story flowed and the dual povs made it even better in my opinion. The ending of Sacked was a surprise but overall it felt right for Knox and Ellie.


Sacked was my first book by Ms Frederick and I am happy to say that it will not be the last. The Gridiron series had great secondary characters that all stood out; I found Knox’s teammates hilariously funny and loved the camaraderie between them. The best part of Sacked is that you don’t have to be a fan of football to get into the story because Ms. Frederick does wonders with her story telling. Now I am patiently waiting for whose story will be next and what Ms. Frederick will have in store for them.

JOCKBLOCKED by Jen Frederick

JOCKBLOCKED by Jen Frederick
by Jen Frederick

Series: Gridiron #2
Published by Self Published Genres: Contemporary
Source: Author

Jockblocked is the second installment in Jen Frederick’s Gridiron series and it takes place about 6 months after the previous book Sacked ended. The Warriors are gearing up for the season to start and Warrior Linebacker Matthew “Matty” Iverson is in his last year of college. Matty is up for captain but in order to get that position he is ordered by his coach to get their quarterback Ace to move to the safety position but that isn’t going to be easy. It also gets a little more complicated when he finds out the woman he is pursuing to date him, Lucy, is also Ace’s best friend. Matty will do anything he can to convince Ace even if that means asking Lucy for her help. But when Lucy starts to get under his skin he has a choice to make, he just hopes he makes the right one in the end.


Lucy Washington has played it safe her whole life and she is okay with that, but after meeting Matty he makes her think that just maybe her rules should be thrown out. He is very persistent in dating her but with his known player status she is aware it could end in heartbreak. With the more time she spends with Matty she sees a different side to him but when his intentions become clear and she finds herself stuck in the middle with the option of losing her best friend or being with him, she doesn’t know what to choose. Can Lucy and Matty make it in the end or were they doomed from the beginning?


I loved Sacked, the first book in this series but I felt Jockblocked was a little bit better because the characters seemed a little more realistic. While Matty wasn’t as high profile as Knox was I really did love him. He went from being the type of guy who is just into hookups to a one woman man in the span of about 6 months. He was very persistent in the way he went after Lucy and I loved how he was really trying to woo her. I also thought he matured a lot from the previous book but I did enjoy that Ms. Frederick did give him a couple bumps in the road along the way. Lucy was witty, smart and I really enjoyed how she handled herself in certain situations. I didn’t find her as one of those annoying whining heroines but she did have some self-confidence issues that really won me over because, again, it was realistic.


In the first book I pretty much liked all the secondary characters but in Jockblocked I found myself annoyed with Matty’s coach and Ace a lot. The coach put a lot of pressure on his players and I couldn’t stand the ultimatums that he was handing out left and right. Ace on the other hand I liked in the first book but while reading Jockblocked he was a total a**hole at least 90% of the time. I just hope when and if he gets his own book he redeems himself in a big way. Don’t get me wrong towards the end he did improve but it wasn’t enough in my eyes.


Jockblocked is a sweet, steamy and humorous read and I honestly fell in love with it from the beginning. The more I read of the Gridiron series the more I want to devour each and every book as soon as they are released. Ms. Frederick is becoming one of my favorite authors and I can’t believe I waited so long to read her work but this series was the right introduction to her well written characters and the romance she brings to each story.


I was a little disappointed that the team didn’t get as much field time as they did in the first book but I have to say I was more focused on the romance that was building between Lucy and Matty that I hardly noticed. I have a feeling the Gridiron series will continue for a long time because Ms. Frederick’s secondary characters help make each story a little better if that’s even possible and some I am dying to know more about. Ace’s story will be next and I expect it’s going to be a real treat to read. While each book in this series could be read as a standalone I highly recommend starting from the beginning and getting to know the characters so you can see all the changes they are going through in their college lives.

DOWNED by Jen Frederick

DOWNED by Jen Frederick
by Jen Frederick

Series: Gridiron #3
Published by Self Published Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Sports
Source: Author


I have to admit after reading Jockblocked, the previous book in the Gridiron series, I was not a fan of JR “Ace” Anderson. Lucy’s best friend turned into a total asshat because Lucy fell for Matty, but that wasn’t all, Ace was with one too many ladies and came off as one of the most selfish characters I think I have ever read about. So when I found out Downed was his story I was really tempted to skip it all together but yet I was curious if he could redeem himself from the shit storm he caused and became in Jockblocked.


Bryant Johnson is the daughter of the Southern U head coach and is well loved not only by the team but her sorority sisters and an all-round good girl. After her sisters suicide she is committed to transforming the womanizers on campus into the respectable boyfriends they should be, and after they are finished, she sets them up to possibly find their true love. Ace happens to be her next project; she has heard how he was at his old school and knows there is a good man under the asshole persona that he puts out, but what Bryant didn’t expect was to fall for him. When her “fixing” is done will she be able to let Ace go?


Ace is new to Southern U and after basically being run out of his old schools football program after sleeping with the coaches daughter, the last thing Ace needs is trouble with his new coach, especially when he is trying to earn the trust of his new team. When he finds out Bryant is the daughter of Coach Johnson he plans to stay away but when she declares them as dating, and finding out her dad is cool with them seeing one another, he finds it hard to stay away from her. What starts off as a causal relationship quickly becomes more as Ace goes all in but can he convince Bryant not only that he is a changed man but that he is the only one for her?


From the beginning of Downed all I could think about was this was the same Ace from Jockblocked. He doesn’t care about anyone but himself but as Downed started to progress I really saw the changes in him and felt Bryant was really doing him some good. Both characters are total opposites and at first I didn’t see how these two would end up together or make it work because they are really that different. Bryant is outgoing, helpful, and popular while Ace is rude, a loner and just wants to play football.


Bryant is a steamroller and right away I took to her character. She doesn’t give Ace the chance to back out and quickly becomes the only friend he has on campus. The more time she spends with him the more his teammates start to come around and interact with him. There were times I couldn’t help but feel bad for Ace when I realized how lonely he actually was. He tries to brush it off making out he isn’t effected that no one wants to hang with him but deep down he’s hurt and isn’t sure how to break the ice with them.


I know I said this earlier but I am so glad I did end up reading Downed, not only did Ace redeem himself but he also became one of my favorite heroes in this series. When Downed started Bryant held pretty much all the power in her hands but once they became intimate the power started to shift and started to leave Bryant a little unsteady. They both have family issues but for different reasons and when Ace and Bryant are left to look deeper at one another and what they have, I thought what really stood out was a special bond that was really growing.


Overall, Downed was a great addition to this series and I was completely satisfied how Jen Frederick took the most unlikeable hero and turned him into one of the most lovable by the end. Downed introduced a whole new set of characters which I did enjoy, but I was glad to see some old favorites make more than one appearance. There wasn’t a hint of whose book will be next, but I am really hoping its Ty, Knox’s twin. If you love the Gridiron series as much as I do trust me you don’t want to miss Downed.

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