Series: Guardians of the Five Rubies

SEDUCTION by Shannon West and Victoria Sue

SEDUCTION by Shannon West and Victoria SueSeduction by Shannon West, Victoria Sue
Series: Guardians of the Five Rubies #2
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Painted Hearts Publishing

Their existence is a secret.  No one, no one human that is, can learn that there are aliens living among them.  The somewhat humorous rumors concerning vampires are trickled down facts.  As long as nobody suspects there are superior beings among them their people should be safe.  They fled their planet long ago before it destroyed itself and landed on Earth.  They pray for a new home elsewhere but for now this is home.


The death of their leader, their Saak’da, is a true day of mourning.  Kaden D’Marco has taken his rightful place as the new Saak’da with his extremely pregnant human mate, Matty Adams at his side.  His younger brother Alek continues to support and aid Kaden. Too bad Kaden’s twin brother Davv’id turned traitor, though lately his actions support his claims of innocence.


On the way home from the funeral Matty unexpectedly goes into labor.  Ironically a human police officer has pulled them over and Alek is hard pressed to hide what’s going on in the back seat.  Officer Max Carter thinks at first that it’s a sick joke but quickly takes charge of the most bizarre day of his life and helps them deliver the baby.


Alek is supposed to transport them back home – without Max, but somehow he is pulled along.  Max was also supposed to have his memories altered by Alek, yet for some reason it didn’t work.  It doesn’t take long for Alek to realize that the officer is his mate.  Explaining everything to him is going to take a lot of, well, a lot of something.  Never mind there’s still the issue of someone committing treason by doing every single thing they are forbidden to do, such as drinking human blood, turning them into thralls or worse.  If it’s not their brother, who?  Between a constantly crying baby and a madman in their midst Alek is going to lose it, big time.  And then there’s Max, a godsend or a nightmare.  This is not Alek’s finest day.


Book two in the Guardian of the Five Rubies series titled Seduction is a highly absorbing, dangerously sexy page turner.  Sometimes dark, sometimes funny Seduction packs a bit of everything in an intelligent plotline.  Well drawn characters make the compelling story an addictive treat.  Alek and Max have the most unconventional of relationships. Their convoluted romance will hold the reader from beginning to end.  Seduction promised and delivers.

TEMPTATION by Shannon West & Victoria Sue

TEMPTATION by Shannon West & Victoria SueTemptation by Shannon West, Victoria Sue
Series: Guardians of the Five Rubies #1
Genres: MM, Paranormal
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Painted Hearts Publishing

It’s always chaos on the weekends at the popular bar Temptation.  Busboy Matty Adams is well aware this Friday is a typical zoo.  No matter how fast he clears a spot his cranky boss is snapping at him that he’s too slow.


He’s been on his own since he turned a teenager, after his mother and sister abandoned him to an abusive father when Matty was seven.  That feeling of loss and never measuring up is still with him, which is probably why his boss gets to him so much.


The sexy stranger who sits in the crowded bar is obviously waiting for someone.  No one there would suspect what the silent man truly is.  Kaden D’Marco is the next leader of his people, the Saak’da who will guard their treasures.  Humans would call him a vampire.


Unexpectedly attracted to a little human Kaden ruins his chance at a meeting with an enemy when he saves Matty’s life.  So many long, lonely years waiting and searching for a mate who was supposed to be among his people and most definitely wasn’t supposed to be a male.  Not that Kaden cared, he’s thrilled to find Matty.


That still didn’t get Kaden the information however that he needed on his twin brother Davv’d who’s willing to go to war and expose them to the human race.  And his father is dying after centuries of ruling their people.  Kaden must be ready to take the reins.  With Matty at his side anything is possible.  Unfortunately, others don’t feel the same.


Bursting with sensual heat Temptation scores a direct hit.  Intrigue and danger are assured within this exciting adventure as Kaden and Matty fight for survival.  The well written storyline ebbs and flows with emotional intensity.  Quick witted characters challenge at every turn of the page.  Temptation unleashes an original edgy tale with complex characters who charm from beginning to end.  A great start to a unique series.

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