Series: Guild Hunters

Archangel’s Sun by Nalini Singh

Archangel’s Sun by Nalini Singh

Archangel’s Sun by Nalini SinghArchangel's Sun by Nalini Singh
Series: Guild Hunters #13
Genres: Paranormal
Reviewed by:Jo
Published by Berkley Publishing Group

The Archangel war is over and now it’s up to the surviving Archangel’s and their people to take care of the remaining reborn and the disease that has been left in the aftermath.  The worst of which is in Africa, the home of the new Archangel of Africa – Titus.  Titus is a man who expects those both in his command and those loaned to him to do what is needed to be done and just deal with it.  To the soldiers his way of commanding can seem harsh and plain spoken, but it’s not like he is not asking anyone to do anything more than he is right now.  However, when he asks the Cadre for more help he gets an answer he wasn’t expecting – the Hummingbird.

Lady Sharine, also known lovingly as the Hummingbird, is just now coming out of centuries of time where she barely functioned due to a horrible prank pulled on her by an Archangel she was in a relationship with – Aegaeon.  When Sharine was asked by the Cadre to take over Lumia, a place of Angel arts and history, she not only accepted the job but came out of her self imposed kaleidoscope of life.  Now she is being asked to go to Titus and help him save Africa from the disease still attacking it. 

Titus has no idea what to expect when Sharine arrives but it certainly isn’t the small woman who not only won’t take being put on a shelf and pampered by him and his court but demands to help with the problems.  Both Sharine and Titus are surprised as she remembers aspects of herself that were always there but life experiences had caused her to not use and started to help turn the tide in Titus’ efforts to clear Africa.  As Titus and Sharine follow the clues they discover as they travel Africa, it becomes clear that the diseased reborn was not all that was left behind.  Now it’s a race to see if they can find the cure to save humankind, Vampires and Angels from this new aspect of the disease before it’s too late.  Of course falling in love isn’t on either “to do” lists, but sometimes the fates have the final say.

When you have a rough and tough Archangel and an ancient angel whom most believe must be treated with kid gloves thrown together, the outcome is remarkable to say the least.  I know that this story was about the Archangel, but to me it was Sharine’s story with Titus as her fitting partner.  I loved learning more about both Titus and Sharine, but I admit I was rooting for Sharine the entire way.  I really enjoyed watching as Titus and Sharine fell in love while battling the reborn and the aftermath of the version of the disease that was let loose in Africa.  When the cure was revealed, I was shocked at what it was but it fit so perfectly once I thought about it.  I also admit to hoping that Aegaeon gets more karma after learning just why Sharine lived in her kaleidoscope for so long.  The very best thing was watching Sharine learn to use her gifts and strength and learning that Titus is an Archangel with a marshmallow inside for the woman he loves.  Archangel’s Sun takes you on an emotional journey in so many ways that I could not even begin to list them all, but the journey is well worth traveling.  Titus and Sharine’s story is also Joyfully Recommended from me as a must read if you have been following this story line.



ARCHANGEL’S ENIGMA by Nalini SinghArchangel's Enigma by Nalini Singh
Series: Guild Hunters #8
Genres: Paranormal
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Jove


Naasir is a true original and one of Raphael’s Seven.  He is also very protective of those he calls family or has accepted as family to him, and he needs to be around them as much as possible for several important reasons.  Naasir is beyond loyal to his Archangel and to Dmitri, the vampire who is Raphael’s right hand man.  Lately, Naasir has been on a very private hunt; he is looking for his mate—a mate he knows is out there waiting for him to find her.  While Naasir has no idea who she will be or if she is a human, a vampire, or an angel, Naasir knows that he will know her by her scent.


Andromeda is a young angel who left her home and traveled alone to the Refuge to seek a job in the library and to learn more about those that preceded her.  Andromeda was accepted by the head of the library, but she kept a family obligation secret when telling about herself.  It was bad enough that she had to admit that her grandfather is an Archangel that many are not crazy about—

Charisemnon.  Andromeda has been very happy during her many years at the Refuge and now her time to do as she wishes is about over.  But before that, Andromeda has agreed to help one of Raphael’s Seven locate one of the sleeping Archangels.


Naasir knows instantly upon meeting Andromeda that she is his mate.  Now he needs to convince her of this and then show his Andromeda just what she means to him.  Andromeda isn’t at all sure of Naasir when she first meets him, but she is very intrigued.  Just as their search is about to begin, Andromeda is kidnapped by a deadly enemy of Raphael and of several other Archangels.  Rescuing Andromeda is Naasir’s first priority, and he does so in style.  Andromeda and Naasir immediately start their quest, but for Naasir it has become a double hunt, for Andromeda has said that she will mate with him once he locates a certain object.  During their hunt for the sleeping Archangel, danger is their constant shadow because others also want to find this sleeping spot and not for a good reason.  In order to complete their task, it will take their combined strengths and intelligence to come out on top. Now it is time for Naasir to complete the task that Andromeda gave him and to find a way for them to be together forever.  This is going to take every sneaky instinct that Naasir has to pull this off.  However, there is NOTHING that Naasir won’t do to have his mate with him forever.


When you are a very special person it will take an equally special person to be the one you mate with forever.  Naasir finally finds his special mate in Archangel’s Enigma.  I have waited forever to discover just what Naasir really was and how he became what he is, and then I really wanted him to find that special person to be his mate.  I definitely got all of that and more as I read Naasir and Andromeda’s journey.  Their hunt for the sleeping Archangel was fraught with danger and also gave them the time they needed to discover each other and to finally fall in love.  That might have been enough to make this a wonderful book, but there was yet another hunt that Andromeda put Naasir on that gave so much more texture and depth to both Naasir and to their love.  I can honestly say that I didn’t want their story to end, and yet I did so that I knew they had found a way to be together even with Andromeda’s grandfather.


Archangel’s Enigma is so full of suspense, humor and passion that it just over fill’s the pages.  I can tell you that I have written this review twice because I wanted to say so much, and yet I want everyone to discover the wonder of just who Naasir is and the love that springs up between him and Andromeda.  Archangel’s Enigma is more than a must read and a keeper—it is a book that you will re-read over again just to discover what you might have missed the previous times.  By the time I turned the final page, I knew beyond a doubt that I had to Joyfully Recommend Naasir and Andromeda’s book and for you to truly find out why you will have to open up the first page yourself.




ARCHANGEL’S SHADOW by Nalini SinghArchangel's Shadows by Nalini Singh
Series: Guild Hunters #7
Genres: Paranormal
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Berkley Publishing Group

Reviewed by Jo


New York is finally able to take a deep breath after the Archangel war that just happened.  Ashwini (“Ash”) is also able to take the time to heal from the severe wounds she received as part of a deep shadow team that went behind enemy lines to help defeat them.  Now Ash is healed but not released yet and the inaction is driving her up the wall, well that and a certain sexy Cajun vampire who took such good care of her.  But Ash is beyond ready to show the Guild that she is ready to be back on active duty.


Janvier is a street savvy Cajun vampire who was an independent contractor until recently when he agreed to become one of Raphael’s people.  Part of that was because he respects the Archangel who controls New York and how he treats his people and part of it is so that he can stay very close to his lovely smartass Hunter.  A Hunter that Janvier would give almost anything to call his own and to live the rest of his almost immortal life with.


What should have been a cake walk assignment for Ash becomes something much deadlier as loose threads prove that a new threat has come to New York and the Guild and Tower will need to work together to discover exactly who is behind this new threat and how to destroy it.  Ash and Janvier team up once again on this new hunt with a little assistance from their third team member, Naasir.  While this hunt is going on, Ash is having more trouble not accepting all that Janvier wants to give her.  But Ash has a deep secret she has been hiding from everyone – one that has affected everything Ash has done since she was a teenager.  As the danger mounts, Ash finally gives into the passion that has shimmered between her and Janvier for so long and she tells him everything about her past and future.  Janvier finally has his Ash but is he willing to accept the future laid out or can he find a way to have Ash forever?


A Hunter and a vampire are one kick ass team together and it looks like fate has given them the chance to be a kick ass personal team too, if they are willing to take a chance in Archangel’s Shadows. After so many glimpses of Ash and Janiver coming right up to the line but never grabbing the passion that was waiting for them, I was very excited to finally read their book.  For the longest time I couldn’t figure out why Ash always cooled off their encounters, but I soon learned her reason and what she has been fighting for so long.  I was so happy when Ash and Janiver became a team personally as well as professionally.  I also loved how Janiver not only never gave up on Ash but fought for finding her an answer so that their forever really could be forever.  This new team that Raphael and Elena have is going to be very formidable for a long time coming.

I loved Archangel’s Shadows so much that I ended up reading it twice before I even tried to write this review.  And let me tell you that the second time was just as wonderful as the first time.  Besides Ash and Janiver’s story, I also enjoyed seeing how the others were doing after the battle and getting a glimpse of what the future will bring.  Archangel’s Shadows is an action packed story full of romance and suspense, places that will make you smile and ones that will make you sad.  From the first page until the last you will not want to put this book down until Ash and Janiver have reached their endless forever and for this reason and so many more, I have Joyfully Recommended Archangel’s Shadows as a must read.

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