Series: Harmless

A LITTLE HARMLESS RUMOR by Melissa Schroeder

A LITTLE HARMLESS RUMOR by Melissa SchroederA Little Harmless Rumor by Melissa Schroeder
Series: Harmless #11
Genres: Contemporary, Menage, Suspense
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Sean Kaheaku, Jamie Alexander, and Randy Young all have a past together as lovers, spies, and in partnerships—not all together at first, but as couples with Sean.  Then they were torn apart by betrayals and their dangerous profession, and Sean ended up on his own, and Jamie and Randy became a couple.  However, they knew that they were not complete without Sean, and he just dropped out of everything. When Jamie and Randy learned what the rumors were about what happened to Sean, they were determined to go and get him and to hopefully become the trio their hearts have always told them was perfect for them.


Sean has been working in Hawaii on a private job after receiving a serious shock and gift on his last mission for his old boss.  This private job is risky enough, but when Jamie and Randy show up and try to get Sean to become a part of them again, he isn’t sure for two reasons.  One, he isn’t sure his heart can handle another kick from Jamie and Randy, and, two, things in his personal life have changed a bit, and neither Jamie nor Randy know what they are walking into.


It takes little to no time for the chemistry to flame up among the three of them, but they have always been compatible that way.  The real test is if they can all find a way to acknowledge the things in their past that tore them apart the first time and find a way to overcome them.  Things might be rolling along, but first Sean has to find a way to let Jamie and Randy know exactly what has happened in his life since they last saw him and what he is really doing in Hawaii.  Once again, danger is breathing down on Sean, Jamie, and Randy, while they find a way to become a true loving partnership.  The question is if this time the three of them have what it takes to not only stay safe and together or if they are once and for all doomed by a mastermind that has been after them for years.


Three former lovers just might have a chance to a bright and loving future together, but first they must use all their spy and life knowledge to stop a madman in A Little Harmless Rumor.  After seeing how Sean and Jamie and Sean and Randy became couples, I was shocked to see that Sean was now alone, and Jamie and Randy were struggling to bring them all together as a threesome their hearts all needed.  I was a bit surprised by Sean’s reactions until I learned just what had happened to him and what had brought him home to Hawaii.  Even when it looked bleak for them, I knew that with these three stubborn people, it was going to take all but a nuclear bomb to tear them apart this time.  Watching as they overcame each new hurdle and forge an even stronger bond told me that nothing was going to stop their love this time—not even a madman.  Boy, was I correct and I loved just how they proved it in the end.  A Little Harmless Rumor finally brings two love stories to one great and loving ending for them all, and it’s full of suspense, humor and, of course, great passion—the perfect ending for this threesome.


A LITTLE HARMLESS FANTASY by Melissa SchroederA Little Harmless Fantasy by Melissa Schroeder
Series: Harmless #8
Genres: BDSM, Contemporary, Menage
Reviewed by:Author
Published by Self Published

Miami based Dillon Securities is run by Maura Dillon after her FBI big brother Conner found love and a new beginning in Hawaii.  Her one time lover Zeke O’Brian and his lover Rory McAllister make up their trio who currently juggle all the balls in a successful firm.


With the Petersen trial coming up Conner’s urged Maura and the guys to take some down time on the big island.  Though her name wasn’t mentioned in the transcripts it might be better to leave Miami until the verdict is in.  Her involvement was minimal but the man on trial might not see it that way, so a vacation far away seems a good idea.


At one time Maura and Zeke were hot and heavy, but he couldn’t dominate her in the bedroom the way she needed.  Rory on the other hand is all Dom and proposes to use the trip as a sexual experiment of sorts.  A trial of their own to see if a mutual balance can be found.  When they return home life goes back to the way it was.


Confused and elated by the sexual satisfaction achieved with both men Maura is nonetheless feeling as though she’s being watched.  The guys dismiss her claims and soon regret it when the unimaginable happens.  It seems that the big island wasn’t as safe after all.


Sensual tricks galore in A Little Harmless Fantasy, the eighth story in the successful Harmless series.  Maura, Zeke, and Rory explore consensual erotic situations with scorching hot satisfying results. A Little Harmless Fantasy features an intelligent adult plotline with verve and sexual intensity.  A nasty twist in the story adds another level of enjoyment.  Though short on back story Maura and the guys keep readers enthralled with their spicy Hawaii week.  Truly carnal.

A LITTLE HARMLESS LIE by Melissa Schroeder

A LITTLE HARMLESS LIE by Melissa SchroederA Little Harmless Lie by Melissa Schroeder
Series: Harmless #4
Genres: Contemporary
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Self Published

Growing up as the daughter of a powerful businessman pampered Marjorie Rizzoli wanted for nothing.  Everything changed however the night she secretly witnessed her father and older brother torturing and then murdering their bookkeeper.  Running to the police Marjorie is put in witness protection until the trial date.  Again her life goes to hell when the safe house is attacked.  In a hail of blood and bullets the teenager manages to flee and disappear into the night.


Ten years on the run, changing her name and her identity as she roams the country finds Dee Summers in Hawaii working at Rough ‘n Ready a BDSM club.  It’s past time to move on after spending a couple years in the same place, but something holds Dee there. Her boss Micah Ross.  Though he hasn’t made a move on Dee the air crackles whenever they share a room.  Dee doesn’t believe the BDSM scene is for her, yet Micah believes otherwise.


When Dee suddenly disappears it’s up to Micah to use his old skills as a bounty hunter to track her down.  Learning of her past makes Micah want her even more. If only he can find her and help her confront the past without getting them both killed in the process.


This sexy little romance is bursting with suspense and high drama.  Dee and Micah discover A Little Harmless Lie leads to danger and possible death.  The past and present converge in their love story where the truth could be deadly and secrets keep people alive.  A couple of timely twists in the plotline give added spice to the tale too.  A Little Harmless Lie moves at a lightning pace.  Dee and Micah barely have time to explore their feelings before everything explodes into action.  Very intense and entertaining.


A LITTLE HARMLESS SUBMISSION by Melissa SchroederA Little Harmless Submission by Melissa Schroeder
Series: Harmless #6
Genres: BDSM, Contemporary, Suspense
Reviewed by:Author
Published by Self Published


Maria Callahan is a profiler with the FBI. Maria has grown up in the business of profiling. Her father was Big John Callahan, profiler extraordinaire. Maria has had to work twice as hard to prove that she can live up to her father’s legend. Her big break has finally arrived. There is a serial killer called the Dom hunting women in high-end BDSM clubs and viciously killing them. Maria has the perfect plan to capture the Dom and she’s going to Hawaii, the latest playground of the Dom, to do it.

Rome Carino is the lead detective on the Dom case in Hawaii. He doesn’t have a problem with the female FBI agent butting in on his case. He does however have a problem with her plan to use herself as bait. Rome can’t fight the burgeoning feelings he has for Maria. Her plan is a good one but he can’t stand the thought of putting a woman he cares for in danger.

While working undercover, Rome and Maria grow closer. The Dom lurks in the shadows stalking his latest prey. Can they discover the identity of the Dom before it’s too late?

A Little Harmless Submission is a thrilling edge of your seat read with enough sizzle to burn the pages! Melissa Schroeder is at the top of her game with the intense mystery and highly passionate romance in A Little Harmless Submission. I cannot get enough of the incredible romance between Rome and Maria. These two lit up the pages with their witty banter and sensual bedroom fun. Both Rome and Maria bring tons of emotion to their relationship. Their individual histories provide huge insight into what drives them both today. I really became attached to this couple! A Little Harmless Submission features a fantastic story. I found myself consumed in the mystery surrounding the Dom killer. I am becoming obsessed with the Harmless series. The exotic locale and the sexy as sin characters plus the magical stories, make this series a decadent treat! Keep them coming Ms. Schroeder! I can’t wait for the next Harmless novel.


A LITTLE HARMLESS FASCINATION by Melissa SchroederA Little Harmless Fascination by Melissa Schroeder
Series: Harmless #7
Genres: BDSM, Contemporary, Interracial, Suspense
Reviewed by:Author
Published by Self Published

Conner Dillon is working himself into an early grave. After a recent health scare his sister Maura puts him on a plane to Hawaii for a little R&R. It doesn’t sound like a terrible plan even though Conner does prefer to be in control of his own life. There is nothing he won’t do for his baby sister. However, Conner never counted on the distraction that his landlady would cause.

Best-Selling erotic novelist Jillian Sawyer makes her home on the shores of Hawaii and she is happy to help a friend in need. Jillian is excited to play tour guide for Conner and make sure he is relaxing as per her best friend Maura’s intructions. She may write all things erotic but she has yet to turn her body over to a man in a submissive way. That requires trust and Jillian doesn’t have a lot of that to hand out. But if there was a chance of it happening, Conner would be her guy.

The connection between Conner and Jillian refuses to be ignored. What starts as a casual fling soon becomes more than either of them know how to handle. Are either of them willing to change the life they have now to make room for the other? Will they get the chance? It looks unlikely as it seems there is a target on Jillian’s back. Find out if love conquers all in A Little Harmless Fascination.

Woohoo, things get hot in Hawaii as Conner and Jillian make waves in A Little Harmless Fascination! Conner has a hard time leaving work behind a lot of time due to his need to control things, but what better way for him to relax than with Jillian, a natural submissive. Jillian may be okay with his domineering ways in the bedroom but once out of the bedroom he better watch out. I really like these two! They both have difficult pasts that have brought them to their current place. I feel like Conner and Jillian equal each out if that makes sense; they are a perfect match. Ms. Schroeder brings back a lot of our favorite Harmless characters for bit parts in A Little Harmless Fascination. It is always great to get to see where your favorite characters are at currently! Conner and Jillian bring the heat to the story but there is also a danger quotient as well. I always love a little bit of danger with my romance and A Little Harmless Fascination brings it in spades! Melissa Schroeder’s Harmless series only gets stronger as each new story hits the shelves. Can I book my plane to Hawaii now?


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