Series: Harrington Hills

LEADING ME HOME by Megan Linden

LEADING ME HOME by Megan Linden
Leading Me Home
by Megan Linden

Series: Harrington Hills #1
Published by Pride Publishing Genres: MM, Paranormal
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It was kind of a no-brainer for Kevin and Taylor to become fast friends.  They were two young, single men new to San Francisco, more importantly they are both werewolves.  Kevin found it easier to cope in the big city as he’d been a lone wolf for most of his life, Taylor on the other hand is the Alpha’s Son back home and deeply missed his pack.


An invitation to a wedding celebration was the perfect opportunity to visit his home.  But because Taylor was worried about his mom’s matchmaking machinations he asked Kevin to pretend to be his boyfriend while they are there.


As the Alpha’s Son it’s easy for Taylor to slip back into his old life.  Kevin, however is finding it much more difficult to cope with a pack, though it’s been easier than expected for them to be together, almost natural.  Hidden feelings are coming to the surface.  Neither wants to destroy the friendship by making things awkward in the future.  It’s just a matter of time.


Leading Me Home is a bright and honest character driven tale.  Before miscommunication nearly ruins everything the main characters’ relationship is put to the test in this charming love story.  The first look at the Harrington Hills series has modern day social mix-ups, solid dialogue, hot encounters, and a heartwarming romantic finish.  Taylor and Kevin give readers a thoroughly enjoyable time by Leading Me Home.


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