Series: Have Body


The Noblest Vengeance
by Neil Plakcy

Series: Have Body, Will Guard #6
Published by Loose Id Genres: Contemporary, MM
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Lisa

About two years ago retired Seal Liam McCullough and linguist teacher Aiden Greene met under unusual circumstances and had a great adventure.  The best part of the whole thing was the relationship that developed between the men.  These days Liam and Aiden couldn’t imagine life without the other.


The couple recently relocated to Nice, France, dropped their freelance status as bodyguards and signed on with Agence de Securite, where steady employment is appreciated.


When wealthy distant relatives of Aiden’s need protection the pair are contacted.  At first glance the job of protecting the family looks easy and a waste of a long trip to Istanbul.  However, each day another threat is faced and members of the family are forced to reveal secrets possibly worth dying for.  Someone is intent on stopping the family move to New Jersey.  Liam and Aiden have their hands full trying to protect their charges and reveal the enemy.  Hopefully before they reach the Jersey shore.


Liam and Aiden are up to their eyebrows in trouble again!   The Noblest Vengeance brings back a pair of unlikely lovers/great characters to solve another wild, dangerous mystery.  Opposites in every way Liam and Aiden are nonetheless passionate, loving men.  And just when the reader thinks the mystery is solved and done a new threat and possibility crops up.  Great characters and a riveting plotline, The Noblest Vengeance satisfies on every level.

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