Series: Hidden Magic


MAGICALLY HIS by Amber KellMagically His by Amber Kell
Series: Hidden Magic #3
Genres: Gay, Paranormal
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Totally Bound

Reviewed by Lisa

As the head of the Magical Council of Wizards Drake Lender typically sends others to bring in unknown wizards for testing.  This time however Drake feels compelled to bring in young Kellum Richards himself.   Their introduction is decidedly unconventional though the head wizard learns several other things just as surprising.  The untrained wizard is Drake’s mate and he’s in deadly trouble.

As a young teen Kellum watched as his family was ripped apart by ghouls.  He’s been on the run ever since, never chancing getting close to others and putting them in danger. No matter how hard he tries to keep Drake at arm’s length it doesn’t work, even when he explains that the person after him is his biological father, the Vice President.  Drake’s waited a long, long time for his mate so not even a bigwig politician will keep him away. Talk about complicated family issues.

Magically His is enchanting!  A wild romantic ride that barely takes a breath from start to finish.  The drama and passion hit all the right buttons as well.  Kellum is a compelling mixture of tragic soul and whirlwind, while Drake starts out somewhat stodgy and quickly warms up with righteous sexiness.  Not to be missed, Magically His pulls the rabbit right out of the hat.

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