Series: Highland Bears


TWO BEARS FOR CHRISTMAS by Tianna XanderTwo Bears for Christmas by Tianna Xander
Series: Highland Bears #3
Genres: Holidays, Menage, Paranormal
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by eXtasy Books

Reviewed by Jo

Tabitha didn’t want to go to her office holiday party, her instincts told her to miss this one however to be a team player she appeared at it.  When her boss attacks her in the restroom, Tabitha fears the worse until she is saved by two sexy men she noticed in the main room.


Roddy and Ewan have traveled from Scotland to the apartment that their clan has rented so that unmated members can hopefully find their mates.  Roddy and Ewan are also bears as is the majority of their clan members.  Deciding to grab a drink one night becomes one of their best decisions when they see a curvy woman who takes their breath away.  Meeting her is now their most important ‘to do’ item.


Roddy and Ewan step in and save Tabitha from the man trying to attack her and because she is in no shape to tell them where to take her, they take her home.  Besides, having her in their bed will tip the odds on getting her to agree to be their mate, because both men realized that is exactly who Tabitha is to them the minute they got close to her.  A morning of hot sex and explanations first confuse Tabitha but the more she learns and thinks about never seeing or having Roddy and Ewan again, the more Tabitha knows that mating with her two sexy Scots is exactly the thing to make her holidays perfect and give her a future she could only dream of.


Two Scottish bears on the hunt for a mate meet the woman they have been dreaming of while saving her in Two Bears For Christmas.  Roddy and Ewan moved very fast when they found Tabitha but that is what Were’s do when they find their mate.  Their inner animal won’t accept delays unless there is a very important reason to do so.  Tabitha was overwhelmed and even scared when she first woke up but Roddy and Ewan were more than up to the job at convincing her to be their mate.  Two Bears For Christmas is a sexy romp that proves that mates can happen in a heartbeat and when fate speaks passion follows with love on its heels.

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