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FOR A DRAGON’S CONTROL by Charlie Richards

FOR A DRAGON’S CONTROL by Charlie RichardsFor a Dragon's Control by Charlie Richards
Series: Highland Dragons #10
Published by eXtasy Books Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

Weary of Chieftan Goth MacGree’s desire to destroy the clan living in Karstelle Valley, they dispatch a handful of their people to make a pact with his son Ryder MacGree.  An old friend living in the valley uses deception to lure the heir into meeting with them.  Luckily Ryder is willing to acknowledge the need to end hostilities.


The answer to their problem however is not something Ryder ever contemplated.  And before he is able to come to a decision the heir learns the secret of Karstelle Valley.  He can end the coming war, stop the bloodshed.  If Ryder can agree to an unusual pact.  Everything hinges on one man willing to do the impossible. The decision is his.


Twists and turns, danger and deception.  The future of the clans comes to a head in For a Dragon’s Control.  Caught between the proverbial rock and a hard place, Ryder MacGree carries the day in this exciting tale.  Emotions run high as the story is told. Balancing a father’s madness against the good of the clan, the main character decides what happens next in For a Dragon’s Control.  This series keeps getting better and better.


FOR A DRAGON’S ENTHUSIASM by Charlie RichardsFor A Dragon's Enthusiasm by Charlie Richards
Published by eXtasy Books Genres: MM, Paranormal
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Simeon of Anstram is well aware he’s broken an important rule.  Once he returns to his home in Karstelle Valley Simeon will have to answer for his decision to leave the safety of the valley.  It couldn’t be helped however.  As a blue dragon Simeon is a historian, a seeker of knowledge, and in order to satisfy his curiosity he had to leave.  In all honesty, there’s another just as strong reason.  Simeon has watched as one after another of his dragon friends have claimed an asda, a human capable to bonding with a dragon.  He’s lonely and more than ready to find someone of his own.


In dragon form Simeon is unexpectedly discovered by human Doughall Maxton of the MacDuffan clan.  After getting over his shock and fear of finding a dragon Doughall finally believes Simeon won’t attack him.  The clansman explains that he is searching for his younger brother Seumas who left their village with the herald Kaiser of Pratt.  Doughall fears that the two are in danger from a group of hotheaded clansmen.


One thing Simeon can do is assure Doughall of his brother’s safety as he has no doubt been claimed by Kaiser, a very strong dragon.  The longer the two spend time together the deeper the bond begins to form.  Agreeing to accompany Simeon to Karstelle Valley in part to see his brother and to be with his dragon lover, Doughall also has vital information about a growing threat to all dragons.  Simeon may still be in trouble, but he’s fallen for the best human possible.


Fate links a lonely dragon and a human on a mission in the ninth Highland Dragons book titled For a Dragon’s Enthusiasm.  Stepping out of his comfort zone the blue dragon ventures into unknown territory and awkwardly meets his mate in this charming tale.  Simeon and Doughall’s chemistry flares quickly and burns brightly.  For a Dragon’s Enthusiasm does need to be read in order in this series.  Book nine is all about their romance and serves as a link to an overall story arc which continues in the next book.  Hot love and tantalizing hints to what happens next – Simeon and Doughall’s romance rocks.

FOR A DRAGON’S SEDUCTION by Charlie Richards

FOR A DRAGON’S SEDUCTION by Charlie RichardsFor A Dragon's Seduction by Charlie Richards
Series: Highland Dragons #8
Published by eXtasy Books Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

In the guise of a clan herald, Kaiser of Pratt gathers information vital to the safety of those living in Karstelle Valley.  These humans must not discover the way into the valley of the dragon castes.  It would be devastating to both sides.


As black dragons Kaiser and Perth are trained in the art of information gathering.  Recently Perth bonded with Aodhan, a human stable hand at Clan MacDuffan.  Before they can travel home Kaiser needs to see the maps worked on by Seumas Maxton, the chieftain’s scribe.


Thus far the human has been elusive so Kaiser uses the celebration for Perth and Aodhan as a way to seek out the shy scribe.  Hundreds of years old Kaiser’s never before succumbed to the allure of an asda – a human capable of bonding with a dragon.   Yet this time the black dragon cannot shake his attraction to Seumas.  Kaiser needs to view the maps to see what the chieftain is up to, but he also needs to stay far away from Seumas.  Responsibility and lust are at war within the black dragon.  Kaiser isn’t sure which will win out and that’s what scares him most.


The Highland Dragons rise again in their eighth spirited tale titled For a Dragon’s Seduction.  Shy, naïve asda Seumas is no match for the sensual skills of black dragon Kaiser.  Solid characterizations wrap the reader in the dragon’s embrace.  A very pleasurable romp through the Highlands takes For a Dragon’s Seduction to the next entertaining level of fun.

FOR A DRAGON’S HEALING by Charlie Richards

FOR A DRAGON’S HEALING by Charlie RichardsFor A Dragon's Healing by Charlie Richards
Series: Highland Dragons #6
Published by eXtasy Books Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

It’s an eye opening experience for Achaius McCord to be living amongst dragons in Karstelle Valley.  The McCord family fled to the valley when their chieftain planned to send Achaius’s daughter to another clan rather than allow her to marry the young man she’d always loved.  His son Ross found love in the valley with the dragon Ziethman, which made settling there the right thing to do.  It seems the entire McCord family is what the dragons call an asda, a human capable of bonding with a dragon.


Suffering with a crippling thigh injury from long ago, Achaius spends his days getting used to his new home and surroundings.  He’s also fending off well meaning family and several dragons from fussing over him.  Their actions unwittingly remind Achaius of his limitations making him feel less than a whole man.


In an attempt to avoid well meaning family and dragons intent on spending time with him Achaius takes a long, slow walk in the valley.  Coming across a horse barn he meets Curzon, a half dragon, half human hybrid who puts the human to work. For the first time in a long time Achaius feels as though he has purpose.


His growing interest in Curzon appears to be reciprocated, but ignorance of dragon customs lands both of them in trouble.  Achaius is unaware that the visitors he’s been avoiding were courting him while he’s been falling in love with the wrong man.


The difficulty of a handicap is respectfully explored in For a Dragon’s Healing.  Book six in the popular Highland Dragons series pits a middle aged crippled human against a well meaning family and new friends which result in an unexpected romance.  Achaius proves his worth with Curzon in his corner.  A truly enjoyable tale with likeable characters and a good amount of trouble, For a Dragon’s Healing delivers on all counts.



FOR A DRAGON’S PERSUASION by Charlie RichardsFor a Dragon's Persuasion by Charlie Richards
Series: Highland Dragons #7
Published by eXtasy Books Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

It is the duty of the black dragon clan to gather intelligence and insure the safety of all the dragons in Karstelle Valley.  Two such black dragons, Kaiser and Perth, are awaiting the return of Chieftain MacDuffan to his homestead.  While Kaiser is willing to use any means necessary to gather information Perth, on the other hand, finds it somewhat distasteful to sleep around.


Declining the attentions of an overbearing soldier one late evening Perth takes refuge in the stables where he overhears the stable master bullying his apprentice.  It’s obvious to the dragon that Aodhan knows ten times more about horses and the stable after quietly observing him.  Perth also realizes that Aodhan is one of dragon kinds prized Asda, a human capable of bonding with any dragon.


The dragon’s seduction of Aodhan begins gently, but everything changes when the Chieftain returns home and someone accuses Perth of an unspeakable act.  With MacDuffan furious it’s smarter to take off.  Perth doesn’t want to go without his Asda.  Asking Aodhan to leave the only life he’s ever known may prove easier than showing the apprentice his true form.


Sweet seduction takes hold in the seventh book of the Highland Dragons series.  Black dragon Perth finds his better half in honorable stable boy Aodhan.  For a Dragon’s Persuasion is a sexy, engaging addition.  Likeable characters set in an easy, fast paced adventure For a Dragon’s Persuasion may not have any surprises, but this is nonetheless a pleasurable read.   Simply good fun.


Ross McCord loves his father and his sister Skena dearly.  A promise to protect them is put to the test when Chieftain Goth insists on sending her to another clan as a bride price.  If Ross can find a way into a hidden valley Goth will give Skena her freedom.   Scrambling up the mountainsideContinue Reading


As penance for his role in attempting to steal from Glarzy, his baby brother Thom’s bonded dragon, the highlander Ciendon McDoffrey will work in the valley’s farmland.  Working with farm animals and in the fields is a better alternative than their elder brother Ronin’s fate; he died during the aborted robbery.  The dragon Paigon isContinue Reading

FOR A DRAGON’S TREASURE by Charlie Richards

Mercenary warrior Thom McDoffrey is intrigued when a stranger tells him of a way to gain treasure without having to steal it.  His father was hung for his crimes and both brothers are stupidly continuing their sire’s thieving ways, but Thom takes honor seriously.   Once Thom arrives in Karstelle Valley he realizes he’s beenContinue Reading


Alerted to the sighting of a human nearing their valley entrance Elder Combs, leader of the gray caste of dragons decides to investigate.  Two considerations are quickly apparent, the male is badly injured and Elder Combs feels strongly attracted to the human.  Best friend to Ian MacGree who recently mated a dragon, it is EwanContinue Reading

FOR A DRAGON’S TOUCH by Charlie Richards

Hearing rumors of a dragon on the rampage Chieftain Goth sends second son Ian MacGree north to verify or denounce the charge.  Along the way Ian meets up with Roark of Droke who claims to be a dragon hunter.  Ian believes the hunt a waste of time though he doesn’t mind too much since itContinue Reading

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