Series: Hurley Boys

BACK TO YOU by Lauren Dane

BACK TO YOU by Lauren Dane
Back to You
by Lauren Dane

Series: Hurley Boys #3
Published by HQN Books Genres: Contemporary
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Kelly Hurley was a top model when she met Vaughan Hurley and quickly ended up pregnant and then married to him.  Both of them were pretty young and both were in the public spotlight. Once their daughter was born, Kelly grew up fast so that she could be the mother she never had. Kelly all but gave up her career for Vaughan and their daughter. Life wasn’t perfect, but Kelly was fighting for her family until she finally gave up and did what Vaughan kept telling her to do—

divorce him even though she was pregnant with their second daughter at the time.


Vaughan Hurley is one part of the rock band, Sweet Hollow Ranch, which is made up of Vaughan and his brothers. Vaughan knows he is the reason that he lost Kelly and his daughters and, for years now, he has denied the majority of his fault and accepted being a part time father to his daughters and ignoring his passion for Kelly that has never dimmed after all these years.  Now however, it looks like Vaughan might have lost Kelly and any chance of having his family back because she just became engaged to someone else.


Kelly has always loved Vaughan, but she has given up hope that he will ever grow up and come back to her. So, she is pretty surprised when he not only shows up just when she needs him, but acts as her partner. Even more surprising to Kelly is the fact that Vaughan says he is here to stay and wants her back and is willing to prove just how he has grown up. Vaughan takes the first steps by being a full-time parent and then admitting to his family just what happened all those years ago between him and Kelly. The love between Kelly and Vaughn is stronger than ever, and they are taking things step-by-step into being a full-time family. Now comes Vaughan’s hardest job, which is getting his family to open up to Kelly so that he doesn’t have to pick one family over the other, because he is not going to let Kelly go ever again.


Life in the public spotlight is hard enough, but for one top model and one rock star they discovered it’s the things that happen out of the spotlight that can do the most damage.  Kelly and Vaughan learned that lesson pretty quickly after they were married; now they are learning how to become a loving family again in Back to You.  I knew that Vaughan had messed up pretty badly from the previous books, but when I found out just how badly, I was on Kelly’s side of their breakup. However, Vaughan gained my respect by how hard he fought for Kelly and proved that he could be a full-time parent and a responsible husband now. I knew that Vaughan meant business when he finally opened up to his parents on what he had done and accepted their reactions. I cheered when Vaughan proved that he would protect Kelly’s emotions as wells as her person in so many ways. Kelly and Vaughan is one couple that I don’t think anything short of an act of God, and I’m not even sure of that, could break them up ever again. Back to You is a strong and passionate story proving that if you work hard enough, everyone can have a second chance at their first love.

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