Series: In The Shadows

STEEL RUSH by P. T. Michelle

STEEL RUSH by P. T. MichelleSteel Rush by P. T. Michelle
Series: In the Shadows #5
Genres: Contemporary
Reviewed by:Author
Published by Self Published


This book is the second half of Cass and Calder’s story, which begins in Gold Shimmer.  You have to read Gold Shimmer before Steel Rush in order to understand their love story.


Cass is still trying to understand what happened to Celeste, her look alike, who disappeared just after asking Cass to become her for 24 hours.  Cass is determined to become herself and not be part of a lie, yet she reluctantly agrees to continue the myth for the family when requested, which is an agreement that she immediately regrets.  Besides trying to figure out what was happening in Celeste’s life, Cass slowly starts putting together the clues and finds out she might be in just as much danger as Celeste was in.  Her only safety net is Calder, a man that Cass has no right to love because of a previous lie.


Calder turned from his wealthy and well-known family after discovering a lie.  He has been on a suicide mission for a while now with his only light being when Cass came back into his life.  Lately, Calder has been working in an underground MMA fighting group trying to find out who is behind it and why some of the fighters are turning up dead.  Being a masked fighter at night and Cass’ body guard in the day has given Calder a hope at a better future.


As Cass and Calder work together on both mysteries, putting together and following the clues, they are amazed that the clues are heading towards the same answers. While working those answers, Cass and Calder also learn that their attraction has progressed to love.  Now, it’s up to them to learn if they can find a way to live with their pasts and move forward to that possible bright future. Only dogged determination lets Cass and Calder discover the answers in both what happened to Celeste and the murders of the MMA fighters.  The truths are in the open now and all are safe, does this mean the future is bright for Cass and Calder, or will they continue to live in the shadows?


Mysteries, danger, and passion are what bring and keep Cass and Calder together in Steel Rush.  I really enjoyed watching as Cass and Calder worked together to find their answers and was amazed at just what those answers turned out to be.  Seeing how Cass and Calder also learned that their love was a thing to hold on to also brought a smile.  I loved how in the end, Cass helped Calder find peace and happiness from his past and how Calder showed Cass that she was who he loved and not who she looked like.  Steel Rush is a great conclusion to Cass and Calder’s story, or at least it appears to be their conclusion.  The mixture of suspense and passion was perfect and kept me following the clues with Cass and Calder.

GOLD SHIMMER by P. T. Michelle

GOLD SHIMMER by P. T. MichelleGold Shimmer by P. T. Michelle
Series: In the Shadows #4
Genres: Contemporary
Reviewed by:Author
Published by Self Published

Cass Rockwell could be the twin of a wealthy high society girl she has gone to school with.  Well, a twin from the other side of the tracks.  Cass has always seemed to be in Celeste’s shadow, so when in college, Cass decides to turn the tables and become Celeste at a party.  During that party, Cass meets, and is attracted to, one of the family members.  For once in his arms, Cass wishes that she could come clean and tell him just who she really was.  Yet, when the night is over, Cass leaves knowing that instead of causing Celeste some mischief, she might have put a great guy into her arms.


Calder Blake believed that the girl he made out with at a party years ago was Celeste. Then he left to go back to the Marines.  Now, a few years later, Calder knows who that woman wasn’t, but he isn’t sure who she was.  That is, until he meets her again, and once again, she is pretending to be Celeste—the question is why, because Calder can tell her heart just isn’t really in it.  Calder is determined that his mystery girl won’t disappear on him again without him learning just who she is and why she pretends to be someone else.


Cass never wanted to step into Celeste’s shoes again, but when Celeste gives Cass a chance to help her father’s plans and the only catch is to be Celeste for 24 hours, Cass reluctantly agrees.  Cass is amazed to see Calder at Celeste’s family home and even more surprised to suddenly find herself engaged to someone.  Since Celeste never mentioned a forthcoming engagement, Cass immediately tries to contact her to end this game now.  Cass learns about Calder’s secret identity that same night and also discovers that he has known it wasn’t Celeste at that party long ago.  The passion that sprang up between Cass and Calder comes back to life that night as Cass explains it all to Calder.  What began as a 24-hour game of pretend has turned into a life-changing event by the next morning.  The question is, just how is Cass going to come out of it?


A few stolen moments between two strangers springs back to life years later when they meet up again in Gold Shimmer.  I wasn’t surprised that the next couple to be covered in this mini-series was Cass and Calder.  I could tell their chemistry was hot in the brief time in the spotlight in the previous books.  What I was surprised about was the backstories of Cass and Calder and how their backgrounds and life experiences brought them closer together.  I was amazed at just what Calder’s secret life was, and I can’t wait to see how it will play out in the current mystery.  I was horrified when I learned about one of Cass’ experiences, and I can only hope that what happened and those behind it receive the justice that Cass should demand.  Overall, I have to say I’m looking forward to the next installment to see what happens with Cass and Calder.  Gold Shimmer is full of intrigue and suspense with just a touch of passion that fulfills and also leaves you wanting the next installment very soon.

THE BLACKEST RED: A Billionaire SEAL story by P.T. Michelle

THE BLACKEST RED: A Billionaire SEAL story by P.T. MichelleBlackest Red by P. T. Michelle
Series: In the Shadows #3
Genres: Contemporary
Reviewed by:Author
Published by Self Published


Talia and Sebastian have spent years attracted to each other and yet something has come between them every time they might have had a chance to maybe find that future that could be theirs.  Talia has just published a book on her latest adventure, one where Sebastian was right beside her, and like all good authors, she changed names to protect certain people.  But it seems that someone has figured out exactly who Talia is talking about, and they are not happy that this story is in print.  Threats have led her publishing company to hire protection for Talia—yes you guessed it, Sebastian’s company.  Sebastian was not happy when Talia left him this last time, and he isn’t about to let her get away from him ever again.


Just as her book tour begins, someone spills the beans that Sebastian is the man who saved Talia during the adventure in the book.  Now, they are both in the spotlight, and the threats have now gone from that into definite danger.  Talia and Sebastian are keeping one step ahead of the madman trying to destroy Talia and Sebastian and, during this, they also are dealing with their severe attraction and their families.  As Sebastian and Talia figure out what is going on, it will drag them both back to the past they both worked so hard at getting past for the answer to just who has them in the cross hairs.  The question is, can they get to the finish line and capture the person from their past before one or the other loses their life and their chance for finally grabbing that future that has been taunting them for so many years now?


The past comes full circle for Talia and Sebastian in Blackest Red.  I wondered just how Sebastian would get Talia to listen to him so that their latest misunderstanding could be cleared up.  I was surprised and then laughed when I saw just how he accomplished it.  I really loved watching as they once again showed just how strong and hot their passion for each other was and once again I wondered if maybe this time they could be together as I always knew they had to be.  I really enjoyed watching as both Talia and Sebastian worked so well together to solve just who was behind not only this danger, but just how the entire circle of the events of their first meetings and the years up to now came together.  And yes, finally I got to see Talia and Sebastian get to the finish line.  I will say that I have loved watching Talia and Sebastian’s journey to this point and I can’t wait to begin the next journey in this series.  Blackest Red is a wonderful ending to Talia and Sebastian’s story and is full of their passion and yet even more suspense and danger to keep it interesting.


This series is one that must be read in order to understand what is going on.  As I said previously, now I really am looking forward to the next intense journey to happen in this series, and I’m very happy to know what couple it is to be.

SCARLETT RED by P. T. Michelle

SCARLETT RED by P. T. MichelleScarlett Red by P. T. Michelle
Series: In the Shadows #2
Genres: Contemporary
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Self Published


Talia met her Blackie many years ago and then met him again just a few years ago as her sexy Mr. Black. That meeting was full of so much sexual contact and discovery, but circumstances forced them apart yet again. Now Talia is no longer a college student with a journalism major, but an up and coming erotic writer who used to be a reporter. However, for being an erotic writer, Talia’s personal life leaves a lot to be desired, and that is how she comes to a resort during the singles weekend. It is also how she meets Sebastian once again, her sexy Mr. Black, and this time even though they don’t meet in costume, it still takes Talia time to believe who he is.


Sebastian has also changed a lot since his last meeting with his Ms. Scarlett. He is no longer in the military, but now has his own security company, and he lost his part of the family fortune by breaking the understanding that would have left him in the shadows of his father’s family. Sebastian has no regrets on any of that, but he has always regretted letting his Scarlett slip through his fingers. Now that she is in his sight once again, Sebastian is determined to make her his once and for all.


As Talia explores the mystery of someone using her pen name, she learns that her Mr. Black is just as forceful as always and also just as sexy. Yes, things have changed for both of them, and yet nothing has changed that instant passion that has always existed between them. Danger has attached itself to Talia, and it takes the wits of both Talia and Sebastian to defeat this threat before anyone else is killed. In the aftermath, Talia is all but ready to submit to Sebastian in every way, not just sexually, but before she can, there is one piece of information that she must tell Sebastian of their past. Before that can happen, once again outside influences have made even more misunderstanding and believed betrayals. Will Scarlett and Mr. Black ever have a chance to see just what they could be together? Or can Talia and Sebastian finally find a way to leave their pasts once and for all and discover the future that seems to be calling and yearning for them?


The next chapter of Scarlett and Mr. Black is even hotter and sexier than ever with danger circling in on them in Scarlett Red.  I have to admit that I had set a pretty high bar for the chapter of Talia and Sebastian’s journey to love. Their first meeting was just so explosive; however, I had nothing to worry about with this meeting. It was even hotter and had a more intense element of suspense that kept them busy while they circled around each other. I really loved how Talia kept wondering if she was losing her mind on thinking Sebastian was with her and then learned her first instincts were more than correct. Sebastian was even more dominating than both of the times he saved Talia, and yet it is so obvious that they belong together. I wanted to scream when this part of their story ended just where it did, and yet it has me more than ready to see what happens during their next encounter.  I know that it will be hotter and sexier than either of these first two parts, and yet I know that many hurt feelings and misunderstanding will need to be cleared away before either Talia or Sebastian can go forward. Scarlett Red will keep you bound to your seat just turning pages spellbound by the intense emotions that surround Talia and Sebastian.

MISTER BLACK by P. T. Michelle

MISTER BLACK by P. T. MichelleMister Black by P. T. Michelle
Series: In The Shadows #1
Genres: Contemporary, Military
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Self Published

Reviewed by Jo

Talia was saved and really given her second chance by a sexy young stranger at a time in her teens when she thought life was lost.  She named her savior “Blackie” and kept the gift he gave her at that time.  Several years later, Talia is a reporter for her college paper and is trying to find a way to interview a student who might or might not have been involved in her roommate’s death.  A timely masquerade is her answer and to go with her red hair, she goes as little red riding hood.


Sebastian is home on leave from the Navy and is convinced by his family to participate in the masked party they are having.  He never expected to come across a mysterious and sexy woman dressed as little red riding hood or that their meeting would lead to hot and erotic passion and even more mysteries.  Especially when Sebastian decides to trust her and let her talk to his half-sister about the death that drove her home from college.


That night turns out very complicated with hot erotic passion, the memory of a past rescuer being found again and a budding chance at what could be a romance and relationship that will live with Talia and Sebastian forever – that is if the stars and fates allow them to meet again.


A chance encounter that originally changed Talia’s life happens a second time with the same man in Mister Black.  What are the chances that the same man would just step into Talia’s life twice and that he would have the same effect the second time?  That was my initial response when Talia and Sebastian or rather Scarlet and Mr. Black met at the masquerade several years after their first encounter.  The tension was thick and their encounter became both erotic and red hot while at the same time I could tell that they both understood that those feelings could become much, much more if given the chance.  The relationship was left hanging but in such a way that I just know that Scarlet and Mr. Black will meet up again and it will probably be much steamier the next time.  Mister Black kept me full of suspense from the first meeting through the time they were torn apart once again and talk about steamy and full of tension.  This is a serial that will only go up from here and I can’t wait to see the next time Scarlet and her Mr. Black meet up.

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