Series: Interstellar Service & Discipline

FORTUNE’S STAR by Morgan Hawke

FORTUNE’S STAR by Morgan Hawke
Fortune's Star
by Morgan Hawke

Series: Interstellar Service & Discipline #2.5
Published by Loose Id Genres: BDSM, Science Fiction
Source: Publisher


Luxi Emery finally had a job that she loved and one that kept her talent under wraps, which was even more important.  After all, when you can see a person’s various futures depending on what choices they make, no one really wants you around.  This is something Luxi knows all about.  Yet, when she steps in to save her boss from a con man who is hosting a ghost, Luxi yet again loses her future.  However, Luxi sees her one slim chance at happiness and goes for it even knowing the odds are not with her.


When Luxi arrives at Port Destiny Station, she is expecting just about anything.  However, what she gets first is a cyborg named Leto who carries a ghost and who literally knocks her pants off. Then, still hunting for that one slim chance at a happy future, Luxi meets Amun, the handsome diplomatic telepath—yet another man who Luxi is instantly attracted to.  You would think that was enough to deal with, but remember that con man and his nasty ghost? Well, they certainly remember Luxi and want her for their own.  Luxi knew that Port Destiny Station would hold her future, good or bad, yet she never expected a showdown between two determined ghosts and how she would so quickly come to love not one but two men.


On the run from danger and towards an iffy future, Luxi is desperately looking for her happy future in Fortune’s Star.  I really thought it sucked that Luxi lost everything, because she protected her boss and yet, I know that Luxi would never have met Leto and Amun had she not traveled to Port Destiny Station. I loved how Luxi just went for it, no matter if it was giving in to that hard and instant attraction or reaching for that future happiness no matter how slim the odds.  I loved how first Leto and then Amun showed Luxi that not only did they want her for her sexy self, but also for who she was, especially when they could have just let her go instead of fighting for a person they barely knew.  I thought it totally went to just how good inside both of those men, okay man and cyborg, were.  I would love to see just how Luxi, Leto, and Amun’s relationship progresses somewhere down the road.  I foresee a hot and passionate menage for many, many years to come.  Fortune’s Star has it all: kinky passion, suspense, serious danger, and a great final scene after the final smackdown.

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