Series: Iron Eagle Gym

THE CLOSET RIDE by Sean Michael

THE CLOSET RIDE by Sean Michael
The Closet Boy
by Sean Michael

Series: Iron Eagle Gym #4
Published by Dreamspinner Press Genres: BDSM, Contemporary, MM
Source: Publisher

Life hasn’t dealt Way’ra Bernard a fair hand.  Raised in a deeply religious household Way was attending a Christian college when he was caught in a compromising situation with another student.  He shouldered the blame and lost everything.  He was dropped from school and kicked out of his home without a chance to even gather his belongings.


Without any skills Way felt lucky to get a janitor job at Iron Eagle Gym.  Penniless he quietly cleared out a third-floor closet as a place to sleep and survived on one tiny meal a day.  Way planned to save up his meager paycheck for an apartment of his own.


Successful jewelry maker Neal McPherson visits the Iron Eagle Gym on a regular basis to keep in great shape and lately to take a peek at the cute little janitor.  Any attempts he’s made to ask Way out have been firmly rebuffed.  When he does finally get Way to meet him for coffee Neal is even more enchanted.  The Dom is certain that Way is the submissive he’s been searching for.  An innocent comment at another coffee date spooks Way and leaves Neal completely baffled.  Patient in his career Neal intends to use every ounce of calm he possesses to get Way to open up.  He’s not going to give up on the one meant for him.


The Closet Boy alternates between tugging your heartstrings and smoldering with quietly leashed passion.  The characters are brimming with life, from Way’s pure heart, innocent and lost to Neal’s straightforward, honesty.  Their love story is a testament to author Sean Michael’s skill at writing.  A clever dance between Dom and sub is played out in the pages of The Closet Boy.  Enjoy their journey as heat and heart entwine.


The Luckiest Master
by Sean Michael

Series: Iron Eagle Gym #3
Published by Dreamspinner Press Genres: Contemporary, MM
Source: Publisher


At one time Sawyer ‘Saw’ Whitehead was a devoted lifestyle slave to his Master.  A tragic car accident took the master who ruled his life and left Saw adrift.  Afterward, one disaster after another convinced the submissive he was cursed; a danger to anyone who tried to get close.


When the new front desk manager at the Iron Eagle Gym approached Saw about an assistant position the sub agreed to help, but only until someone else was found.  As the months slowly roll by Saw makes the job his own and falls under the spell of Master Damian ‘Day’ Richardson.  His sensual, patient manner pulls the withdrawn sub out of his shell.


Together one evening as danger erupts Saw is reminded of his self inflicted curse and it sets Day back in achieving his claim on the sub as his very own.  Terrified something will happen to the man he secretly loves Saw retreats.  Master Day will have to tear down the submissive’s wall once and for all.  The faster Saw builds the tougher Day will be tearing it down and loving his sub forever.


The Luckiest Master showcases a poignant character driven tale of self discovery and forgiveness.  The dynamics between Saw and Day are so enlightened and true.  Brick by brick Day takes down the wall with charm, tenderness, and patience.  This Iron Eagle Gym novel is much more than a boy meets boy story.  It’s magic.

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