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KELLEN’S TEMPTING MATE by Elle BoonKellen's Tempting Mate by Elle Boon
Series: Iron Wolves MC #3
Published by Self Published Genres: Paranormal
Source: Author


Laikyn O’Neil is a doctor who currently lives and works in Missouri, however, she is a member of the Iron Wolves pack and longs to return home.  The main reason she moved was because her heart and inner wolf knows that her mate is the pack Alpha, and he has rejected her at every turn after one unforgettable night.  Yet, when a position opens at a hospital in pack territory, Laikyn jumps at it and finally comes home.  Laikyn knows that she may never mate with Kellen, but she has decided the constant pain of seeing him is worth being back home with the pack.


Kellen Styles is the Alpha of the Iron Wolves and has been such for several years.  Kellen as Alpha is a very dominant man, both as a wolf and as a lover.  For this reason, he made himself push Laikyn away and have a chance to grow before he claimed her for his own.  Hearing something Laikyn is saving in another room makes Kellen wonder if he has waited too long.  That right there sets off his inner wolf, and Kellen knows that he will be claiming Laikyn as soon as he can.


The pack is on lockdown after a couple of serious attacks on the female members, but Laikyn needs to take care of things she left undone back in Missouri and to pack up her belongings.  That trip will show Laikyn just how Kellen really feels, and it will expose the pack to yet another aspect to the world that they never knew, which is that others paranormal entities exist besides werewolves, and they were not all friendly.  It appears that one has focused on Laikyn much to both her and Kellen’s disgust. The only good thing about this trip is that Kellen and Laikyn finally mated and released the passions they had been holding inside for so long.  Kellen has to expose his entire pack to the newest threat and to show them ways to survive yet again.  Kellen, Laikyn, and others of the pack work with newly discovered paranormal friends ban together in order to defeat the other who has picked Laikyn to be this one and only.  Like that is going to happen while either Kellen or Laikyn still have breath in their bodies.


When the Alpha mates, it has to be to a very strong woman, and that is exactly what happens for Kellen and Laikyn in Kellen’s Tempting Mate.  I will say that I couldn’t figure out what was going on with Laikyn and Kellen from the previous books, but I quickly learned that it was major misunderstandings that kept them apart for the last several years.  I was not surprised that once he decided to act, it took no time to not only claim Laikyn, but to prove just how strong this Alpha was while keeping his mate and pack safe.  I loved the turn the storyline took in Kellen and Laikyn’s journey to love, and I can’t wait to see it expanded on.  I have no doubt that Laikyn and Kellen’s love will last until neither of them takes another breath.  Kellen’s Tempting Mate shows just how badass the leaders, both male and female, have to be to keep a pack safe and together all while they come together with a hot and heavy passion of a forever love.


XAN’S FIESTY MATE by Elle BoonXan's Fiesty Mate by Elle Boon
Series: Iron Wolves MC #2
Published by Self Published Genres: Paranormal
Source: Author


Brielyn (Breezy) Mattice is an ER nurse and also a werewolf in the Iron Wolves pack.  Breezy is about to spend yet another lonely night with only her father instead of a hot date after leaving work when she is suddenly attacked by someone big.  Good thing that Breezy has been taught by her brothers and Xan how to get away from threats that are bigger than she is.  If only she could get Xan to acknowledge what is between them.


Xander (Xan) Carmichael is the second in command for the Iron Wolves.  Xan has known for a couple of years now that Breezy was his mate, but he is in no hurry to be tied down right now.  However, once he hears that Breezy was attacked, nothing is going to stop him from claiming his mate and keeping her safe from what, or whoever, has targeted her.


Breezy and Xan explode off the charts as they give in to their passions and finally mate.  What should have been several weeks of sex-related bliss becomes a suspense-filled time as Xan and the rest of the pack try to discover just who is after Breezy, especially after they learn that she is still on the “most wanted” list of someone, and that someone really doesn’t care if she is taken dead or alive.  Breezy only knows of one person who has ever hated her, and that person hasn’t been around for a good 20 years, so it couldn’t possibly be her.  With the specialized help brought in, clues are put together to target the group that is after Breezy, and Xan leads the way to take care of making sure his mate is safe forever.  However, when the final attack comes, it will be Breezy who must confront a past terror and stay safe until Xan and help arrives.  When the battle is over, who is alive and who is dead?


Mating for werewolves is a serious thing and not to be taken lightly, something that two members of the Iron Wolves  are about confront in Xan’s Feisty Mate.  Breezy and Xan are perfect together, and I thought they balanced each other exactly where it mattered.  I wondered at first just what it would take to get Xan to accept the mating, but when Breezy was threatened and harmed, I saw exactly why Xan had the position he does in the pack.  I found that the fireworks that Xan and Breezy let loose by coming together were filled with passion and humor even with an unknown threat.  I loved how all misunderstandings and betrayals were taken care of both between Xan and Breezy and with things in Breezy’s past.  They are yet another spicy and powerful couple in the Iron Wolves pack that have a bright future of loving and adventures.  Xan’s Feisty Mate combines the wonder and passion of mating and the suspense of threat filled danger all while bringing two people together forever.


LYRIC’S ACCIDENTAL MATE by Elle BoonLyric's Accidental Mate by Elle Boon
Series: Iron Wolves MC #1
Published by Self Published Genres: Paranormal
Source: Author


Lyric Carmichael is a werewolf and a bored one right now.  Her brother is beyond protective, and his best friend is the Alpha of their pack.  Besides hanging at their pack’s club, they have their own motorcycle club, and she and her best friends tend to visit a couple of the local bars to have fun and blow-off some steam.  That is exactly what she was doing the night a strange group of wolf shifters decided to try and kidnap her.  Lyric isn’t weak, but she was no match alone with several male wolves.  Then someone stepped in to help her—a human someone.


Rowan Shade is retired military—Special Forces at that—and is now the owner of a security firm.  So, when Rowan decides to go and grab a beer, he instantly understands that the thugs trying to take off with a girl are up to no good.  Rowan could tell the girl was fighting as hard as she could, but that she was going to need some help to escape, and he was up to the job.


Lyric was horrified that first that the human would be torn apart, and then she quickly realized that this sexy guy was more than a match to the wolves trying to get her, and together they warded off the attack.  Lyric thought all was good then and was about to get her friends and get to her pack when she discovered that the human had been bitten.  Crap! thinking fast Lyric made him part of her pack and then went on to safety.  Rowan and Lyric’s start might have been a bit rough, but their first night together was even rougher, and that was before they had to answer to the Alpha and the other pack members.  Oh, and remember her over-protective brother?  Yeah, he wasn’t all that happy, either.  Yet, that single night proved to both Lyric and Rowan that something was between them, and it wasn’t all sex, either.  The attack on Lyric turned out to be just the beginning of a betrayal that would put Lyric, Rowan, and their entire pack in danger, unless they could work together to overcome the danger and to give Rowan and Lyric the chance to explore the love that sprang up between them.


The want of a beer at the local bar will bring huge changes and love to two strangers when the night begins in Lyric’s Accidental Mate.  To say that Lyric and Rowan’s first meeting was something legends are made of would almost not be enough, but it was enough to show me that these two belonged together.  I loved how Lyric’s first instinct was to protect Rowan when she saw the bites, and that his instinct was to make sure he was not threat to Lyric afterwards.  Watching as their extremely fast journey from meeting to passion to mating happened, proved that I wasn’t wrong in my initial thought that they belonged together.  Heck, even her brother and the Alphas quickly came to terms with something that could have gotten both Lyric and Rowan into deep trouble.  I felt for the entire pack as the ultimate betrayal came to light, but I know they will more than bounce back.  Lyric’s Accidental Mate is action-packed from the first page to the last and not it only has suspense, but also fun-loving friends, tight pack mates, and of course, a red hot passion to bring it all together.  I will be looking for the second book in this series to see just how the pack recovers.

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