Series: Killer Instinct

BEFORE THE DAWN by Cynthia Eden

BEFORE THE DAWN by Cynthia EdenBefore the Dawn by Cynthia Eden
Series: Killer Instinct
Genres: Contemporary, Suspense
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by HQN Books



Ex-SEAL Tucker Frost knows that the world is full of evil. He saw it in the face of his own brother, Jason Frost, a cold, methodical, sadistic killer. A killer Tucker put down with his own hands in order to save Jason's final victim--Dawn Alexander, the only girl who got away from the infamous "Iceman."

It's Tucker's up close and personal experience with evil that's made him perfect for Samantha Dark's experimental profiling division in the FBI. And when women start turning up murdered with the same MO used by the Iceman, Tucker is sent back to Louisiana to investigate.

Seven years have passed since the night that Tucker faced down his brother...and since he last saw Dawn, his one-time lover. But as Tucker and Dawn grapple with a desire that never died, they must also face the shared shadow from their pasts. Both have the same question--has Jason Frost come back from the dead to hunt again? And this time, will he succeed in killing the victim who got away?

Tucker and Dawn have an intense history.  She was abducted by a serial killer called the Iceman.  The Iceman was Jason Frost…Tucker’s brother.

It’s easy to get pulled into Author Cynthia Eden’s Before the Dawn.  The story kicks off with killer suspense and never lets up until the final page.

I thoroughly enjoyed Before the Dawn.  Tucker and Dawn have painful circumstances that connect them.  This makes their reunion rife with powerful emotions.  I couldn’t get enough scenes with these two.  As always Ms. Eden provides the reader with an excellent mystery and thrilling suspense. Before the Dawn is a great read!


AFTER THE DARK by Cynthia Eden

AFTER THE DARK by Cynthia EdenAfter the Dark by Cynthia Eden
Series: Killer Instinct #1
Genres: Contemporary, Suspense
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Harlequin


Author Cynthia Eden brings readers another gripping series with Killer InstinctAfter the Dark begins with a bang as you are thrown into the middle of a spine-tingling tale.  After the Dark is brimming with chilling suspense and intense passion.  Ms. Eden weaves many threads together beautifully all of them leading up to a brilliant finish.

Samantha Dark hasn’t exactly had an easy life.  She has been betrayed in the worst way and lost her job but now she will do whatever it takes to right the wrongs and put a vicious serial killer behind bars.  You would think with all this Samantha wouldn’t have time for affection but when her ex-partner Blake Gamble comes charging back into her life she has little choice.  Blake is a man on a mission determined to lure Samantha back to work so they can find the killer that got away.  Blake and Samantha may have ignored their feelings in the past but that is hopeless now. It is impossible to miss the sparks that fly between these two.  Samantha and Blake make a great team in and out of bed.

Ms. Eden takes her readers on a perilous journey in After the Dark.  There are many times I had chills because of Ms. Eden’s impressive imagery.   I definitely felt the evil oozing from the killer. Scary!

Cynthia Eden delivers on all fronts giving her readers the perfect mix of suspense and drama in After the Dark.

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