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RETURN TO BIKER LANE by Charlie Richards

RETURN TO BIKER LANE by Charlie RichardsReturn to Biker Lane by Charlie Richards
Published by eXtasy Books Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher


Years ago, Jethro Gunther took a chance on a relationship with another man.  Unfortunately, it blew up in his face and he moved to Sturgis and started a new life, as a straight man.  His motorcycle shop is considered to be the best in town after a decade of hard work and honest dealings with bikers.


Pygmy hippo shifter Wilhelm Smith is a recent addition to Alpha Kontra Belikov’s motorcycle gang.  Traveling the world year after year has grown stale.  He yearns for the company of others and the hope of finding his mate at long last.


Luck has finally found Wil.  Too bad his mate is so far in the closet he can’t even see the door.


Past hurts are healed in Return to Biker Lane.   A difficult relationship takes a huge toll on the main characters in the twenty first book of A Paranormal Love’s series.  Fans of the series will enjoy reuniting with the characters they’ve grown to love.  Introducing Wil and his human mate Jethro is a welcome return.  As ever it is the characters who keep Return to Biker Lane a fresh and enjoyable read.  Charming as always.

COUNTING ON A CROW’S WING by Charlie Richards

COUNTING ON A CROW’S WING by Charlie RichardsCounting on a Crow's Wing by Charlie Richards
Published by eXtasy Books Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

Entering the human realm on a dare after a night with friends at Court the fae prince Lord Elron Paxton finds himself in trouble.  A momentary lapse of judgment has landed Elron deep in hot water.  The fae has awakened with a sore head surrounded by young human men who are also trapped in the barn with bars on the window and door.  Of course, Elron could break free easily with his fae strength, but he’s forbidden to reveal his true self in front of humans.


Castor, a crow shifter, has been alone since his parents passed.  Being lonely at times is better than being told what to do by others Castor figures.  Cruising around the area he considers his home base Castor spots something shiny signaling from an abandoned barn.  What’s a crow shifter on his own to do however when he sees a group of guys trapped inside the barn?  Castor has to do something because it doesn’t take him a moment to realize he’s found his mate at last.  Wings aren’t going to save the day or are they?


The Kontra’s Menagerie gang returns with a dramatic adventure in Counting on a Crow’s Wing, book 22 in the popular series.  An offer of fun, danger, and sexy shifters galore keeps the pace swiftly moving along.  And don’t forget the smoking fae prince at the heart of this tale.  Elron and Castor are meant for each other in this action packed romance.  Enjoy every page, Counting on a Crow’s Wing is a wicked delight.

WOOING HIS WOLF by Charlie Richards

WOOING HIS WOLF by Charlie RichardsWooing His Wolf by Charlie Richards
Published by eXtasy Books Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Lisa

Wolf shifter Logan St. Clair lost his place within his pack by attacking the new Alpha and his male Alpha mate.   Though influenced by others, homophobic attitudes could no longer be tolerated and therefore Logan is forced to leave.  He is taken into Kontra’s biker gang to learn the error of his ways.


The biker’s make a pit stop to visit with other shifters and their human friends on the road.  During the visit Logan realizes that fate does indeed have a sense of humor after sensing his mate in the group, his human male mate.


No matter how hard Logan tries to fight the pull it doesn’t stop him from wanting college student Tyson Grubler.  The wolf has come a long way from his past attitude, but asking him to take a male mate is pushing things.  Everything comes to a head however when someone else moves on Tyson and Logan makes a serious error in judgment. Now it’s up to Logan to come clean to the bikers and hope that Tyson will forgive and accept him, fur and all.


A bad attitude and a multitude of mistakes color an eventful romance in Wooing His Wolf.  After everything that Logan does wrong it is Tyson’s love that soothes the wolf in their exciting storyline.  Kontra’s Menagerie adds another unpredictable tale to their series with Logan and Tyson’s inspiring love story.  Wooing His Wolf starts out with a combustible match and goes supernova.  What fun!


SOOTHING THE ZEBRA’S FEARS by Charlie RichardsSoothing the Zebra's Fears by Charlie Richards
Published by eXtasy Books Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Lisa

One of the newest members of Kontra’s biker gang is Alpha Diego Tamang.  The three hundred year old wolf is hoping to find his mate as he travels the country with the other shifters.


Stopping for lunch in a small rural town Diego is thrilled to scent his mate in a little diner.  Apparently that is the only easy part for the wolf because his mate is considerably younger and his mate’s mother is noticeably protective, perhaps even overprotective.


Getting Zachary Young to agree to a bit of time together takes some maneuvering, but in the end the two are able to meet for a lovely picnic.  The next step will be revealing what Diego and the others are.  Then there’s the little matter of getting Zach to shift without him having a nervous breakdown.  Hm…


The world opens in a most unusual way for one young human in Soothing the Zebra’s Fears.  Another member of Kontra’s Menagerie finds true love with fate’s kind assistance.  A sweet, loving naïve Zach is matched with weary, honorable Diego.  Sparks fly and tender mating follows.  Some exciting twists in the plotline ensue to ensure that Soothing the Zebra’s Fears entertains everyone.  This series is always a pleasure.


EDUCATING THE PLAYTPUS by Charlie RichardsEducating the Playtpus by Charlie Richards
Published by eXtasy Books Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Lisa

College student Kai Sudderson and his friends are enjoying the summer before school starts up again.  A large pond system nearby is the perfect place for Kai to relax and swim in his platypus shifter form.  His human friends have known for years that he can transform into a platypus, his aunt and uncle who raised him are unaware of what their nephew can do.  It was hard enough for them to accept that he was gay, never mind tell them he’s a shifter.


Taking a dip in the pond Kai becomes snagged in a beaver trap.  He’s all alone and unable to shift without causing further damage and tiring quickly.  Just when Kai becomes desperate for help he is saved by a small penguin shifter.


After the rescue he’s excited to meet a whole group of shifters.  Kai has never met anyone like him before and even though his human friends are the best it’s great to find other shifters.  One in particular fascinates the college senior, Dorian Yaris.  Kai doesn’t understand the significance of mates, yet he feels a strong pull towards the older shifter.

Life is about experiencing new things, Kai and Dorian have only begun.


Leave it to author Charlie Richards to come up with another enjoyable Kontra’s Menagerie storyline filled with interesting, flawed characters.  Kai is an unusual shifter type yet he’s got human friends who love him and a brand new life with his mate Dorian.  His human family offers additional tension and issues to work through.  Educating the Platypus features intriguing challenges and a great deal of fun.


The Ponder brothers recently joined the Tamang pack after younger brother Crain mated with one of them.  Elder brother Richard has good reason for keeping to the outskirts of the wolf pack after scenting the new Alpa long distance. The old Alpha is stepping down and his son Abbott is taking over which isn’t goingContinue Reading

CATTING AROUND by Charlie Richards

Nothing in Chip’s life has been easy.  After a long stint in the foster system Chip was adopted, but when he shifted into a bobcat a year later his new parents reacted badly. Chip ran off and spent decades living alone in the forest. His luck turned even worse the day he was captured andContinue Reading

SECOND CHANCE TO MATE by Charlie Richards

Head tracker for their pack Aaric Tamang is a lone wolf because of a family curse. Aaric found his mate Melissa more than seventy years ago, but walked away rather than let her suffer the consequences of the curse and die.  Recently a Tamang pack member broke the curse, except it’s years too late forContinue Reading


The day finally came when Ryan Carpenter allowed his conscience and integrity to take charge rather than training and conditioning by a group of scientists.  Offering to help a team of shifters infiltrate one of the scientists training facilities was the first step.  Ryan can’t help feeling nervous about the mission even though he’s beenContinue Reading


Out for the rest of the hockey season because of a freak accident on the ice with a rival player, Rueben Malone is searching for his missing brother.  The police let Rueben know that Ricky was following a lead and fell off the radar. Members of Kontra’s pack are trying, so far unsuccessfully to getContinue Reading


All around white tiger shifter Adam Kingston the various members of the motorcycle gang are enjoying the gift of finding their mates.  Adam is happy for them while at the same time the shifter can’t help but be a little jealous. Right now they’re hanging out in Tamang pack territory while one of the gangContinue Reading

SILVER-TIPPED TONGUE by Charlie Richards

Sixty some years ago bear shifter Kontra Belikov found his mate.  But because owl shifter Timothy Laurent was a teenager the bear quietly walked away without introduction to allow Tim to grow up and experience life before bonding forever.  Though Kontra tried to keep track of his mate somewhere along the line Tim disappeared.  SinceContinue Reading

IN THE EYES OF CRAZY by Charlie Richards

At his big sister’s insistence Land Zimmerman is celebrating his 21st birthday at a packed, noisy bar.  The plan is to push Land into letting loose and finding some company for the night instead of hiding out in his apartment, alone.  The shifter gang has come to San Francisco so that Alpha Kontra’s new mateContinue Reading

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